Is Colour Dip-Dye Hair Back???

A few months ago you may remember telling you about Lauren Conrad using pink chalk to colour the ends of her hair …!?


Well this week, she debuted her new look of – neon pink – dip dyed hair and i LOVE IT! Its so cute and so random on this otherwise groomed style icon!! It absolutely pops at the end of her blond ponytail, and gives her an edge alongside understated make-up and a neutral outfit ….

But, ive realised this aint the first celeb ive spotted recently donning neon-ends!!!!!!!

Jessie J, Kate Bosworth (I know, Random?!) and Cher Llyod have all experimented with coloured ends before … so this begs the question, Is dip-dye back? Can us ‘normies’ get away with this trend???? I believe YES!!!!

I still day-dream about my most favourite hairstyle i ever had – 11 years ago when Aaliyah reigned the R’N’B world and started it all off in her ‘Try Again’ video, I immediately went out and got bright red ends …. *sigh*

This is a hair trend i fully endorse … If its too out-there for you, why not ease yourself in with an ombre/balayage style ?!

Then go from there …. Ive already got my balayage booked, heehee 😛



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