WIN!!! Name The Polish & Be The First To Receive The Entire SOSU S/S Collection!


We have one seriously exciting competition for you guys!

As you know from this previous blog post, I’m currently working on the SOSU Spring/Summer collection.

I have selected a name for each colour … except one – a fab purple shade! This is the colour I want YOU guys to name!

All you have to do is submit a name suggestion for the shade in the comment box below, and next week, I will choose the best one.

In return, the winner will receive the full SOSU S/S 16 collection ahead of everyone else in Ireland, (yes, even BEFORE the collection hits the shops!)

If you want to be in with a chance, then get thinking and typing!

I’m determined to find the perfect name for this shade so I’ll be reading every idea submitted.


Best of luck!



  • Rebecca Kiernan

    4th July (purple represents independence)

  • Rachel Greeley

    Vivacious vixen

  • Rachel Greeley

    Damsel in de-stress

  • Rachel Greeley

    Ribena berry

  • Anon

    Bitch, Please!

  • Vicki Sutherland

    Purple passion

  • Nora Keavney

    lilac sensation

  • Ashling Payne

    Orchid Obsession

  • Karen Flynn Coyne

    Elegant :)

  • Zarreen

    Once upon a time
    Love me Lilac

  • Shauna

    My suggestions are
    Woo woo
    Purple pill
    Purple prose
    Born to the purple

  • Teresa O’Hagan


  • Clarice O’Hagan

    Violet vixen

  • Laura

    Purple Proposal

  • Grace McIntyre

    Pop of purple

  • Clodagh

    Purple Haze <3

  • Shauna Moran

    Periwinkle purple

  • theglamone13

    The Grape Escape

    Corny I know x x

  • Emma Cassidy

    Ultra Violet

  • Lauren Foley

    Pop of Purple

  • Ailbhe Conroy

    Ciao Bella xxxx

  • Anna N

    Because it’s such a gorgeous shade of purple similar to periwinkle and it could belong in a colour spectrum on a mermaids tail, I’d call it ‘Merminkle’ xx

  • Leanne Mongan

    Angel Touch…. x

  • Joanne Day

    Purple – The Appetizer

  • Joanne Day

    Easy, breezy beautiful purple 😛

  • chloe o sullivan

    ” Bite The Bullet”

  • chloe o sullivan

    “Are You Jelly “

  • chloe o sullivan

    “Hide And Go Chic “

  • Saoirse Murray

    Violet heart
    purple rain
    lilac kiss

  • jenny reid

    Sweet blossom

  • Karen Quirke

    Beauty berry (it’s a purple colour plant)
    Periwinkle purple

  • Sylvia De Barra

    violet blossoms

  • Katie B

    luscious lavander

  • aideen

    Parisienne purple


    Never Say Never

    Summer crush

    Summer dreams

    Summer date

    First date

    Dolce Vita

    Ultra violet

    Violet Chic


    Sumptuous lilac

    Beach party


    In his arms!

    Love the new shades :) xxx

  • danielle


  • danielle

    Girl nextdoor

  • Rachel

    Pep in Her Step
    Purple Sue

  • Treasa Nealon

    Adoring Amethyst

  • Christine Walsh

    Danger Pop
    Royal Candy
    Royal Smash
    Purple Slumber
    Royal Slumber

  • Shell Gore


  • Joanna

    Violet About….

  • Yasmin Yildiz

    moonlight haze ,

  • Siofra

    Pure Majestic
    Purple Berry
    Midnight Glow
    Purple Kiss
    Pure Magic
    Purple Magic
    Royal Purple

  • Bobz Cronin

    Violet vixin/ lushious lilac

  • Karen Dinan

    Purple Rain
    Purple Rays
    Perfectly Purple
    Purple Passion

  • Liz Hassett

    Purple Reign

  • Sharon

    Some suggestions:
    Perfectly Purple
    Purple Madness
    Purple Mania

  • Elaine

    Purple with a purpose
    Purple magic
    Jelly bean

    Hope you like me ideas X

  • Mairéad Cahill

    Tiffany lips

  • Nadia Herbert

    Purple lilly

  • Sarah Jayne Bagnall

    Pure Purple Bliss
    Sweet violet
    Amethyst Enthusiast
    Oh So Aubergine

  • Brianna

    Lady Violet

  • Megan Lindsay


  • Megan Lindsay

    Juliet’s Kiss

  • Megan Lindsay

    Cast A Spell

  • Gena

    Twilight or twilight haze
    Break of dusk
    Hazy dusk
    Dusk haze

  • Gena

    Butterfly kisses

  • Sarah-Jayne Byrne

    Royal Highness

  • Meghan Brennan

    Made with Love

  • Meghan Brennan


  • Meghan Brennan

    Flaunt it

  • Dairíne McBennett

    Wild Violet
    Vintage Violet
    Violet Whisper
    Velvet Violet
    Violet Majesty

  • Elaine Fitzgerald

    Purple Punch 😉

  • Katie Monahan

    Perennial Paradise
    Ultra Violet
    Ludicrous Lavander
    Polished Picnic
    Practice what you Preach
    Probably Purple
    Virtuous violet

  • Lisa McDonnell

    Bold Bikini

  • Emma Long

    Lavander haze

  • Erin O’Neill

    Hocus Pocus
    Love potion
    Purple Potion

  • Nikita McDermott

    invictus (latin for unconquerable)

  • Chloe Mc Nicholas

    Purple Dream
    Velvet Spring
    Jasmine Dream
    Violet Chills
    Lavender Coat
    Coat of Lavender
    Morning Flower
    Purple Pansie
    So Violet
    So Fushia
    Coco Violet

  • ciara

    evening mist
    lacy lily
    so surreal

  • Laura

    How about ‘Esmeralda’s Skirt’ from the movie hunchback of notre dame? I love the shade so much, I think the name suits it xx

  • Niamh

    Purple Prose
    Pick me up in purple

  • Orla Flanagan

    Vibrant Violet
    Precious Orchid

  • Sarah

    Morning Glory
    Purple rose
    Corcra craving

  • Lisa Morrison

    Lavender Belle
    Purple Rain
    Ribena Burst

  • Mary Mc Monagle


  • Michaela Donegan

    – Pamper Me Purple
    – Harp & Co
    – Velvet Cloud
    – Infusion
    – Purple Showers

  • Meg

    1) Irisponsible; because the colour reminds me of the colour of an iris flower, but it’s also quite a bright & fun colour. :-)
    2) Amethyst
    3) The Best Is Yet To Plum
    4) Born to the Purple
    5) Bye Byzantium

  • Katie Purssord

    Spring Fling
    Vivacious Violet
    Stand Out
    Dream Big
    Tweet Tweet
    No winter lasts forever
    Northern lights
    Spring break
    Violet Hues
    just believe
    live for today
    From me to you
    Purple riot
    Centre stage

  • Natalie Casey

    Royal Reign

  • Natalie Casey

    Poison Ivy

  • Aoife Sharkey

    Fresh Start!!

  • Sinead Collins


  • Clare Geraghty


  • Sinead Collins

    Keep Calm,
    Lucious Lavender
    Fresh n Flirty

  • Danielle Doherty

    Deep magenta

  • Danielle Doherty


  • Danielle Doherty

    Purple Rain

  • Danielle Doherty

    Because you got engaged recently and its a nod to Dylan

  • Anna Charytoniuk

    purple decadence

  • Yvonne Fegan

    Hazy lazy days
    light it up

  • Pamela O Shaughnessy

    Such a great prize
    Orchid Kiss
    Love Iris
    50 Shades of Purple
    Purple Sapphire

  • Jessie kidd

    Lavish lavender ♥ halcyon sunrise ♥ vibrant Violet ♥ precious periwinkle ♥ amethyst allure heart

    • Jessie kidd

      Sorry last one should be amethyst allure, no heart :-)

  • Elizabeth Ahern

    A mid-summer night dream (or without the dream)

    Deepening love

    Wrapped up

    Lying in Velvet

    Schools out

    So me

    Call me!

    Who needs wine when you can dine

  • Elaine Leonard

    Wine night
    Lavender surprise
    Midnight kiss

  • Michelle

    It has to be
    The purple one (I. E Cadbury :)
    Purple rain x

  • Siobhan Tobin Holland

    Purple Royale

  • Shell Gore

    Cheshire Cat

  • Rachel Leydon

    Whispering hope

  • vikki conroy

    Forget me not,
    bibbity bobbity boo,
    Suspicious minds,
    Purple passion
    Purple smoke
    Wonderland (as in alice in wonderland)

  • Erin Carr

    Sweet Heart

    Northern Lights

    Blueberry Daiquiri

    All Or Nothing

    Free Spirit

  • Elizabeth Ahern

    -Brazen berry
    -Arabian nights
    -Heather weather
    -Posion berry
    -Poisonous love
    -Dreaming diva
    -Late nights

  • GemmaA

    Pomp and power purple

  • Evelyn Ann B

    Peony touch

  • Amy Kearns

    Evening dream

  • Áine Mc Phillips

    Purple Pizzazz
    Pearly Purple

  • Christina

    The grape escape
    Purple patch

  • Cathy Halley

    Some suggestions of mine for the fab Purple colour from the new range of SoSueMe nail polishes are:

    “Positive Vibes Only”
    “RedBlueHue” (Owing to the mix of red and blue to make shades of Purple)

    “What If?”

    “Pick Me Up Purple”
    “Purple Reign” (Owning to the connection between purple and royalty)
    “Corcra Queen”
    “Wish Me Luck Lavender”
    “Tomorrow’s Dream”

  • Vanessa Devine

    – ‘Belladonna’
    – ‘Nightshade Envy’
    As the plant has purple flowers!
    – ‘Rhiannon’
    which is great queen in Welsh maybe, but also a great nod to Fleetwood Mac..
    You could go pop-culture modern with the name
    – ‘Yaaasss Queen’
    as purple is meant to be the colour of royalty
    – ‘Elizabeth Taylor’
    She was famed for having violet eyes!


  • Chloe

    Lavender Love
    Amethyst Dreams
    Mauve along

  • Jessica M

    Gah would love these, I have Belle, I Do and Poison Apple and LOVE the finish & colour payoff!
    Here’s a few:

    – Violet Riot
    – Vio-Let’s Do This
    – Hola Guapa Grape
    – Must Be Jelly
    – Auber-Genie
    – Au Revoir
    – Make the Boys Periwinkle
    – Does My Plum Look Big In This
    – Rhapsody in Purple
    – Indie Go Go Doll
    – Iris Eyes
    – Killin’ It
    – I Woke Up Lilac This (this is my favourite!!)

    Can’t wait to try the new shades, whatever they’re called :)

  • Siobhan Joyce

    Purple is a colour that I think always gives people a lift so I think the name “Pick Me Up” could go nicely :)

  • Theresa Gilson


  • Natalie

    Berry Explosion

  • Laura Cleary

    Iris Infusion

  • Laura Cleary

    Iris Infusion

  • Ciara Mannix

    Regal, eggplant surprise, suave mauve, purple pizzazz, marvellous majesty, purple passion, purple pebble, purplish, noble nails, magnificent morado (Spanish for purple), delicate velvet, prized princess/prince, amazing aubergine, grapevine, summer wine, hot hibiscus, powerful purple, pretty purple, move over mauve, purple grape, loyal royal, purple palace, treasure, purfection,

  • Siobhan Tobin Holland

    Pure Perfection

  • Gwen Johnson

    It has to be….. Purr-Pull Perfection

  • Nadia Lapham

    Parma violet
    Oh, so lilac
    Play date
    Orchid you not
    Vivid violet
    Warrior princess
    Periwinkle passion
    Iced queen
    Are you jelly?
    Grape wall of china

  • Tracey Brosnan

    Royal Promise

  • Kristina Shevlin

    Labyrinth or star dust…. A tribute to the late great David bowie….. Bright colour for a bright star!!!!!

