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FULL PRODUCT REVIEW: I’ve Got The ‘Lauren’s Way Tan’ Love Bug!

You Guys Asked & We Have The Answer! received a good few emails and tweets recently wondering if we have tried Lauren Goodger’s, star of The Only Way is Essex,  new luxury tanning range called Lauren’s Way.

You guys were asking for our opinion, saying you ‘strongly trust our judgement’. So being the loyal friend that we are, we got in touch with Lauren’s Way Tan and I (Sue) have reviewed the tan and boy oh boy do I LOVE it.

First off, I am a total tan lover. If I don’t have tan on – being so dark I can look very washed out and pale looking, so I always have tan on – which means I have tried and tested nearly every tan on the market and NONE are as good as Lauren’s Way… no joke.

Lauren’s Way tanning lotion & mousse promises to help you achieve the ‘perfect sun-kissed star glow’ and that’s exactly what it does. I am so fussy about tanning products as the market is flooded and one always promises more than the other, so tanning brands really need to step up their game and know what they’re talking about- and Lauren’s Way has perfected this! I have very high expectations and what I want out of a tan is the following:

  • A beautiful sun kissed colour
  • An even look
  • A natural look
  • Good wear off
  • Non smelling tan
  • Dries Fast
  • Smells nice on application
  • Easy application
  • Bronzing upon application

Lauren’s Way = All this and more!

Lauren’s Way has launched two great products:

  1. Tanning Bronzing Mousse (£17.95) – Helps you achieve a golden glow
  2. Tanning Lotion (£15.95)- Helps you to achieve a deeper darker sun-kissed look

The range is also available as a duo for £33.90.

I had my shower on the Wednesday morning and exfoliated my skin really well, that evening I applied the Self-Tanning Lotion as I had an event to attended on the Friday night (READ HERE) and I wanted to be super brown, (£15.95). Using the Lauren’s Way tanning mitt I began applying the lotion, I loved it straight away – I think you know within seconds if you are going to love a tanning brand.  The substance was nice and thick (I hate runny lotions) and dark, on application it has a lovely bronzed colour which helps you achieve an even tan. It has a yummy smell and dries super fast. I was shocked how fast this tan dries, literally seconds after you apply it it soaks in, you have that lovely moisturised feeling on your skin but you don’t have that sticky, tacky feeling- which I hate.

I threw on a loose tracksuit and chilled for the evening, of course I took a pic to show you all the fab golden glow look you achieve straight after application – I literally could have gone out that night. No curry smell or green look – instead a natural looking bronzed tan.

Me with Lauren's Way tan on

The next day, Thursday morning, I showered and loaded on my moisturiser and I have to say I absolutely loved the colour. Its dark, brown, natural and there is no harsh smell. Everyone in work that day was asking me about my tan and I already have the office girls dashing onto to to purchase the tan.

Thanks to Lauren’s Way tan- all my fab readers who purchase Lauren’s Way tan will receive an amazing 25% discount off the product…

Discount Details:



VALUE: 25% on ALL Laurens Way Tanning products

EXPIRES: 10/09/2011

NOTE: Shipping will be charged as usual

Me last Friday night with Lauren's Way tan on! Love it!!

Both formulas guarantee a flawless golden finish with no streaking or patchiness and moisturises your skin to leave it healthy and hydrated.

We all know about the damaging and harmful effects of over exposure to the sun, it’s hard to dispute that ‘Faux is the Way to Go’ and now you can do it Lauren’s Way!!

You know I’m honest in my product reviews and I bet you any money – you guys are going to love this tan as much as I do! I’ve definitely got the Lauren’s Way love bug :)

Have more questions surrounding Lauren’s Way tan? Stay tuned for Lauren Goodger’s official interview with coming later today.


Sue xx