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10 Lingerie Commandments to help the men for

Valentines Day!

For all those men, who constantly buy their wives and girlfriends the wrong kind of underwear, have finally found a helping hand.  A 10 point “Lingerie Commandments “ guide has been compiled by fashion store Debenhams to help men choose lingerie that women want to wear – rather than styles they want them to wear.

And rule Number One is: “Forget Pussycat Dolls – red PVC lingerie might appeal to you, but don’t expect it to turn your woman into a minx”

Next is:  “Don’t EVER buy her Control Wear”.  Knickers and bras which keep flabby bulges hidden may be her own first choice, but buying them as a present will reduce your chances of romance.

Sue from SoSueMe.ie Modelling for The Sunday World- Valentines Day shoot

Debenhams has compiled the guide because so much lingerie bought by men is quickly returned by women. So great is the trend that experts at the store have even given it a name – ‘Monday Undies’ – because they’re usually bought by men on a Saturday and returned by women on a Monday. The two peak times when it occurs most frequently are in the run up to Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

A Lingerie Personal Shopper at Debenhams, Henry Street, said, “We see swarms of men in the lingerie department in the run up to Valentines Day – but few seem to know how or why they ended up there!

“Most men can easily identify the parts of an engine, or change a tyre in a matter of minutes; yet when faced with the option of a balconette, basque or push-up they are instantly puzzled.” The commandments include instructions such as ‘stealth is key’ and ‘do your homework’, relating to the detective tactics men are required to adopt in order to gain information into size, style preference and colour.

Sue from SoSueMe.ie Modelling for The Sunday World- Valentines Day shoot

The 10 Lingerie Commandments are:

1) Forget Pussycat Dolls: a set of red PVC lingerie may not turn a woman into a minx.

2) Don’t EVER buy her control wear: items which keep flabby bulges hidden may be her first choice, but buying them as a present will reduce your chances of romance.

3) Remember it’s for her, not you: keep this in mind and you have a much higher chance of seeing your gift in the flesh.

4) Keep the receipt: just in case.

5) Do your homework: find out the size you need before you go shopping, have a look online at the sort of things she might like. If you see something you think might suit her, print the page out and show the shop assistant.

6) Stealth is key: when gathering information, be discreet. Have a look at her lingerie on the washing line, or on the bathroom floor for sizing information.

7) Take your time: Don’t panic buy the first thing you set eyes on. If you take your time to get it right, your partner will really appreciate the effort.

8) Follow the golden rule: of shape, size and style – if you can get this right, you’re on to a winner.

9) Pay attention to her and what she likes: is she sporty, glam, a girly girl? What does she have in her wardrobe already, and what colours does she wear? Think about her favourite hobbies.

10) Ask for help: Sales advisors and personal shoppers are there to help and can aid you to find the perfect gift for your woman. Don’t be scared to ask!


Sue from SoSueMe.ie Modelling for The Sunday World- Valentines Day shoot

If each commandment is adhered to, wives and girlfriends across Ireland will be unwrapping luscious lingerie they couldn’t have picked better themselves this February 14th, and the men will be reaping the rewards later on that evening.

Happy Shopping Men!!

Much Love,

Sue xxx



Photos by: Steve Burke

Model: Suzanne Jackson @ SoSueMe.ie

Hair Styling: Za-MiiHair Design

Makeup: Ann-Marie Carey Judd

Fashion Styling: Nicole Spain, Shauna Spain

Thanks to Nadia Power, Angeline McCreevey, Dundrum Town Centre

© Copyright 2011 Steve Burke Photography All Rights Reserved


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