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REVIEW: The New Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Lotion!

For years, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Spray has been a cult favorite among beauty lovers. From celebrities to real women, the beauty savvy know that the signature spray leaves legs looking smooth. Now, Sally Hansen has developed a revolutionary liquid makeup version of the coveted beauty staple, making it easier than ever to get flawless, sexy legs in a flash.

I personally have always been a Sally Hansen fan, I just love the airbrush finish it gives to my skin. Like many girls out there, I not only used this for my legs but my body too – yes, it is a heavy based formula, but teamed with some moisturiser on a mitt – it’s perfect in my eyes!

The NEW Leg Makeup, a highly water resistant instant tan in the form of a cream. It promises all the same results that made the original such a hit including a lightweight finish, flawless and even application as well as acting as a concealer to eliminate the appearance of bumps, bruises, veins and other flaws on the skin but, is now in a no-mess, easier to control formula. Thankfully you wont be spray tanning your entire bathroom, floor walls anymore :)

I tried it there on Monday night and loved it! I was only back from the lovely stay we had at the Hodon Bay Hotel and before we left I had a full body exfoliation treatment, so I was completely tan-less! White as a ghost! When I got the call to go and party with the Bieber boy, I said to myself – ‘CRAP – I’ve no tan on’…. then I remembered my new Sally Hansen in the drawer.

I had my shower and after I towel dried my skin I applied a good amount of Sally onto a mitt along with some of my body moisturizer and started to apply it. It went on smooth and even – instantly covering my few freckles and evened out my skin tone! I fell in love straight away. After I applied it, I then sprayed on some Nuxe Gold Body Oil which gave my skin that glowy, shiney look… just like the celebs! Read my review on the Nuxe Oil HERE. 

So my opinion – 10/10 for a lovely even, golden tan look at the drop of a hat!

A few of you left a couple of questions under the pic of me wearing the new Sally on the Facebook page, so here are my answers to your questions.

Q&A Time:

Q: Sarah Melody What shade did you use? Really natural:) x

A: I used the TAN colour

Q: Rachel Ale’xandra I have seen a Sally Hansen airbrush tan? Is this the same one honey?xx

A: No Rachel, this is a new formula – lotion not a spray.

Q: Naomi Lewis Seen it today… Didn’t know whether to buy it or not… Sally Hansen always feels really heavy and cakey on me!?

A: It is a little cakey but if you apply it with some moisturizer – then you are reducing that thick consistency. It also helps moisturize your skin at the same time, meaning the formula won’t go blotchy on your skin during application

Q: Helen O Brien Oh must check it out is it still wash off.?

A: Yes, it is still a ‘wash off’ – but because it is a makeup base – its a little thicker than say your standard Sun Shimmer, so it wont wash off if you get caught in a bit of light rain.

Q: Aisling Dunne Is it as sparkly as the spray on I wonder?

A: No – it is very matte! I applied some Nuxe Gold Oil Spray over it to give it that glowy golden sheen finish to it.

Q: Cath Doyle Is it waterproof? Xxx

A: I wouldn’t say its waterproof exactly – you couldn’t go swimming with it on, but if you get caught in the rain – it won’t mark the way your Sun Shimmer does!

Q: Elaine Mcgrath What did u apply it with? a mitt?

A: Yes Elaine, I applied mine with a Mitt


Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs liquid can be used all over the body for a flawless finish and is available in four natural-looking shades: Light, Medium, Tan, and Deep – available in selected pharmacies and grocery stores nationwide! Price €16.95.

I hope this answers some of your questions!

Happy Shopping,

Sue xx