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DIET COKE FASHION FRIDAY: Must Have Trend – Detachable Collars!


Transform the drabbest of outfits into works of art with a detachable collar!

These amazing fashion accessories are made in an assortment of eye-popping prints, the colorful neckbands inject visual interest without the bulk of an entire shirt. If you’d rather DIY than BUY, check out YouTube for wrangling one of your own.

The ‘collar’ trend is here and here to stay for the summer months and what better fashion icon to stamp this look thank the very own Alexa Chung!

Alexa Chung was photographed traipsing around in Peter Pan collar dresses, designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Sonia Rykieland Marni showed them on the runway, and we finally came to our senses and realised that collars, particularly those of the detachable variety, are actually kind of amazing.

These double-duty accessories can be worn with a lower-cut top as a necklace alternative, with a button-up blouse to fake the real thing, or thrown over a t-shirt for an injection of insta-cool.

Bottom line: you need to add a multitasking collar to your wardrobe NOW, and these stylish ladies will show you how to rock it.

This look is uber edgy and I love it! Only last night I bought a cool chain collar on sale in Miss Selfridges for €10 – I will post a pic here next week after I wear it! This is the one I got, but in silver:

Here are more looks:

No longer having to go the whole hog on a shirt, you can now pop a collar over a tank top, dress, bare neck , whatever, And still get that preppy look, but with a high-fashion edge :-)

Lets have a look at some options you can buy:

This gorgeous jewelled collar is from Topshop and can be taken from day-to-night due to its sparkly features!


This is the sequin collar i purchased from Forever 21 the other day and it was just €9.90

Also available in a sea-green


Happy Shopping! 

Sue xxx

P.S: I might also add, this trend can easily be made at home from an old shirt, quite simply cut the collar around the top and trim neatly to hide the ends (Leave the button!!) and stick on your own spikes/jewels etc