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FUNNY: Irish Slang & The Real Meaning!


Most ‘Liked’ Slang Sayings On Facebook:

1. I Didnt Do Naaaaatin
2. D’yaknowhwatimeanlike
3. I Will In My Fuck
4. She’d Lie Down In Nettles For It
5. Bet Ur Rrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaagggggggiiiiiiinnnnnnn
6. Your About As Usefull As A Kerry Man With A Hurley
7. C’mere Till I Tell Ya
8. Cum Onta Fuck
9. Come Here, Tell Me This N Tell Me No More
10. I Will Ya.


Here are some Irish Slang Exampls and what they mean:

  • Acting the Maggot – Fooling and messing around.
  • Bad dose – Severe illness
  • Bags (To make a bags of something) – a botched job
  • Bang on – Correct. Accurate
  • Banjaxed – Broken
  • Batch Bread – Thick bread, sometimes sliced already
  • Black Stuff – Guinness
  • Bogball – Gaelic Football
  • Bogger – A person from the countryside
  • Bowsie – A useless good for nothing usually a male
  • Boyo – Male juvenile delinquent
  • Bazzer -A haircut (Cork)
  • Brutal – Terrible or awful
  • Bucketing down – Raining
  • Bulmers – Legendary Irish cider, called ‘Magners’ abroad
  • Bunk Off – To skip school
  • Chancer – Someone who’d try anything i.e. ‘chance their arm’
  • Cod/Codding ya – To pull someone’s leg
  • Craic – Fun; gossip i.e. “What’s/How’s the craic?” means “tell me your news/gossip”
  • Crack on -Continue on
  • Croker – Croke Park in Dublin (main GAA stadium)
  • Culchie – A person from the countryside (i.e. outside Dublin) from agricultural

  • Delira and Excira – ‘Delighted and Excited’ (Dublin slang)
  • Dub – A Dubliner. A ‘True Blue Dub’ is praise.
  • Dubes – Short for Dubarry (A brand of shoe favoured by Rugger Buggers)
  • Dublin 4 / D4 – A Dublin postcode, but usually refers to a posh person (even if they’re from another Dublin postcode)
  • Deadly – Fantastic, Wonderful
  • Dense – stupid or thick
  • Desperate – terrible  (isn’t she/he so/just so Desperate)  awful   (Irish Roscommon etc slang)
  • Donkey’s years – For a very very long time
  • Dosser – Someone who is not working at their job


  • Eat the head off – To give out to someone
  • Eejit – Complete fool
  • Earwiging- Listening in    to a private conversation
  • Effin’ and blindin’ – Swearing, cursing
  • Eff off – polite swear word


  • Fair play! – Well done
  • Feck Off – Go away. 
  • Fella – A guy. Particularly as in ‘Me Fella’ or ‘My boyfriend / husband / partner’ (Dublin slang)
  • Fierce – Very
  • Fine thing – Good looking man or woman
  • Fluthered – Very drunk
  • Fool eegit  – Idiot (Cork slang) 
  • Fooster – fiddling about
  • Football – Soccer
  • GAA – Gaelic Athletics Association (Organisation responsible for Hurling and Gaelic Football). Sometimes referred to as ‘Gah’ instead of the G.A.A.
  • Gaa – same as the GAA  pronounced as as a single syllable GAH
  • Gaff – Home. ‘To have a free gaff’ means you’re home alone
  • Gammy – crooked or funny looking; as in “he has a gammy leg”
  • Gander – A quick glance
  • Garrison Game – Football / soccer
  • Gas – Funny or amusing
  • Gawk – To stare rudely
  • Gaybo Famous Irish T.V and Radio personality Gay Byrne
  • Get Outta That Garden – affectionate phrase generally thrown into a conversation to encourage laughter, example: “ah would ya get outta that garden!”
  • Give out – To have a go / chew someone out e.g. I gave out to him
  • Gobshite – Socially inept person and / or complete fool
  • Gouger – aggressive male
  • Guff – excuses and lies
  • Gurrier – Hooligan
  • Hardchaw – Tough Guy
  • Harpic – as in “a pint of harpic”, reference to Harp, a former brand of lager beer
  • Hockeyed – Heavily defeated
  • Holy Joe – Self righteous person
  • Holy show – Disgrace
  • How’s she cutting? – ‘Hi’
  • Howya – ‘Hi’ or a person from a rough area of Dublin
  • Hurl – To play hurling. A hurley stick. To vomit. Or to throw.
  • Jackeen – A rural person’s name for a Dubliner and it’s not nice.
  • Jacks – toilet
  • Jo Maxi – Taxi. Shortened to simply ‘Joer’ (pronounced: jo-er)
  • Joy (The) – Mountjoy Prison in Dublin
  • Kip – a dump. e.g.: “The hotel was a complete kip.” Or to have a sleep.
  • Knacker Drinking – To drink outside illegaly
  • Knackered – Very tired or broken beyond repair
  • Langer – A cork name for an unliked person (male)
  • Langers- Very drunk
  • Lash – To rain. e.g.: “It lashed out of the heavens the whole time.” Also verb : ‘give it a lash – to make an attempt at something or ‘to go on the lash’ – to out drinking
  • Leg it – To run away quickly
  • Locked – Very drunk


