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Exclusive Interview With ‘Merlin’ Actor Eoin Macken!

Forget about Robert Pattinson & Johnny Depp…

There’s a new hottie around town!!

He began his interest in drama at UCD and at the age of 19 he became a highly successful model and now he is an up and coming actor who plays the character of Sir Gwaine in the third season of the BBC’s Merlin.

Dubbed as the next Colin Farrell (but so much hotter) – Eoin Macken currently portrays the legendary character of the Knight of the round table ‘Sir Gwaine’ on the hugely popular BBC series ‘Merlin’, which screens in over 183 countries worldwide.

SoSueMe.ie caught up with Eoin this week to talk about his role in Merlin, his modelling days, living in LA and what other projects are on the horizon.

This is the guy to watch!!
  • Morning  Eoin – thanks for taking the time out to chat with me…  so model, actor and director *smiles*- What are you best known for?

I have no fucking idea… hopefully something cool – beats me though!

  • How did you embark on becoming an actor/model?

I had nothing to do in college one day and it seemed like fun so I joined an agency!  The next thing I’m over training in New York & modelling. Shortly after I did a film – ‘Studs’  with Brendan Gleeson, and it just kind of went from there!

  • What was it like to be such a successful model at such a young age (19)?

It meant nothing at all, except I had to try not walk past awful billboards or posters of myself when I was in college on the way to lectures! Think I just got slagged more by my mates. Ha!

Nah, it was great – I got to meet amazing people and I also soon realised I needed a new dress sense!

Holy Lamb – Anyone else feeling hot under the collar?

  • As you’ve spent some time acting in LA, is it worth all the hype its cracked up to be?

Lala land is a hard tough place to live and succeed in, but if you know people, remain  grounded it’s really class!! Some wacko people though but it’s a lonely city and great fun!

  • As you’ve directed a number of films – what was it like to be on the other side of the camera?

People ask me this a lot and it’s a tough one because I enjoy both, yet it gives me a different type of freedom! Acting is more emotionally draining, directing is more challenging intellectually. Directing has helped me understand what’s required of an actor in a big way.

  • Tell us about the hit TV series Merlin?

Um, it’s great fun!! It’s the BBC’s biggest show, goes out in 183 countries and I have a top trump card, what more would u want.. haha!

  • What kind of character do you play?

I played a lovable rogue, the famous Knight Sir Gwaine who is wayward, brash, drinks a lot and is basically a fun loving character!

  • Would he be unlike your own personality? ha!

Ehhh, in ways -yes! The great sword fighting of course and that he is fun loving, but he’s a bit of an eejit really!

  • How do you get into character?

Have a coffee and hope for the best! Literally!

  • The best project you’ve worked on so far?

Terry McMahons ‘Charlie Casanova‘. It’s getting released next year and it was a hard film to make but so worth it!

  • Have you any advice for upcoming models/ actors hoping to crack the industry?

Be very very, very determined! Trust your instincts and work hard. Never take no for an answer and enjoy it or else don’t do it- life’s too short!

  • If you hadn’t of chosen to be in this industry, what other career path would have liked to embarked on?

Ya know I would have become a zoologist and tried to save tigers!

  • Your favourite thing to do when you’re not on set or revising a script?

To be thinking about being on set! Sleep – I’m a big fan of sleeping, it’s definitely under rated!

  • Your favourite quote?

” ‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,’ – that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” John Keats

  • Your 3 must haves?

In life: Love, Friends & Goals

Every day: My Phone, iPod & Socks


WATCH:  Eoin in a scene from “Merlin”, Series 3, Episode 12!


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    He’s Irish? Where the hell was he hiding for all those year! Oh my WOW

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