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Rihanna to Launch A Lipstick



The lady who we often see with the scarlet pout is set to launch her own lipstick.

Rihanna is collaborating with cosmetic superbrand Mac, to lauch her very own classic red lipstick.

The shade will be similar to the cult classic colour “Ruby Woo” that Mac has very successfully sold, but it will have different tones and hues. It will also be inscribed with Rihanna‘s signiture “RiRi” and is set to be named “RiRi Woo”.


Since Rihanna’s clothing line launch with River Island, we can steal her style and now we’re getting to wear her favourite lip shade. :)

Getting excited already! We predict this one will fly off the shelves. It’s set to land on our shelves on the 3rd May.

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