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Tonight is the official red carpet Irish premiere of American Pie: REUNION!

Back in March, SoSueMe.ie was the first to show you all the trailer for NEW ‘American Pie: The Reunion movie (SEE HERE)! And for those of you who are only finding out now that the guys are back – you heard right!! The entire original gang return 13 years later, even The Shermanator, and Stifflers’ mom!

Tonight is the official red carpet Irish premiere of American Pie: REUNION and guess what, some of the cast members are going to be there, how exciting!!! Stifflers mom, Tara Reid, Jim’s dad and STIFFLER will all be breathing Irish air tonight as they walk the red carpet outside the Savoy cinema and the premiere is expected to set Dublin city alight! The event will see a flurry of Irish celebs passing through the doors and I am so excited to be heading along with one of my friends.

I’ll give you all the goss along with some pics tomorrow! In the meantime, here is the trailer below and some snaps of Stiffler and Stifflers mom – we just had them here in Spin Towers and 98FM!!

Sue xx




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