  • Jennifer Bradley

    Purple Heart
    Purple Haze
    Love at first sight
    Purple Sky
    Heard it on the Grapevine
    Blackberry Beauty
    Lilac Love

  • pipkelly98

    Cool like Coco

  • Liana Forte

    No Shrinking Violet

  • Siobhan Tobin Holland


  • Chloe

    “Grape expectations”

  • Chloe

    “DJ play that track”

  • Aisling R

    summer skies

  • lydiaheaney

    Purpose purple , vicious violet

  • Colette Hearn

    Dream Come True
    Independent Woman
    On The Run
    Hide And Seek

  • eimear

    Lavender Luck ♥

  • Anna Nicamhlaigh

    Blueberry Cream, Virtuous Violet, Purple Passion

  • Margaret Powell


  • Purple Rain

    Day Dreaming

    Popping Candy


  • Natalie O’Regan

    Magic Dust
    Glitz and Glam

  • Natalie O’Regan

    Pure Magic
    Girls Night Out
    The Girls are Back in Town
    Sweet Paradise
    Purple Ocean
    Purple Paradise

  • Katie Mc Donnell

    Purple rain
    Luck be a lady
    Femme fatale
    Pop of Princess
    It girl
    In vogue
    You’ll never be royal
    Be royal

  • Rebecca Mc Cormack

    Purple delight or purple night

  • Emma taylor

    Pure purple
    Purple orchid
    Festival fever
    Lil miss naughty

  • Nicole Teehan

    Royal silk

  • Erin Carr

    50 shades of Purple
    The Devil wears Purple
    Sorry not Sorry

  • Naomi Khan

    I’m not sure if there’s a limit to the number of suggestions but I have quite a few! Here it goes 😛 :

    Lucky in Lilac
    Twinkle Toes
    Lilac Lupin (lupin is a type of flower and it’s considered one of the most beautiful words in the english language)
    Lavender/Twilight Lupin
    Lilac Showers
    Sheer Lilac
    Lavender Kiss
    Summer Love
    Young Love
    Princess Wishes
    Lilac Princess
    Young Innocence
    Teacups and Tiaras
    Cupcakes and Cuddles
    Lilac Breeze
    Mystic Lilac

  • Kate O’ Brien

    From dusk til dawn

  • Tracey Comer

    Purple Passion

  • Amanda Mulligan

    Motion of the potion
    Alive & kicking
    Fierce it up
    Glam squad
    Sleek sheek
    So… Sheek <3
    Purple passionatia
    Sneak peak
    So su-itable

  • Hannah

    Purple Puff

  • Siobhan Tobin Holland

    Enchanted Love

  • Sinead Gibbons

    Sue’s Dream!

  • Róisín MacDonald

    Periwinkle paradise
    Lavender love
    Purple pop
    Spring Iris
    Violet Bloom
    Wild Indigo

  • Aine

    Pour it On Purple
    Pride and Purple

  • Yvonne Fegan

    Lavender Love

    Light me purple

    Psychedelic purple

    Purple Pearls

  • Siobhan Tobin Holland

    Love at First Sight
    Her Royal Majesty
    Striking Impression
    Lilac Wonder
    Magical Wonder
    Serenity – meaning of lavender flower
    Lilac Star
    No regrets

  • Stacey Young

    Purple essence
    Purple shade of the rainbow
    pop of purple
    Midnight purple perfection

  • Laura Kavanagh Shorten

    Purple Perfection
    Handsy Pansy
    Peaceful Purple

    Fab colour love it !

  • yvonne rossiter

    Lavender fields
    Enchanting lilac

  • Edel

    Rock Rose
    Spring Iris
    Sweet Pea
    Angel Face
    On The Prowl

  • Siobhan Tobin Holland

    Electric Lavender

  • Amanda Monks


  • Siobhan Tobin Holland

    First Love (lilac is symbolic of first love)
    Lucky in Lilac
    Lucky in Love

  • Chloe Cronin

    heart breaker..