  • Manky – Filthy dirty or disgusting
  • Mi Daza (Cork) Means excellent, brilliant, fantastic. Pronounced (mee-dah-za)
  • Mineral- a soft drink
  • Mitch – To skip school
  • Moran – A fool
  • Mortified (or  morto, e.g.  I was morto!) –  Highly embarrassed
  • Mot – Girlfriend (Dublin slang). From ‘maith’, Gaelic for ‘good’.
  • Murder – Very difficult. e.g.: “Trying to find a taxi was murder.” Or else to really want to do something e.g. ‘I could murder a pint.’
  • Naggin – A small bottle of alcohol, particularly vodka
  • Nip (in the) – nude
  • Nixer – job done for cash to avoid tax
  • Norn Iron – Northern Ireland
  • Not the full shilling – not fully sane
  • Now your sucking diesel  You have solved or understand a problem
  • On the tear – To go out drinking
  • Ossified – Very drunk
  • Oul Fella – Your Father (Dublin slang)
  • Oul Dear / Oul Wan – Your Mother (Dublin slang)
  • Oul Doll – Girlfriend (Pronounced: Owl-Doll)
  • Paralytic – Very drunk
  • Pictures – To go to the movies i.e. I went to the pictures last night
  • Plain – Guinness, as in  Flann O’Brien’s “a pint of plain is your only man”, or similar black stout
  • Plastered – Very drunk
  • Puss (To have a puss on you) – Sulky face
  • Rugger Bugger – Person who’s posh loud and likes rugby (usually from Dublin)
  • Rugger Hugger – Girl who’s posh and goes out with rugby players (usually from Dublin). Can also be called a ‘Rugger Bugger’.
  • Savage – brilliant, great e.g I went to see a savage match yesterday  
  • Scarlet – To be very embarrassed e.g. ‘I was scarlet’
  • School – Primary or Secondary School / Elementary, Junior High or Senior High School
  • Senior Cup – Major schools rugby trophy played for by schools mainly in Dublin.
  • Shattered – Very tired
  • Sheila – a pet name for a promiscuous girl.
  • Shinner – Someone who supports Sinn Fein
  • Shite –  something that’s bad quality, as in “the car was a pile of shite”
  • Shower of savages – Ignorant group of people
  • Slag – To make fun of someone in a nice way ,nb to be used as a verb, if not has the same meaning as elsewhere ie ‘a common prostitute’.
  • Sleeveen – Devious and sly person, usually referring to someone from outside Dublin
  • Sliced Pan – Bread bought already cut into thinnish slices
  • Sorry- means Sorry, also used instead of excuse me or pardon me. If you want to get to the bar say Sorry !
  • Story? (What’s the) – ‘Hi’
  • Suckin’ diesel (Now you’re) – Now you’re talking. Now you’re doing well
  • Tayto – Legendary Irish brand of crisps (US ‘chips’)
  • Thick – Extremely stupid
  • Throw shapes – To show off, sometimes aggressively
  • Touched – Someone who hasn’t their full mental capacities i.e. He’s touched
  • Town – City Centre or even the local town!
  • Tricolour – Irish flag
  • Trinners – Trinity College Dublin
  • Waster –  Someone who’s completely useless i.e. ‘Yer man’s an awful waster altogether’
  • Work away – Continue what you are doing
  • Yoke – An object or thing i.e. ‘That’s a strange looking yoke, what is it?’
  • Young Fella (male) or Young One (female) – Young man or Young woman (Dublin slang)
  • Your Man (male) or Your Woman (female)   – referring to someone you are talking about (not boy or girl friend/wife etc.)
  • Your only man – Something that you can rely on e.g. If you’re hungry, a burger’s your only man (a burger will alleviate your hunger), see Plain above

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