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What really attracts a Man to a Woman?

Would you like to know?

Some of my fabulous So Sue Me readers have emailed me saying they miss my advice topics about men/women/ love etc.. So this one’s for you! :)

Today we will be discussing 8 top tips the experts say attracts men to women..!

As worded by a Love Psychologist in the states, ‘Attraction is not a choice.‘ When you are attracted to a person, you’re just attracted to a person, end of! The most famous law of attraction ever created is ‘opposites attract.‘ In creation of the two genders, male and female were designed opposite naturally, so that way- attraction is bound to happen!

Each and every woman in this world is capable to attract men! The only thing why some women are able to be more attractive than others, lies in the way they carry themselves apparently?! Interesting.. ehh!!
After lots of research and reading different takes on ‘attraction,’ before we start listing the things which apparently tend to attract men towards a woman, lets say that these views on  ‘how to attract men’ are based on majority point of views and may vary from man to man depending upon their age and past experiences. After all, it’s age and past experiences that change the expectations and taste of a person.

So, based on all these facts, this is what the experts have to say on what attracts men to women.

Here we go..

1. The Right Curves:

Always look YOUR best…

Hate to put it as the first point but the fact still remains that men first LOOK and then HOOK! Obviously, men have grown up watching the bold beautiful blondes and God knows how many times dreamed of being with one. So considering this fact, physical appearance matters to them.

Its no wonder us women try our best to enhance our assets in the best way possible!


2. How Does She Carry Herself:

Shoulders back, chest out and strut your stuff girls!

How a woman carry herself is also of prime importance to them. Many men in fact, claim that they can analyze a woman’s personality completely depending upon how she carries herself! For example, the way she dresses, puts make up on, her hairstyle, perfume, the way she stands, eats, hold her handbag etc can help a man judge whether or not she will be able to take care of her relationship! Scary huh!


3. The Positive Aura:

SMILE… its so important!

Life itself is so complicated these days, that be it men or women, looking for a person who can help you ‘uncomplicate’ by bringing a positivity in your life is natural.  The reason behind this can be a heart warming SMILE :), or a pleasant and confident personality. Bottom line is, men tend to attract towards women who can make them feel happy about life!

4. Eyes:

They say eyes are the mirror of the soul!

Men like the women who have this mysterious yet appealing look in their eyes. As for women, talking through their eyes can make a man more curious to know you more closely! Men like women who make a confident eye contact with them, signifying that they are approachable but not easy to get. Some men take it as a challenge and find it amazingly attractive.

Unfortunately, on the other side of the coin, women who fail to look in the eyes, tend to look away or below, are a big turn off to men as it shows lack of self confidence and insecurity!

Stunning Eyes

5. Long Hair:

Grow that hair ladies…

No matter what your current hair stylist says or what trends are ‘in’- when it comes to guys, they tend to get attracted towards women who have nice long hair that smell good! Long hair somehow enhance the sensuality of a women and that is something that definitely attracts men towards them!

Long Beautiful Hair

6. Sense of Humor:

Ive heard this so many times from guys.. that you cant beat a good looking girl that is a bit of craic and has a sense of humor!!

Sense of humor is something that plays a vital role when it comes to spending a lifetime together. Well, guys don’t generally approach a girl with “spending a lifetime together” in mind, but then it’s their way of judging if the girl is fun to be with or not and whether they should go in for a ‘relationship’ with her or not. Same goes for girls too, so doesn’t make sense to elaborate on this as both the genders know what one means by having a good sense of humor!

7. Intelligence:

Its not so much ‘degree intelligence’ were talking here, not everyone has a degree.. I don’t have one and that doesn’t make us any less attractive. But speak with confidence about what you have achieved, work hard and always always always set yourself goals to achieve! Dream and dream big as my mum would say!

Now men are said to have the thing for the “dumb blondes”, but to your surprise, men have gone smarter these days! (hehe) They like women who are intelligent and have their sets of morals and standards in life. A women who shows confidence and intelligence her, would attract men like a magnet as they expect a conversation that includes meaning and depth… something what men want in a relationship.

8. Good Listening:

Listen when they are telling you something, men sometimes  need a shoulder too!

Women are always known to be the most talkative gender and men always feel that they never get a chance to be heard. Therefore, another point in what attracts men the most is the good listening skill of a woman. Someone who hears, understands and then puts her point without being too adamant is a woman that most men would want to know. After all, looks don’t stay for long, however- your capability to listen and talk with the other person is what keeps the spark glowing!!


So these were some of the main researched features of what ‘attracts’ men to a woman. I hope these points help you in understanding the expectations that men seem to have from a woman they wish to know.

All these points are very achievable and aren’t difficult at all. Makes sense to me as it’s always the bright side of the coin which attracts, positive thoughts, positive words, positive actions = RESULT!!

So lets hop on a journey of exploring, sharing and loving with that special person!


Much Love,

Sue xxx

  • Danny Roche

    This would definitely match my top 8 of what I look for in a woman…. Great advice for the girls Sue!
    Luv it..

    • Suzanne Jackson

      Cheers Danny- its good to hear if a man really thinks it works :) Sue xx

  • http://www.facebook.com/roxannejade Roxanne Hughes Monteiro

    LOVE IT!!
    Burst out laughing when I read…”To our surprise, Men have gone smarter these days”

    Great Blog as always :)

  • Jenny



    J X

  • Jane

    Sooooooooooooooooo true! Go Sue!

  • Dee

    Absolutely love it Sue. You are so talented! Keep it up. Dee xx

  • http://www.yazbeautyblog.blogspot.com Yasmine

    My man prefers me with short hair, he says it irritates him when I toss and turn in the bed at night lol!! And he hates when they clog up the shower haha!
    But I think the rest are very true and I think women would have quite a few of them in their list as to what women like in men :D