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The White Door Umbrella In Aid Of Childline!!

So as we already told you guys, our new fav boutique is The White Door – so this week we decided our ‘buy of the week’ should be from here and why not let it be something that can help a charity too?

I see you’re puzzled… well…

The new store will be instantly recognisable by a bright red umbrella installation that will be seen from either end of Exchequer Street. To celebrate the launch of the new flagship store, Jackie has initiated “The White Door Red Umbrella in aid of Childline”, with 100% of the proceeds from sales of the Red Umbrellas going to Childline.  “Just as the Red Umbrella protects us from rain, donations will help protect Children from harm!” says Jacqui.

Price €30 and we think its €30 well spent!

Happy Shopping,

Sue xxx


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