  • Amy Sheehan

    Royal flush

  • Chloe Cronin


  • Siobhan Tobin Holland

    Lady Lavender
    Purple Heart
    Purple Passion
    Lilac Kisses

  • Nicola Coyne

    Wisteria Wonder

  • Chloe Cronin

    pride and predjudice…

  • Sara Delaney

    Grape Gatsby… Periwinkle…Together at Twilight… Lilac Whispers… Purple Iris..

  • Chloe Cronin

    toxic love

  • Jennifer Tynan

    Magnetic desire

  • Chloe Cronin

    Finders Keepers :)

  • Sarah

    Jackson joy



  • Chloe Cronin

    “pearl’s girl”

  • Sarah

    Magic Moments



    Spring joy

    Spring fever

  • Sarah

    Iris sunset,,,

    Pearly Purple,,,

    Purple Haze,,,

    Picture Perfect,,,

  • Sharon Cox

    Lavender Fields
    Lavender Dreams

  • Chloe Cronin

    “wine with me”

  • Sinead Tracey

    Speir Corcra (Purple sky in Irish)
    Corcra (Purple in Irish)
    Red + Blue = …

  • Chloe Cronin

    “pretty in purple”

  • Aimee Mc Cormack

    Purple passion

  • Chloe Cronin

    “words of wisdom”

  • Chloe Cronin

    purple prada x

  • Caoimhe mangan

    Lady in lilac
    Luscious lilac

  • Chloe Cronin

    “purple dynamite”
    “live in the now”
    “summer lovin”

  • Tammy Byrne

    Wild Orchid :)

  • Ashling

    ‘Violet Sunest’
    ‘Graceful Lilies’
    ‘SoSueMe Royal’
    ‘Graceful Glow’
    ‘Purple Rainstorm’
    ‘Violet Expolsion’
    ‘Lavender Dreams’
    ‘Midnight Memories’
    ‘Forget Me Not’
    ‘Jasmine Glow’
    ‘Lavender Waves’

  • Chloe Cronin

    “purple people”

  • Em

    A vision in lilac

  • Christie O’Toole

    Kingdom of Dreams
    Purple Paradise :)

  • Chloe Cronin

    wild spirit
    destiny’s child
    midnight memories

  • Roisin Mc Nally

    Love bird

  • Deonna McLaughlin

    A Queen in Purple
    Twilight Sky
    High hue
    Born to the Purple
    HRH (Her Royal Highness) / HRP (her royal purple)
    Pretty in Purple
    Early Orchid
    Spring Blossom

  • Chloe Cronin

    “positive vibes only”/”beach babe”

  • Roisin Mc Nally

    Purple candy
    Purple atom
    Good vibes
    Midnight Lavender
    Midnight on the beach
    Northan lights

  • Natalie O’Regan

    Purple Silk
    Purple Satin
    Pretty in Purple
    Pop of Purple
    Viola (Italian for purple)

  • Katie Quirke

    ‘I Promise’
    ‘Purple Puddles’
    ‘Free Spirit’
    ‘Early Love’
    ‘Tickle me’
    ‘Precious Promises’

    Hope you like some of these! I adore the shade!!
    -Katie (@itbekatiie)

  • Michelle Smith

    Don’t burst my bubble

  • Siobhan Tobin Holland

    Lavender Lush
    Luscious Lavender
    Lilac Lush
    Luscious Lilac

  • Elaine Tyrrell

    Butterfly dreams

  • Chloe Cronin

    “smells like wine” would love this Sue x

  • Heather Burke

    I looked up different colours online and this colour seems very similar to the colour called Amethyst.. You could call this nail varnish Amethyst Attack x

  • Lora Forever

    Reign, it’s a proper Royal colour :-)

  • Emma Ní Raghallaigh

    Cool Corcra

    Nails on fleek

  • Ciara

    Corcra… Purple as Gaeilge :) xx

  • Nicola carty

    Purple rain

  • Deirdre Ni Dhubhláin

    Peter Pan

  • Nadine Markey

    Lush lavender

  • Kate McCarthy

    Her Highness
    dusk’s wish

  • Emma

    Purple glaze
    Bright Lilac

  • JadeC21

    Lavender Dream

  • Teresa Ward


  • Niamh Walsh

    Young and free xx

  • Rachel Leydon

    I think injustice is such a good name for this polish!

