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REVIEW: SprayStocking Tan & You Can Buy It HERE – Limited Time Only!

Happy Friday Guys!!!

I have been getting a lot of emails regarding my tan from last weekend – if you are following me on Twitter (SoSueMe_ie), then you would have know that on Friday I went to have a spray tan done for the weekend. As you all know – I am a MAJOR Lauren’s Way tan lover (READ WHY) and since discovering that Halo Beauty Salon in Drumcondra do Lauren’s Way spray tans, I have become a regular down at Halo. When I went home that night I took a pic of the tan for my Twitter to show you all how natural and brown it is… I love it!!

Last Saturday night I went to see Drake at the O2.. he was UNREAL. On the night – my tan was lovely and brown but my legs still needed a bit more coverage. You know the way sometimes you’re legs just need to be a bit more concealed? Well I have found an amazing product and it’s only €10!!

Last week I was sent some Spray Stocking to trial and I loved it!!! I applied it to my legs and my chest area – unfortunately my chest area wasn’t as even as I would have liked it. I was still trying to exfoliate my tan off from the weekend prior, which meant when I had my spray tan done, my chest area wasn’t as even as the rest of my body. Anyway I used some of the new spray stocking on my chest as well as my legs and I LOVED it instantly (pic below). It covers really well and it gave a really nice even all over colour to my skin. My friend Sara was with me and she is dying to buy some too.

Overall, SprayStocking mantra is, it evens out your skin tone, conceals any redness, varicose veins, spider naevi’s etc. This product, in my opinion, is ten times better than Sally Hanson and it’s cheaper!!

Okay so for the good part: I loved this tan so much, I have decided to stock SprayStocking on SoSueMe for a limited time only, so you guys can buy it directly here!! :)

I have only ordered 50 bottles. So when it’s gone, its gone! Price: €10

The product comes in three tones:

  1. Terracotta
  2. Natural
  3. Bronze

Terracotta: A pale colour which offers no tan. This is basically a concealer for problematic skin or thread veins. Also ideal for burlesque skin tones.

Natural: Again covers and conceals really well with a hint of pigment. A mild tan, ideal for day time or work.

Bronze:  A golden tan with the coverage of a foundation.

I used the bronze because I like my tan  quite golden – I would recommend this colour! The GREAT news- its only €10 a bottle :)

To get your hands on one, all you have to do is visit our new SoSueMe Fashion House Store which is located under the ‘Fashion’ tab on


Happy Shopping!!

Watch Xpose’s Video/Review here on Spray Stocking: