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Let’s be honest, texting is a huge part of the whole flirting process these days, most people find it easier than calling (not me)  as it allows us to put on a brave – confident – possibly fake – face. I think we could all admit to this within reason, or otherwise we’d all be calling each other right?

So you meet Mr. Nice Guy, it’s all going hunky dory and then out of no where, BAM, complete lack of response from him. The first thing which pops into most girls minds (based on girl-friends opinions here) is the whole “What did I do to scare him off?” thing. No need to go all paro.. The inevitable bitching which follows is probably not the best thing to do though, as believe it or not we are actually being genuine..at times.

In no particular order, here are the most popular reasons, based on typical Irish lads past experiences.


1) He genuinely has a life which he needs to get on with.

Most guys may jut throw in the towel and stop texting at any point, given that they have other things to be doing besides texting you. Sure he enjoys texting you, and the flirting which goes hand in hand with it, but the truth is most guys, believe it or not, have friends, a job, etc. Just because he hasn’t text you in a little while doesn’t mean he’s suddenly realised you’re not attractive! Sooner or later he’ll be back. The most simple of excuses which he will eventually use, are probably genuine. If he says he was out saving puppies, he probably was.

2) He’s been out of the game a while.

By this, I mean that this guy hasn’t been having much luck with the other team lately. He’s probably mad into you but simply hasn’t got a clue how to chat to girls. We’ve all got a friend who isn’t too smooth with the other half yeah? If he thinks things are getting too heated he may pull a proverbial freaker, and be left baffled by the whole “do you wana meet up” message. In this instance, it’s really up to the guy to cop on and grow some...

3) He’s left his phone somewhere else, or it’s turned off.

Ok, so I’ll admit that this is probably a frequently used excuse by guys, but guys don’t have a handbag on them 24/7, we’re also very easily side tracked so the slightest distraction may genuinely result in the blackberry being left on the kitchen table for the entire day.

However there are a few times when ignorance prevails and he just loses interest.

4) You’re too needy.

Irish guys, as romantic as we are, tend to run at the first sight of needy-ness. Don’t get me wrong you’ll find the type of guy who loves to be bossed around the place and told what to do (not in that sense!) , and who’s on hold 24/7. That’s the type of guy who seriously risks losing his bros though so they’re a rare breed. The majority, will simply not text back when they reach the point where they feel smothered, and start receiving abuse about talking to other girls, and hanging out with their mates too much. Sure, it’s a bit ignorant, but if it’s too much then you should know!

5) He’s found someone else.

As horrible as it sounds, it can be a truth. A lot of Irish guys are unfortunately, very shallow. But who’s to say that the girls aren’t?  We all love a bit of eye candy, but when you’re driving a ford and someone offers you a Ferrari, who’s to say no? Sure, it’s an image thing, but at the end of the day it’s not meant to be if one half is shallow. In the long run, shallow will meet shallow and deep will meet deep. Without using any foul language this guy can only be described as a bit of a ………….. However it is in his genetic makeup to be attracted to whoever, and he can’t help that. Who wants to be texting that type of guy in the first place?

6) He has a girlfriend.

Probably the least frequent out of top reasons here, but none the less it is one which I personally have witnessed in the passed among friends. Probably not the ideal type of guy to be texting in the first place, but sometimes a guy’s head can really mess with him and he finds that he just can’t help himself. One girl just isn’t enough. Sooner or later, and probably for the better, he’ll stop texting you when he cops on. Chances are you’ll never know though..


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