  • Grace Ryan

    Purple Cow

  • Cathy Maher

    Pearly purple
    Imperial purple

  • Chloe Neenan

    Hocus Pocus

  • Justyne Cross Smith

    Daphne! Because this is the purple Daphne from Scooby Doo always wore and she was awesome!

  • Emma Synnott

    Popping purple
    Lavender love
    Dolly dream
    Violets vixon

  • Bronwyn Campbell

    Theresa paradis

  • Bronwyn Campbell


    Because the night

    Maldives memories

    Queen P

  • Tara

    Dusky twilight

  • Alison Knowles

    Orchid Bloom

  • nikita reilly

    dream big
    dolled up
    be you
    make it happen
    living the dream
    true love

  • Joanne Kennedy

    Dazzling nights

  • nikita reilly

    Work it girl
    Hello gorgeous
    Adore me

  • Olivia Flanagan


  • Shell Gore

    You’re turning Violet, Violet

  • Emma Gradwell

    Dainty love. X

  • Pam Flannery

    Lovely lavender
    Pretty in purple
    Lilac dream
    Luscious lavender

  • Ciara

    Purple Passion
    Violet Dreams
    Summer Lovin
    Summer Paradise

  • Claire Redmond

    Purple rain

  • Rosie

    Purple Daze
    Summer Lovin
    Violet Spring
    Summers Dream

  • Danielle

    Mary Berry
    Luscious lavender

  • Danielle

    Snazzle berry
    Hot magenta
    Electric picnic

  • Kelley Cruise

    Perennial Passion – inspiration from the gorgeous perennial flower that blossoms all Summer

    Lavendation – lavender and sensation joint together to make one word to discribe the calming feeling of the colour purple

    Rare – because things that are naturally purple are very rare

    Amethystical – inspiration from the crystal Amerthyst

  • Ciara Lee


  • Nikita Gannon

    Rush hour

  • Nikita Gannon

    Why so serious ☺️

  • Nikita Gannon


  • Nikita Gannon

    Midnight fusion

  • Sabrina Joyce

    Doll me up
    Sabrina’s pick
    Fancy pants
    Amazing grace
    Highest rain
    Love yourself
    Dare me
    Treat them mean

  • Sheila McHugh

    Angel in the streets

  • Amy


  • Kia Mc Cann

    Velvet Crunch
    Angels Aura (Because It’s Purple)
    Passion Purple
    Purple Popsicle
    Spring Voilet
    Grape Expections :-)

    Kia From Cootehill Co-Cavan X

  • Meghan Brennan


  • Sabrina Joyce Dundalk

    Cocktail & dreams
    Tease me.
    Forever yours.
    Pick me up.

  • Nicole Keating


  • Rachel hanna

    Amethyst forest
    Periwinkle mist
    Poison berry

    Hoping to win

    Xo rachel

  • Sabrina Joyce

    I made a dream.
    Nail it.
    Sue’s way.
    crush on you.
    Queen of hearts.
    Nails over you.
    Summer loving.
    Stary nights.
    Wish it on me.

  • Tara Duffy

    Persistence – persistence, determination and hard work get a girl where she wants to be! :)

  • Claire Boyle

    Purple Rain

  • Liane O’Donovan

    Pout perfect!

