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So Sue Me has the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who you think answers YES to all of the above… which if you are female (or beauty conscience male) with blood running through your veins.. you definitely will!

TV Personality and Stylist Lisa Fitzpatrick has just launched her book “Enjoying Style & Fashion” and what a book it is!

Lisa had her book launch on Tuesday night in the Morgan Hotel and I was one of the lucky ones who got to pop along to this extremely stylish party. I have to say it was amazing, Lisa is a very personable person, which I think is so important when working with people and  judging by the turn out on the night- she is extremely well liked and known very well throughout the celebrity world, TV and media industry.

Lisa and Louis Walsh

People on the night included:

  • Andrea Roche- TV Personality and Top Model
  • Alan Hughes – TV Presenter
  • Rosanna Davison-  Top Model
  • Jen Kelly- Haute Couture Designer

Lisa Fitzpatrick

Lisa’s book features tips on a wide range of topics – dressing for the big occasion, make-up, hair, body shapes, everyday style, weddings and many more. Lisa offers her own personal accounts relating to fashion in different times of her life. She includes a ‘Dear Lisa’ section where she answers many frequently asked questions.

I bought it on the night and I have to say, its fantastic! The book is very easy to read, which I love… nothing worse than reading a book with words that contain 15 letters long.. it gets boring! But this book had me totally engaged, I couldn’t put down.. Lisa talks about everything and I personally will have it in my handbag at all times- some amazing tips that every girl should know :)

Lisa also has a ‘Lisa Meets’ section where she interviews many well known designers and fashion icons, for example supermodel Erin O’Connor. The book, which also covers confidence and well-being, is suitable for readers of all ages.

Erin O'Connor

Speaking about her exciting new book, Lisa said, “I always like makeovers to be from the inside out, and this is what I have demonstrated in my book. While its pages encompass everyday advice that people look for in their life in terms of fashion, I also delve into the area of well being and confidence. I share everything I have learnt in my twenty years in the fashion business. All the secrets are in my book”.

Lisa at Xpose Live 2010

People are always searching for quality tips and advice; however their search will be over when they read Lisa’s book. Speaking about the publication, publisher John O’Connor of Blackwater Press said, “Lisa’s book is so much more than a fashion publication. The advice offered in her book will show you how to better yourself both on the inside and outside. It’s the perfect source of advice, tips and fashion secrets. Every woman should own this book.”

Lisa and Westlife

Lisa’s book is available in all book stores and can be bought for just €20.00.. great price!!

You can also add Lisa on Facebook: Click this link to be directed to her page where you can buy her book directly from her FB under the ‘SHOP NOW’ tab.

This book is a great Christmas stocking filler or a nice touch for anyone you know adores FASHION, STYLE & WELL-BEING!


Much Love,

Sue xxx