Make-up Tutorial: Plum Lips & A Natural Eye!

Last night went really well! The DCU fashion show – in association with Diet coke – was fantastic, from the production to the clothes, music, models, crowd – everything was top notch and I’m sure the show organisers were really happy with the outcome!

Of course if you are following me on Twitter (SoSueMe_ie), then you would have known that last night I was presenting with DietCokeTV at the event (READ HERE). I will have the video for you soon to see what happened behind the scenes, the style on the night, the stage production and most importantly, I caught up with Aoife- head stylist of the show and nabbed some fashion tips and what to expect taking over in our high street stores this summer…….  SO stay tuned for that!

A few of you admired my make-up on the night (I actually didn’t end up wearing the lipstick on camera), but here is a step by step makeup tutorial for you guys, I also used some of my new products I bought in Boots the other night!

TIP: Overall this is a very natural look

1.  First I applied my medium coverage BB Cream No7 foundation using my MAC foundation brush.

2. I then contoured the hollows of my cheeks and temples of my forehead using my NEW 17 glow bronzing powder. This creates the illusion of a more structured face and adds dimension.

3. Blusher: Smiling I applied my NEW Soap and Glory ‘At First Blush’ to the apples of my cheeks, blending lightly up into my temple area. This is a pink and pearl cheek powder that gives a fab glow to the cheeks!

4. Eyebrow: Using the Soap and Glory Arch de Triumph brow shaper – I began to fill in my eyebrows following the natural arch of my brows. The Arch De Trimph comes with a highlighter at the end too – so I then applied a small amount of this right under my brows after I had filled them in with the darker brown!

5. Eye-shadow: I applied my lid primer, I have only started priming the eye area recently- this is a good step to ensure you have crease free eyeshadow with strong pigment.

6. Using a flat eyeshadow brush, I applied my MAC Gesso all over the lid and over the brow bone.

7. Using a Mac brush 219 brush, I lightly applied MAC Bronze into the crease and on the outer third of my eyelid, ensuring to blend.

8. Using a definer brush, I applied some bronze to the lower lash line. I also applied some Kohl black pencil eye-liner under the lashes and over the lash line and blended with a cotton bud for a more dramatic look. I used the Soap and Glory black  pencil eye-liner here and I find it brilliant, better than MAC in my opinion.

9. I then applied a light coat of the Soap and Glory black mascara to my lashes.

10. Finally the lips: I applied my MAC Current Lip Liner and then some MAC Up the Amp lipstick! (READ more here about the lips)

Here is the look without the lips:

I am wearing my new Skull chain here from Glitz & Glam 

Click HERE to be directed to their Facebook page!

There you have it SoSueMe’s – let me know if you try this look!


Sue xx


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