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Q: Hi Sue,

Bought these American flag print shorts in Republic (pic below) and have no idea what to wear with them? Like I wanna wear them for casual wear but it’s not exactly hot enough for bare legs.

Thanks for taking the time to read my email, Emma-Jane :) X

A: Hi Emma – Jane,

These are fab shorts – great buy! I actually have a pair too ( Click HERE to see mine on) :) If you don’t want to wear them with bare legs, why not wear them with a pair of tights and little top. I would wear tights, any type really, a cool T and a blazer. Here are some inspiration pics. Thanks for your email!! Sue xx

Q: Hi Sue, I’m really sorry to stalk your life, I just love so sue me. But I was just wondering… how do you style your hair? It is FAB! I have long hair like yours and the attempts I make, to make it look like your’s on a night out, are just so so bad. I really need help with my hair and need help introducing volume into it. I just suck at doing my hair! Any help from yourself would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you, Laura. A HUGE FAN!!


A: Hi Laura, Thanks for your email. Well first off – I have the Great Length Extensions in, so having the thicker hair really helps when you are styling your hair for volume – but fear not.. I can help you get BIG HAIR! First of,  I use the Easy Sleep Rollers and I find them amazing! You can now buy them here on So many people were admiring my hair that I decided to order them myself and sell them to my readers so you too can have big hair at the click of a button!!

(Click HERE to directed to my online store.)
How I style my hair:
  • Wash my hair
  • Pop in some moose while it’s wet
  • Blow dry my hair using a powerful hairdryer and the big roundy brush
  • Pop in my easy sleep rollers
  • Sprinkle with some volumizing powder (read more on this below)
  • Spray with STONG hold hairspray
  • Blast with the hair-dryer
  • Sprinkle again with volumizing powder

Leave the rollers in for at least 30 mins. I always do my make-up while they’re in. Take them out, Back-Comb as you remove the roller and pop in some Got2 Powered Volume Powder. You can read my review about the volumizing powder HERE. I swear by it!!

Hope this helps! Sue xx


Q: Hi Sue :) love your blog! And love your style too, so was wondering if you could help me with my hair dilemma?? I have hair Extensions in and am sick to death of just wearing them straight, I love the way yours has body and volume and loose curls but how do u get it like that?? Need to sort mine out before I shave it off ha :) ThanksGrainne Xxx

A: Hi Grainne – answer for you above too 😉 Sue xx


Q: Hi Sue!!! Love the blog!  I was hoping you could help me. I want a new black leather jacket from the high street, under €100 if possible? Can you help? Lisa xx

A: Hi Lisa, I would try Penneys first! They have amazing leather jackets this season – I was at the A/W 12 launch and they have fab styles coming in and at a great price too! After that I would try, Lipsy, H&M and Forever 21. You are bound to find one in any of those stores for under €100.

Here is a fab one in H&M for €39.95


Q: Hello Suzanne! Just a little email letting you know that I absolutely love your blog! It’s the

one reason I am on Facebook. Wondering if you could share your make-up bag with me. Love your make-up in all your photos, stunning! What Foundation, blusher, bronzer, highlighter, mascara, eyeliner etc do you use? Many thanks,Your biggest fan from the North of Ireland, Nichola.

A: Hi Nichola,

Thank you for your lovely compliments! :) I asked my readers recently if you guys wanted me to share my make-up bag and over 200 people said yes – so I will be photographing everything this weekend & I will be blogging about it next week hopefully. But for now to answer your question – here is a list of the stuff I am currently using!

  • Foundation:  

DAY: A mix between Urban Decay Naked and Inglot (Read my review HERE)

NIGHT: Revlon Photo Finish Airbrush make-up (Read my review HERE)

  • Blusher

Inglot Freedom System Blush (It’s very pink)

  • Bronzer

St Moritz Bronzing Powder (dark) LOVE it!

  • Highlighter

Soap & Glory ‘At First Blush’ – this is a blusher but I love it as a highlighter!

  • Mascara

Ohh I’ve so many favs! I love the Soap and Glory one and I also love Eyeko mascara and Clarins!

  • Eyeliner (Read my eye-liner review HERE)

Pencil: Soap and Glory Khol

Gel: Inlgot

Hope this helps Nichola! Sue xx


Q: Hi Suzanne, First off, love what you’re doing! Keep it up :) I’m going on holidays in two weeks time, I haven’t been on a sun holiday in a few years. I was wondering what sun protection do you recommend? I’m quite fair skinned and can burn quite easily.Thanks,Lisa xx

A: Hi Lisa, I would recommend using Factor 30 for your body if you burn  and 100% factor 50 for your face! You can read about my Factor 50 review HERE. In terms of brands – the Boots brand is brilliant and very reasonably priced! So try that! Enjoy your holiday.


Q: Hello Sue,I LOVE your blogs, best thing ever. 

I was wondering could I have your amazing help on getting an outfit for a wedding in march. If i’m honest I dont have a clue what to wear as its my first ever wedding. Ohh scary.
Could you link me any good cheapish websites for clothes suitable for a wedding. Or even outfit suggestions. I hope ye are still blogging when ye’re about 80 or 90 with grey hair and the rollers in 😉 Orla x 

A: Hi Orla, haha that email just made me laugh! Ohh weddings! I love going to them – they’re great fun! One place you are guaranteed to find a nice outfit is! Both myself and one of the girls in 98FM bought a dress from here for weddings and they were perfect! If not there try ASOS!

I love this dress from iclothing for a wedding:


Q: Hi Sue, hope it’s not too late for your agony aunt blog but I need advice on what to wear on a first date? Going for drinks or a dinner situation. Thanks Jane.

A: Hi Jane, for a first date – you want to keep it effortless looking! So for casual drinks I would go with a pair of skinny jeans, a baggy white T and a colourful blazer Or Pencil skirt, shirt and flat ankle boots? If it’s dinner – why not try high waisted leather trousers and a crop top or tuck a cool statement T into them?? Whatever outfit you choose- keep your make-up simple (NOT too much), have your hair beachy looking (no tight GHD curls), wear nice accessories and you will be fab! Make sure to paint your nails too! Men love nice, groomed hands.

Enjoy the date!! 😉 Sue xx


If you have a question for my next agony aunt section – email 

Sue xx

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