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All You Need To Know About Botox!!

Botox has become the most talked-about beauty treatment in Tinseltown and beyond, causing as many frown lines as it famously smooths.

Nicole Kidman, Kylie Minogue  and Kim Kardashian are just some of the youthful stars who’ve confessed to using the non-surgical treatment, which temporarily weakens the facial muscles to iron out/ prevent wrinkles.

As I have told you all before – lots of you guys email me daily for advice on different topics. Recently a few of you have been in touch about Botox and lip injections (Read about lip injections HERE). A lot of models on the Irish scene have had some work done (lips & botox) in the past year or two, so it’s to no surprise that you guys are intrigued about this treatment!

To answer these questions, I arranged an interview with leading cosmetic guru Dr. Mukesh Lalloo, owner of Cosmedics Clinic in Phisboro (Read more about Dr Mukesh HERE) to find out more about the treatment.

Here are the answers to some of your questions , I hope it clears up a few concerns in your mind about Botox and remember, if Botox is something that you would really like to have done – then I say go for it! Afterall, It’s very safe (if done by the right hands) and as they say – ‘prevention is better than the cure’!

  • Botox in the past was for middle-aged women – are you seeing an increase in younger women? And if so, why is this the case?

Botox is most definitely not just for women, it is very popular with men. In a man I treat them differently because a shiny smooth forehead & eyes in man may not suit every man. Some men are more attractive with shallow lines & a flat eyebrow so it is completely different to a woman.

All Botox will do is help keep the ageing process at bay and will not cause any problems later in life, in fact after having regular treatments for a few years the lines seem to go for a very long time. You are always better off having some Botox than not.

Botox is most popular with women in the age group 20-45 and always has been! It works best on younger women & is for lines that form when making facial expressions.

  • What age are these girls coming to you at?

The age at which girls start having Botox depends on what look they are after. If for example you want a slight raise in the brow you can start at any age really. If you want to avoid the lines on the forehead and around the eyes that for example the women in your family suffer from, then in an ideal world start, as soon as you can.

  • What are the effects of botox?

Botox does what every cream wishes it could do & over six months it’s cheaper too!

Botox is a medicine that relaxes muscles that cause lines and add to an undesirable look to the skin and shape of the face.

Botox is only one brand of the medication used to relax muscles and in my opinion is not the best one out there, I use a different type of medicine that lasts longer and works better..

When done properly Botox will make you look fresher, rested, healthy & gives a glow to the skin.

  • Is Botox dangerous?

Botox treatments are perfectly safe in the hands of a well trained Doctor, but is very dangerous in the hands of a poorly trained individual.

I would never let a nurse inject Botox and I have heard some crazy stories of Beauty Therapists injecting too!  The medical council has now banned doctors from prescribing Botox to people over the phone for a nurse to inject it. In fact it has always been illegal for anyone other than a Medical Doctor to give Botox.

  • What is the rough price range?

Botox prices will vary depending on how much is used. If the price is low, then you are getting very little Botox. My prices start at €150 for a young woman who needs a light treatment and go up from there. I usually don’t like to use very small amounts as it may not work, but there are some girls who just don’t need a lot either.

I have been doing a special offer of three areas Botox for the price of two for the last while and because it is such good value my patients love it & I am going to keep going with it!

Botox is very expensive to buy wholesale and so very cheap prices has to mean less Botox used or even worse dangerous Botox perhaps…

  • What areas does Botox treat?

I use it to do absolutely loads of things. In the upper part of the face I use it for frown lines, forehead lines & laughter lines. I also use it for raising the brow, for spasm of the eye lid & sometimes lines on the cheeks. For the lower face it can be used for prominent jaw muscles, for lifting the jaw line & for a gummy smile. I can also treat lines on the lip with it, I can raise the corner of the mouth & get rid of dimply chins.

In the neck we treat the muscles that go stringy and which cause the neck to look very old and unattractive. I love to use Botox to do what we call a ‘Nephritides Lift’. Which is to lift the lower half of the face, reduce jowls & smooth the neck out.

On the body I use Botox to treat excessive sweating in the underarms, feet & hands. The groin can also be treated. Botox for excessive sweating is absolutely amazing! People go from dripping in sweat to bone dry in a week.

  • How long does it last?

On average in the upper face it should last 4-6 months and after several treatments may last even longer.


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