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brush cleaner

How To: Clean Your Makeup Brushes!

So this week, I decided to give my makeup brushes a good clean in preparation for the recording of my new tutorial videos for my SoSueMe Youtube channel. It was also the perfect chance for me to test out the CrownBrush Brush Sh...

Did Jay Z Cheat On Beyonce?

Oh NO!!!! Did Beyonce publicly imply that Jay Z might have cheated on her??? While the rumours of Jay Z apparently cheating on B with a VIP Hostess are doing the rounds, Beyonce decided to unleash this bombshell!! Lady B chose ...
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From Makeup to Hair – Here Are My JUNE Beauty Favourites!

A lot of you guys often ask me about my favourite eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundations, etc, but honestly, I test so many amazing products that it wouldn’t be unusual for me to have a very different list of favourites from month ...
Sue's Reviews

My Top 5 Developing Tans! ♥

If, like me, you are a fake tan addict, then this blog post might help you today! I am naturally quite pale and because I have dark hair, I feel it’s always better to be a little tanned than extra white-looking! Sometimes...

Looking To Head Away For a Night? Seafield Golf & Spa Hotel Is a Must Stay!!

As I have said before, every few weeks myself and Dylan head off for a pampering hotel break. We both have really hectic jobs, so we like to treat ourselves by booking into a spa/hotel for some much needed relaxation. If there ...

WATCH: The New Armani Ad That Was Shot On Dollymount Beach!

Fashion giant Emporio Armani just launched their Autumn/Winter 2014 Campaign, and guess where it was shot?! Well…. it turns out that the global fashion house chose the iconic surroundings of Dollymount beach as a backgrou...

You Have Got To Check Out ‘Parfois’!

Recently my sister started working for a cool company called Parfois! I had heard a lot about the brand in recent months and so one evening just before I agreed to pick Carla up from work, I decided to pop in a few minutes earl...

Freckle Up This July Thanks To Topshop!

There’s more to a sun kissed look than just fake tan and bronzer. After all, a real sun-kissed look includes a sprinkling of freckles, and now, thanks to Topshop, we can fake those too! I love freckles, it took me years to acce...

REVIEW: Lancôme Teint Visionnaire Skin Perfection Foundation!

Two weeks I ago, I headed over to Dundrum Town Centre to pick up some bits and bobs when I noticed an old friend working on the Lancôme counter in the Boots store. I went straight over to her in the shop and we chatted for a li...
feature pic maternity

Top 10 Maternity Summer Dresses!

After years of being associated with dungarees and baggy t-shirts, it’s no wonder maternity wear tends to get a bad rap! Not a week goes by when I don’t get messages/emails and tweets from expectant SoSueMe readers ...
What I Wore
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What I Wore: Lemon Blazer, Moschino Belt & Leather Trousers!

Earlier this week, Dylan and I celebrated our two year anniversary at the beautiful G Hotel in Galway. As any full time blogger will tell you, our work is 24/7……. and as Dylan will also tell you, I am ALWAYS working...
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REVIEW: Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan BB Cream!!

Personally I’m a big lover of instant tans, especially when I need to leave my skin free from ‘developing tan’, ahead of a big event where I might need to have a spray tan done. This is precisely why I am always on the lookout ...

Last Nights Full Makeup Product List…! x

If you are following my on Facebook and Instagram then you would have known that yesterday myself and Dylan were two years together To celebrate the day, we headed down to one of our favourite hotels, The G in Galway and spend ...
crownbrush pic 2

My Buy Of The Week: The Crownbrush C450 Foundation Brush!

Image credit: Miss Makeup Magpie You know when you find that one make-up brush that makes such a HUGE difference to your makeup application, you almost wonder how you managed to do your make-up without it before then? Well that...

REVIEW: Maybelline Master Kajal Eyeliner!

I was really intrigued to hear of Maybelline’s new Master Kajal Eyeliner. Turns out Kajal is actually the Hindi word for ‘kohl’! Like most girls, I always associate ‘kohl’ with ‘smoky eyes’, and this cream stick liner is defini...

Looking For A Brush Holder? Check Out These Acrylic Beauty Organisers!

If like me you are a beauty and makeup addict, then you will appreciate this product!! For years I have been watching the successful American Beauty Bloggers on YouTube and I always noticed that in their videos they had the rea...
What I Wore
feature pic

What I Wore: River Island, Topshop, Moschino & Louboutins!

There is nothing better than a crazy night out with your friends! I had SUCH a great time with the girls last weekend, and when I posted the pictures of our fun and debauchery to the SoSueMe-Blog Facebook page, lot’s of you wan...

REVIEW: Seventeen Instant Glow Cream Bronzer!

This cream bronzer is my new must have!! As you all know, I am a contour queen, it literally changes the shape of your face and adds highlights and shadows to create the ‘perfect’ shaped face. For months I have been...
What I Wore

What I Wore: Black Skater Skirt, Lemon Blazer & Louboutins!

Lots of you have been asking about the outfit I wore to the Athlone Town Centre fashion event last Saturday. Well I figured, when in Athlone … wear Athlone, and so I chose this look from the Athlone Town Centres Topshop! What I...

Win!!! Crownbrush x10 piece brush set giveaway!

We all know that a girl cannot have perfect makeup if she’s using imperfect tools! The right brushes always make a visible difference, and, as any makeup artist will tell you, a good quality set will last you years. Well, the g...