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My Fitness Diary – Week One!

So hows everyone doing? Hope your week wasn’t too bad and if it was loooong, just remember its nearly the weekend! Although I really wish pay-day would hurry the feck up!!

Anyway… lets get straight to it..

So on Saturday at 1pm – I had my first ever gym session with my personal trainer Amanda at Educo Gym! I’m not gonna lie it was TOUGH but tough going brings results, so I’m all over it. As I told you before in my fitness diary introduction (READ HERE), the work outs are only 20 mins long- but intense, so 20 mins focusing purely on legs and abs or Chest/Back and arms is gonna have you in pain the next day, especially if you are like me and never work out! The muscles aren’t used to it and so it’s going to take some time before the aching stops, but that’s fine with me, at least I know it’s working!

I had my second PT session on Monday and my third last night. So what did I spend my valuable 20 minutes doing each in each session?

Here is my diary for week one!


Saturday Jan 14th 2012

Main areas we focused on: Legs/Abs

Today was my first day EVER in a gym and I have to admit- I actually really enjoyed it. You get this sense of achievement when you are leaving and it makes you feel good… even though your legs are like jelly! You’re there to work out, get healthy living and aim towards the overall goal- improve how you look and feel! What better feeling knowing you are doing exactly that!

In today’s workout Amanda had me doing lots of different work outs- couldn’t tell you the names because I’m just starting out.. but the two that spring to mind are the Squats and Sit-Ups. Both are strenuous but you can really feel it working.  Amanda wasn’t too hard on me, she encouraged me, pushed me when I was tiring and explains what area you are working so you can power through – which I think helps. When someone tells you, you are working an area of your body you want to improve, you give it 90.. well I do anyway. I want results! I’m home now and about to have a chicken salad-  that I made myself by the way! Grilled and all :)

Lets see how I feel tomorrow! In the mean time – I’ve just read this motto and here’s hoping :)

Sunday Jan 15th 2012: Follow up

Ok – I’m not gonna lie… I’m sore. The main area I can feel the strain in is my thighs but that’s good. I know that its working and come-on,  my thighs are bound to hurt especially because I have never worked out before. I plan to chill today and I’m heading home to my mam and dads today for dinner- so looking forward to my pork roast.. minus the potatoes obviously as I’m focusing mainly on a fruit & protein diet for the next 10 days.  Here’s hoping I can stick to it!! Looking forward to Mondays session!

Monday  Jan 16th 2012

Main areas we focused on: Chest/Back/ Shoulders & Abs

Driving my car home felt weird ha. My arms definitely feel like they have been holding my whole body weight for an hour. Tonight was definitely  harder than Saturday because you are using a lot of your arms for the workouts and I’m not the strongest 😛 One movement I really liked  was this movement below (pic). It works all of your back muscles – especially the sides were I was telling you about in my introduction post (READ HERE). I really want to work on this area so I gave it welly! I finished off my workout with 30 sit ups and I could feel the burn! Happy days! #FeelTheBurn :)

Lets see how the bod feels tomorrow!

Tuesday Jan 17th 2012: Follow Up

Wow.. I can really feel it in my chest muscles and the muscles near my under arms today! Great, I love knowing this is working. I’m tender in all the right places! My arms are a lil sore too… but that’s expected – I was benching 60 :) My legs are feeling grand now and I’m ready for session three tomorrow! Bring it!

Wednesday Jan 18th 2012

Main Areas: Legs and Abs

I was really tired today and I wasn’t overly joyed about having to head to the gym, but after thinking about it, the beauty of Educo Gyms is their workouts are only 20 mins long! So that alone is encouraging for me. I got myself together and hit the gym! As usual Amanda was there waiting for me, reading to kick my ass! She asked me how my eating plan was coming along and I told her I was feeling a bit hungry throughout the day, so she has added the choice of two carbs to my diet going forward.. YES!!! Sweet potatoes being one of them- boom! Love sweet potatoes. Also, can I just say- since coming off ALL breads I can really notice a MASSIVE change in my tummy. Its not one bit bloated and already is starting to look flatter 😉 I’m excited! So if you can… bin the breads!

