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Ever find yourself over thinking the text he sent without a kiss? Stop stressing!

Thanks to Cosmo, SoSueMe.ie has found 20 suitable lines/topics you have with your boy and the REAL meaning behind it for him!

So now you can sort the man myths from the hard facts!!

When you want him to commit..

What he says: “I don’t want a serious relationship right now.”

What he means: “I don’t want a relationship with you, but if you’d like to become friends with benefits let me know.”

What the stats say: 30% of men wouldn’t bother pursuing a woman who isn’t wife potential

When ordering drinks…

What he says: “I’ll have a whisky coke please mate.”

What he means: “Ordering anything other than beer or whisky will make me look soft.”

What the stats say: 55% of guys think whisky is the ultimate man’s drink and 54% believe what they order reflects their masculinity according to an Askmen.com survey

When he’s got a girlfriend…

What he says: “If I wasn’t with my girlfriend I’d be with you.”

What he means: “I will never leave me girlfriend, but I am very tempted to have fun with you.”

What the stats say: 17% of men would cheat if their partner had no chance of finding out

When you’re feeling fat…

What he says: “You’re not fat”

What he means: “You’re not fat although I probably wouldn’t fancy you as much if you piled on the pounds.”

What the stats say: 46% of men would dump their girlfriends if they became fat

When you need someone to do DIY..

What he says: “I can put that shelf up for you”

What he means: “I want to help, but no idea how and I’m not letting any other bloke help with this.”

What the stats say: 43% of men are put off DIY because they are scared it will go wrong according to a survey by Bosch Power Tools

When you’ve been on one date..

What he says: “I’ll call you”

What he means: “I’m not sure if I want to see you again yet, so I need time to find out if I do.”

What the stats say: 32% of men registered on mysinglefriend.com will wait for three or more days to tell a girl if they enjoyed going on a date

When there’s competition..

What he says: “She’s just a friend”

What he means: “Yes, I’ve thought about her naked but that doesn’t mean I’d act on it.”

What the stats say: 61% of men admit to having fantasized about one of your friends

When quizzed on the sex industry..

What he says: “I’d never sleep with a prostitute.”

What he means: “If I had I’d never tell you.”

What the stats say: 57% of Askmen.com readers think it’s ok to pay for sex

When you bring up your ex..

What he says: “I don’t mind you being friends with him.”

What he means: “I hate it but I know I can’t ask you not to speak to your ex.”

What the stats say: 31% do not want you to be friends with your exes on Facebook

His Independence..

What he says: “I’m really independent.”

What he means: “I don’t want you to know that I’d give up most of the things in my life to be with you.”

What the stats say: 47% of men say they would compromise their independence to be with the woman they wanted according to a survey carried out by lovegeist.co.uk

When discussing sexual partners..

What he says: “I’ve had sex with a lot of people, I don’t want to tell you the number as it may upset you.”

What he means: “There’s no way I can tell you as I know you’ll judge me either way.”

What the stats say: 18% of men have lied about the number of sexual partners they’ve had to protect their ego

When looking in the mirror..

What he says: “Wow I look good.”

What he means: “I look great, my girlfriend should be chuffed she’s going out with a guy this good looking.”

What the stats say: Though most men are pleased to have a girl as good looking as you on their arm, 29% of men think they’re better looking than their partner

When you ask `How do I look?’..

What he says: “You look nice.”

What he means: “Check out the drape detailing and, isn’t velvet the fabric of the season, the camel colour is very Chloe too!”

What the stats say: 31% of men would rather be a fashion designer than a footballer according to research conducted by Vauxhall Fashion Scout

About having kids..

What he says: “I don’t want kids right now.”

What he means: “I don’t want kids with you right now.”

What the stats say: 36% of men think having a family is the ultimate male status symbol

When talking about boobs..

What he says: “I love big boobs.”

What he means: “I love your boobs.”

What the stats say: 24% say breast size isn’t important to them

On his body..

What he says: “I need to get down the gym.”

What he means: “Do you think I’m fat?”

What the stats say: 20% of men compare their figures to friends according to a study by Salter Fake weight

On fake tanning..

What he says: “I’d never use fake tan, it’s for girls!”

What he means: “I really want to but I’d look like an idiot if anyone ever found out.”

What the stats say: 72% of men in Croydon men have used a sun bed, the Centrale shopping centre found

On opening up..

What he says: “I don’t want to talk about it.”

What he means: “I don’t want to seem weak in front of you.”

What the stats say: 70% of men wouldn’t choose to confide in a female

On housework..

What he says: “I can cook.”

What he means: “I can cook, but I’ll only do it when I want something/need to apologise.”

What the stats say: 64% of men can cook but only 8% of boyfriends and husbands pull their weight when it comes to household chores


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