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Ask Sue – Your Questions Answered!

Each week a lot of you fab readers email me different questions. Some are for beauty advice, some questions are about fashion – ‘what should I wear to this event‘, ‘where can they get a certain outfit’, ‘what suits my body shape’ etc and some are just general questions about me, my personal life and at times some of you ask me for relationship advice, not that I’m a pro or anything, but I suppose it’s nice to get an outsiders point of view?

I believe the most important thing about having a blog is that you interact with your readers and that’s exactly what I’m going to do! I will be answering some of your questions on a weekly basis, calling it the ‘Agony Aunt’ section. If you have a fashion/beauty or general Q for me , then all you have to do is email it to and put QUESTION into the subject line and I’ll try my best to  help you!

Happy reading!

Love Sue xx


Q: I started going out with a guy when I was 20 and he was never very nice to me, but typical girl I was crazy in love with him. He left to go travelling and left me behind and I was still crazy about him, so when he contacted me from abroad saying he loved me etc I was hooked. He told me he would come home in September of that year, but September arrived and he didn’t. Then in  October we had a falling out and I started seeing someone new thinking I needed to move on.

I still couldn’t get the first guy out of my head though and I dumped my boyfriend and booked flights to where he was. Now its 6 weeks until I leave…my biggest regret is dumping my boyfriend because I realised how much I loved him(and still do), I don’t love the guy that’s away and I want to go travelling but not to or with him. I really need some advice Sue!!

A: Wow – that is some scenario you have gotten yourself into, but do you know what – it’s been a massive learning curve for you and that’s what being young and falling in love is all about. You find out what you truly want and deserve!

First of all – I would get back in touch with your ex ( boyfriend number 2) and ask to meet for coffee? Tell him how you are feeling and ask him if there is any way of rekindling things – explain to him that you made a huge mistake breaking up with him and you realise now that you really love him?! Sometimes it takes a little hitch in the road like this to show you how you really feel about someone.

However, I 100% wouldn’t go chasing that other guy (boyfriend number 1) – if he didn’t appreciate you to begin with, so SOD him – he doesn’t deserve you anyway!

If the ex (boyfriend number 2) doesn’t want to give things another go – then it might be a good idea to go travelling anyway? I have plenty of pals that travelled alone and you meet tones of people on your travels and you make friends that you will have for life. Travelling is something everyone should do. Maybe it’s fate that you have a ticket booked to head off travelling…. it might be what you need.

At the end of the day, what’s for you wont pass you! Always remember that.

I hope this helps you & don’t beat yourself up – we all make mistakes!

Take care,

Sue x

Q: I just recently came across your blog and I love love LOVE it :)

I was flicking through your profile pics on the FB page and noticed your eyebrows! I have naturally fair eyebrows and were plucked to within an inch of their life in my early 20’s late teens!! I have been striving for the perfect eyebrow ever since. At the moment I am using the benefit browzings to fill, shape and color them! Do you have any advice on how you do yours and what you use? I think eyebrows are so important and can change how a person looks!

Any advice you have would be great :)

A: Thanks for your compliment, how sweet!  My eyebrows are naturally like that would you believe , I’m blessed – my dad has fab brows too! :)

When someone emails me about eyebrows I always recommend going for the HD Brow Treatment – this treatment is brilliant and you can read all about it HERE.

I would also suggest you buy the lash grow from Boots and pop it onto your brows twice a day – it will help them grow!

Best of luck and I hope you keep reading my blog.

Sue x


Q: Love your blog so much :) Just a quick question. I’m natural blonde blue eyed & fair skinned. Would you be able to suggest any lipstick shades  for me?  Really appreciate it.

A: Right now for blondes I am loving coral and peachy tones! In general – blondes should look for lipstick shades as ripe as a piece of fruit in the sun.

Blondes looking for a Twiggy effect may opt for a nude-lip look. Do not go lipstick-free but choose a lip liner and lipstick that are just a shade paler than your natural lip colour. Apply a few layers, then top the colour with a heavy application of clear lip gloss. This look is regaining popularity and allows blondes to go more dramatic on the eye make-up while keeping their lips plain.

No matter your hair and skin tones, a rule of thumb is to go lighter if you have thin lips and to go darker if your lips are full.

Hope this helps?

Sue x

Q: I am going to Vegas in a few weeks and I am looking to get my nails done but I’m not sure what type of colour to go for or if i should get any type of design! I love your blog and your style and was wondering if you had any suggestions?!

A:Thanks for lovely compliments! I always go with nude, it’s so clean looking & it goes with everything! Get the shellac though so it lasts you, I’ve attached a pic of my nude nails that I had done at Halo Beauty in Drumcondra.

So jealous of you heading to Vegas – always wanted to go there!!

Have a great time!

Sue x

Q: LOVE the blog, I check it out everyday, it’s my bible :)

I love your WIW (What I Wore) posts and I always think your skin looks flawless, what products do you use? I’m a student so I’m hoping you can suggest something while I’m on a budget?

A: Awh thank you for your lovely comments!!

At the moment I am LOVING the new range by Boots – Botanics! They’re products are really good and if you are after brighter skin (like I was) then this range is 100% for you!! The moisturiser is only €7.69 – how cool of a price is that? Perfect for you or anyone on a  budget! You can read my review about the products HERE

Hope this helps,
Sue x

Q: I love your style! You are always looking amazing, you are sooo pretty!! I really like that you too dress in Penneys gear and that you aren’t all about designer! Some fashion bloggers only wear stuff that I cant afford, or that would just look silly on me! I love that you create outfits that most people can wear too! I was just wondering, what are your favourite high street shops and where should I shop for cool, quirky outfits?

A: Awh’ thank you – I really love to hear feedback like that from my readers! I try to wear clothes that everyone can afford and wear, so I’m glad you are all enjoying that aspect of it :) To answer your Q – my favourite high street stores & where you are guaranteed to find some cool outfits are:

  • Forever 21
  • Zara
  • H&M
  • Topshop
  • The reliable Penneys!

Happy shopping,

Sue xx

Q: You’ve an amazing figure Sue, what’s your diet like? Do you work out?

A: Truthfully? Awful- total fast-food girl! If you ask anyone that knows me or works with me, they will tell you that. I eat pizza, takeaways, McDonals, Nandos, Eddies ALL the time. I love bold food! No I don’t work out – but I am looking to join a gym soon. I need to get in and tone :)

Thanks for your lovley compliment,

Sue x

Q: I loved your holiday blog, you looked amazing! What foundation do you wear? 

A: On holiday I was wearing the new Revlon airbrush make-up and I love it!!! Its really dewy and it lasts! You can read my full review HERE!! If you buy it – you’re gonna be hooked- I am!

Happy shopping,

Sue x


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