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MAKE-UP TIP: How To Prevent Your Eyeliner From Running!

One thing that annoys us girls is eye liner slipping under the eye making it look like we have panda eyes! Well it’s not our fault because kohl and kajal liners are made to be smudge-able and have a “slip” to them!

The good news is that – this can be easily prevented! How? By  ”setting” the liner with a little powder immediately after applying it.

Here’s how thanks to The Beauty Departmet:


  • flat-headed laydown eyeshadow brush for perfect precision
  • Pressed powder (you can use one that is your exact shade or use one that is slightly lighter than your skin tone so you get the bonus effect of highlighting the area to draw even more attention to your eyes)


  1. Dip the brush into the powder to load up both sides.
  2. Place the brush in a vertical position directly and precisely below the liner then stamp and sweep it from one corner to the other. This will set it and keep it from traveling downward.
  3. With the same brush, this time without reloading it with powder, sweep back over the area to really blend it in.


Happy Setting!!

Sue xx

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