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Help: ‘He Hasn’t Txted Me & We Had A Great First Date’!

Mysery Man, I need your help!

I do realise that this is ridiculous but, I met a guy Sat night, had an amazing time with him, went home with him, all of his friends were there -got on super with them too, I did not have sex with him ok.

I left Sunday afternoon. He had made a big hooha about getting my number, I said to give me his no and he was like no I want yours cos you might never text me, it was cute. Then he text me on Sunday evening at 8pm and was telling me what he got up to for the day. I was busy so I didn’t get back to him til 11pm (I was working) so I told him how my day had been and thanked him again for the hospitality and said I’d had a great time.. Blah blah.. but he never replied… which was fine cos it was late and we’d been up until 5am the night before, so I assumed he was asleep. The problem is, he never text me on Monday either, so I text him on Tuesday saying ‘Hey how are you?’ and he replied to tell me he’d pulled a hamstring in training and still wasn’t right after the weekend etc.

So I replied to say ‘Oh lots of r&r so’ but again, no reply…. and nothing today either. Does it look really sad if I text him later on and ask him out for this weekend??? I know he’s mad to see The Inbetweeners movie so I was just going to ask him to come with. I know I sound like a mad woman but we got on sooo amazingly.

I never care too much about seeing fellas again, all my friends say I’m like the lad usually, but I actually give a damn about this guy. He’s 30, I’m 25, we live in the same city. He definitely does not have a GF, his friends told me he’s not big into hooking up with girls and he hasn’t had a gf in a long long long time though?

I didn’t get why they were volunteering this info to a strange girl who they were only meeting for the first time but maybe they had a reason… I duno. Advice, pretty please! Oh and I know this shouldn’t matter but I’m not an uggo or anything, we’re ‘in eachothers leagues’ in case you’re thinking beauty and the beast, I wouldn’t blame you!

Thanks Laura.


Hello there Laura,

No this does not sound ridiculous at all.. this is actually a very common question asked by both guys and girls.

Ok, so this guy is on a night out with his pals and is having a good time. He wonders around the club from girl to girl chatting and having a laugh. Eventually he pulls or comes across a girl he likes or in some cases calls a challenge and needs to prove to himself he can have her – 9/10 times a guy will want to make a good first impression and generally has a plan that works for him in most cases but a “player” or a “ladies man” sometimes can make to good a first impression and can lead u to believe he wants more when all he wants is a kiss and “cuddle” and is happy to leave it at that.

It has nothing to do with u or how u look he just isn’t a relationship kind of guy, if his mates volunteered the info it could possibly be because there sick of seeing him hurting or playing sound decent girls like you.

From a guy’s point of view if he likes you he will make the effort to contact you.  A guy who doesn’t is not worth wasting another minute on. So I’d hold off on calling or texting him again (as hard as I know it is to do)

Just get back out there and im sure you’ll find your Mr Right in no time.

Yours Truly, The Mystery Man.

If you have a question/ man dilemma – send it to asktheguy@sosueme.ie and I’ll get straight back to you.


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