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Style Spotlight On: AUDREY KITCHING

Okay so while we are on the subject of statement pieces … ( CLICK HERE FOR STATEMENT JUMPER POST ) … Let me introduce you to a  ‘Statement Style’ Stalwart – The quirky and beautiful – AUDREY KITCHING!!

Fashion Designer, Model, Blogger AND Stylist, there’s no doubt about it, Miss Kitching has  her fingers in all the fashion pies !!!!

Credited as a girl ”influencing the fashion industry and altering standards of beauty” by Metromix,  a ”fashion forward female” and “fashion disaster” simultaneously by Cosmopolitan Magazine. With her trademark Bubble-Gum pink hair and almost Cartoon-Like Style Kitching is an icon to the pop culture masses. I first got to know her through her friend (and one of my favourite ‘Scream Queens’ Scout Taylor Compton) and have followed her blogs, tip’s & tumblr’s ever since …

 My Scout & Audrey – Two Beaut’s!!

 As well as being a fellow blogger (Audrey is Buzznets resident Fashion Journo!!) She has also lent her mega designing talents to not one but THREE separate websites and I’m going to give you a little look at the product from each one here so you can see how to pick up a piece of Kitching Style  … !!!!

First up is www.tokyolux.com … The TokyoLux girl is very confident and ‘Fashion Forward’, She knows what she wants to say (And will usually say it on her shirt 😀 ) And doesn’t care what people think … And why should she? … She looks too cute too care!! 😛

Items on this particular site absolutely FLY OUT so you need to be on the ball for stock coming back in for order …

How adorb’s is this?? – ‘Keep Calm & Look like a doll’

I love this!!! ‘You hurt cats, I hurt You’ 

The next site www.cocodecoeur.com is my fave me thinks … Its like its aimed at all the grown up 90’s grunge kids and states that its ‘a clothing line for the wasted youth who are born to make a mess. A beautiful mess’.

From Mickey Mouse to Kittens & Barbie there’s nothing i don’t like about this collection, its like she’s combined all my favourite things 😀

USA Flag – Check, Mickey Mouse Ears -Check, Skull? Check Check Check – Awesome!!! I NEED THIS!!

Barbie is a big thing for Audrey, Seen all over her house and through her collections … (Yes ive also creeped out her video tour of her house!!!)

This last site is vintage so here you will find your quirky one off pieces, slightly more expensive but for staple items you can keep forever, like your fur jackets, Capes & timeless dresses … www.lazybonesvintage.com …

Leather trimmed cape … How very modern Robin Hood ??

I love this jumper, i think it has such a proper vintage look about it and it looks super cosy too!!

Can we all just pause for a moment to appreciate how awesome this Mickey Mouse vest is???? :-))

While Audrey Kitching’s Style is not everyone’s cup of tea, there’s no reason why anyone cant take home a ‘Piece of Audrey’ to add to their wardrobe … Why not throw a statement tee shirt over your jeggings and Ugg’s, Or team it with your denim hot pants & killer heels for a cool rock chick night out?! One of the big things Ive seen Audrey push is to make things for yourself and she’s right…

Instead of being afraid of the brightly colour-haired girl in the ‘out there’ get-up walking passed you in the street, why not embrace a small part of her into your own wardrobe???

Too many people are afraid to be brave with Fashion and fashionista’s like Audrey Kitching are paving the way one site at a time to give you the opportunity to inject some zest into your daily style :-)



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