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Meet The Stars of TV3’s New Show Dublin Housewives!

Last night I sat down to watch the very first episode of TV3’s new show ‘Dublin Housewives’. I for one am a sucker for reality TV hence being SoSueMe.ie’s TV writer (Derek), so when I heard there was going to be a brand new Irish reality TV show named ‘Dublin Housewives’ I was a bit iffy, as most Irish shows are a complete flop. However I was pleasantly surprised, and loved it!

Episode one will bring viewers up to speed on the lives of Virginia Macari, Lisa Murphy, Danielle Meagher, Roz Flanagan and Jo Jordan and introduces us into their extravagant lifestyles, their families, and their fabulous homes!

Yes, these women seem to have it all, but we soon see that all is not what it seems behind their glamorous veneer. By the end of episode one we learn that the ever bubbly Jo is feeling lonely in her marriage, Virginia can no longer ignore that being pregnant has to have an impact on her lifestyle, Danielle is told that she will have to compromise in her love life, and Lisa reveals that she has not yet set a date for her wedding.


Danielle Meagher 

Botox Queen 

Danielle Meagher is the true “alpha female” of the group.  Early in life Danielle realised that she wanted to work for herself and is now one of Dublin’s leading Botox Doctors and clinical Director of ‘DermaFace Clinic’. Danielle is the only single one in the group, but she has big plans for that to change (ideally with a 6’4” international rugby player). However at the moment there is only one special man in Danielle’s life, which is her 9 year old son.

Jo Jordan 

Business Woman

Jo Jordan is a self made entrepreneur and family woman. Jo who lives a lavish live in castleknock is quick to reveal that she wasn’t always that fortunate in life, as she did in fact spend her childhood living  in Ballymun. At the age of 16 became a mother and has since worked hard to provide for her son Gavin. Dispite being a rather wealthy woman, Jo loves a good bargain, which shows that she is very wise when it comes to the money side of things. She met her husband, James 10 years ago and together they have built a successful businesses as well as having her second son, Josh.

Lisa Murphy

Tabloid Sensation

Lisa Murphy is glamour girl and well known socialite. Lisa describes herself as being “a bit of a square” and surprisingly shy. Lisa the proud owner of the luxurious beauty salon “A New Lisa Life”. Lisa spends most of her time at her Dublin home with her Fiancee Solicitor, Gerald Keane. If Lisa is not at home with Gerald, than shes most likely to be found, at an event, party, or even the golf course!

Roz Flanagan

Yummy Mummy

Roz Flanagan is the very sweet and yummy mummy from county Monaghan. Roz is the proud mother of four fashionistas! Roz met her husband Vincent at the age of sixteen, married him when she was twenty, and has her first daughter with him at the age of twenty. Since than Roz gave birth to three other girls who are now all grown up and embarking on their own careers. Roz is finding it hard to let go of her daughters, but at the same time she is enjoying having some time to herself.

Virginia Macari

Italian beauty

Virginia Macari is a well known fashion designer, actress and model. In the first episode Virginia is eight months pregnant, however this soon changes. Virginia is Italian born but raised in Cork and hails from the Macari Fish and Chip dynasty. Despite having a jet set lifestyle, Virgnia isn’t one to forget where she came from and has no problem in admitting that she has “flicked a few burgers in her time”. Virigina may be almost eight months pregnant, but she has no plans to let that effect her socialite status, or the launch of her new bikini line.


‘Dublin Housewives’ airs on Monday May 27, at 9:30pm on TV3!


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    May 29, 2012 / 8:37 pm

    pathetic creatures – god help us !

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