Cheryl does big hair and big lashes for calender shoot!



Earlier today, Cheryl Cole’s PA Lily England tweeted this photograph of Cheryl being prepped and preened for her 2013 calender! Cheryl, as per usual, has opted for big hair, swept up into a very Bardot-esque bouffant, complete with massive falsies and glowing skin. As always, she looked fabulous!

Cheryl’s currently setting herself up for the launch of her brand new single “Call My Name” which has been written by Calvin Harris, a preview of the track will be released on April 20th and her new album, “A Million Lights” which is to be released on June 18th this Summer.

(images courtesy:Lily England)


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  1. Rachel McCahey
    April 19, 2012 / 5:18 pm

    omg you know my obsession with Cheryl!!!! The higher the hair-the closer to heaven!!xxx

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