Today we repeated the same workout as Saturday but more of each. So instead of 40 we are up to 60 of everything. Amanda is putting me through my paces and I’m enjoying it. One movement today that I really #FeltTheBurn with was the machine (weights) that wrest on your shoulders and you have to go up and down with your feet placed as if you were in ballet. This is one of the simplest exercises to tone your calf muscles. Just stand straight with weights above your shoulders with feet at hip width. Raise up on the balls of your feet (pic below). Get back to starting position and repeat. My calves were BURNING! But I powered through… I want KILLER legs!

About my diet: I’m sticking to it – I have the odd sneaky biscuit… shhhhhhh. Maybe a rich tea/ginger nut or something, but I am being good otherwise. I’m drinking lots of water, stopped taking sugar in my tea and I haven’t touched a fizzy drink!

Again my legs are jellyish… so lets see how I’m feeling tomorrow. I hope they’re not as sore as Sunday :)


Thursday Oct 19th 2012: Follow up

Today I feel good. My legs definitely aren’t as sore and I think my muscles might be getting used to it! **crosses fingers** My tummy is definitely looking a lot flatter , even today. These sit-ups are 100% working and fast too! I’m back in tomorrow for my final workout this week! So I’ll update this post tomorrow with how it went!

Motivation Reminder : Beach bod!


If you have any questions – please done hesitate to contact me on suzanne@sosueme.ie, I’ll try my best to answer them. Or if like me you have just joined a gym or you are thinking about joining a gym – drop me a line! I can chat to you about it or put you in contact with someone in Educo! :)

Over and out!

Sue xx

Educo Gym Locations:

  • Blackrock
  • Dundrum
  • Docklands
  • Naas

P.S: I didn’t get to take pictures on this week day because I wanted to really pay attention to Amanda and learn how to use the machines first.. the pictures will be coming from next week onwards.





  1. Jen
    January 21, 2012 / 6:04 am

    I understand were you are coming from, maybe it is the way I took it up. I completely understand that some girls are naturally thin and like me I am curvy. I apologise if I offended you but it is just a point of view coming from a regular reader.

    Good Luck with the diary.

  2. Jen
    January 20, 2012 / 2:57 pm

    Can I point out what it says on the
    picture ‘don’t stop until your proud’ and then in the left hand
    corner ‘thinasamodel’. I really think that statement is promoting
    being thin (to model etc) is an achievement. OK if you want to get in
    shape for your health then yes go for it, but as with weight watchers
    or other weight loss programme’s they check your BMI etc. The Educo
    Gyms seem very intense and all the photo’s you have up are of
    extremely thin girls. I just think you may be sending out the wrong
    signals to younger more vulnerable girls.

    • January 20, 2012 / 3:26 pm

      Hi Jen,

      First of all you are entitled to your opinion, so thank you.

      Now let me give you mine.

      First of all the pic ‘dont stop until you’re proud’ is from a tumblr page called thisisamodel.tumblr.com, its not stating that that this girl is a model – its a page name.

      Secondly, Educo are perfect for what I am looking for = toning! I’m not here to loose weight – I havent mentioned loosing weight once! If you read my introduction diary- you would have known this!

      Third point- the photos of the girls who you state are ‘extremly thin’ annoys me – I have a shape like them but in need of toning. My diet was never good, I constantly ate shit food and never worked out – I am natuarlly slim as they are. I have a high metabolism & good genes in that dept thanks to my mam. I also have three sister and were all size 8-10. My 17 year old sister is a ballerina and never eats healthy. We are slim by nature and the pics I chose are the goal ‘tone’ wise for me.

      So, quite frankly I am SICK of the weight issue people keep bring up- shes too thin, god, eat a cake blah blah blah!! Some girls ARE natuarlly thin so I think its just as disrespectful calling someone too thin and pointing out how thin these girls are as much as it is saying ‘put the cake down’, or look at how fat she is to an overweight person etc. So please stop trying to point out that I am usuing these ‘thin girls’ images as a ploy for people to want to look like them!

      I am giving a personal diary of what I want to achieve! If people dont want to read it – they dont have to.

      I value you as a reader so thats why I am explaining my view on things!


  3. Lornielouis
    January 19, 2012 / 7:17 pm

    Go u! I just bought Zumba for the wii, it’s hard work but fun to do especially when I don’t have time for the gym or a babysitter so I can go on a walk!

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