  • Laura Sinnott

    ‘Diamond Dazzle’

  • Sophie


  • Nicola McGuinness

    Purple Hills
    Purple Perfection
    Purple Skies
    Paint The Town Purple
    The Perfect Purple
    Violet Vixen
    Very Violet

  • Sophie

    Violet but deadly

  • Olivia Flanagan

    ‘Slumber Party’
    Love this gorgeous colour! Painting your nails and sleepovers with the girls go hand in hand! :)
    Olivia Flanagan, Kildare. xx

  • Natalie Mc Caffrey

    Purple people eater,
    Electric pop purple,

  • Liz Mooney

    Playing on the royal theme
    Purple Reign

  • Jen O’Connell

    Royal fantasy

  • nikita reilly

    lavender love
    perfectly purple
    forever yours
    twilight skies
    true beauty
    sweet passion

  • C Fitzpatrick

    The colour purple has long been associated with royalty (and Suzanne is known as the queen of the blogging world) so:

    The Duchess
    Queen of my Castle
    Call me Queen
    Your Royal Highness
    Empress of Everything
    The Court Seductress
    Reign with me
    I run this
    Lady in Lavendar
    Lady in waiting
    Rise to glory
    Mystical Monarch
    This is my Kingdom
    The Crown Princess
    (A) Touch of Royalty
    Court liaisons

  • Stacey Enright

    Lilac Rose
    Lavendar haze
    Purple Potion
    Twilight dreams
    Black Forest
    Midsummer’s night

  • Ayeshah

    Rapunzal or violet sky

  • Jane

    ‘Purple Rain’
    ‘Purpliest Purple’
    ‘Peekaboo Purple’
    ‘Lovingly Lilac’
    ‘Loveable Lavendar’

  • Heather Goldsmith

    Sugar mama

  • Nicola Monaghan

    ‘Spring Break’ is the perfect name. Because this is a really fun, party colour.

  • Sarah Daly

    Purple Rain

    Autumn Joy

  • Anna R

    Cosmic Blast
    Plum Crazy
    Royal Velvet
    Total beauty

  • Nicola Monaghan

    Indie Glam

  • Stacey Young

    One & only shade of purple

  • Stacey Young

    Purple skies or midnight purple

  • Emma Kate O Dwyer

    Purple haze

  • Niamh Goddard Mhic Carthaigh

    Purple haze, bringing Jimmy and Sue together :)

  • Debra Pikul

    Purple Poise
    Royal Glam
    Poise and Paint
    Glam and Go
    Perfect Purple

  • Melissa Egan

    ‘Deep Dream’

  • Melissa Egan

    ‘Magic Potion’
    ‘Royal Potion’
    ‘Perfect Gem’
    ‘Royal Gem’
    ‘Tropical Gem’
    ‘Perfect Charm’
    ‘Purple Charm’

  • Lisa Ní Larcain

    Lilac lust
    Lovers lilac
    Lush lilac

  • Dayna Gaffney

    Violence in violet
    Perfect in purple
    Perfectly purpley
    Passion for fashion

  • Lily Brennan

    “Nailed it”
    “Imagine All the Purple”
    “That Friday Feeling”
    “Work Hard, Play Hard”
    “Truly Madly Deeply”
    “Fruit of the Forest”
    “Just for Fun”

  • Jennifer Bannon

    Dusk to dawn

  • Aimee

    Dreaming of me
    Dreaming of you
    Drops of Jupiter
    Scold me
    So scold me

  • Kellie Ní Dhuinn

    Summer Rain
    Purple Rain
    Royal Rose
    Royal Flush
    Sexy Seduction

  • Fiona Finn

    Va Va Violet

  • Sinead Taggart

    Midnight Passion

  • Sinead Taggart

    Royal Rockstar

  • Fiona Finn

    Hidden Gem

  • Julie-Ann

    Purpley princess
    Purpley potion

  • Aine Cunningham

    Sherbet Dip
    Punchy Pastel
    Pastel Pop
    Lavish Lav
    Purple Possum

  • Lydia Cooper

    So Grape
    Through the grapevine
    Luxurious grape
    Purple mist
    Heathers Calling
    Purple pucker up

  • Sarah O’Sullivan

    Magical Magenta

  • Colette Hearn

    Heard It Through The Grapevine

  • Lena bryson

    Crushed candy
    Powdered purple

  • Ciara Shalloo Byrne

    Purple Poison
    Perfectly Purple
    Purple Pace
    Purple Domination

  • Nadine Foy

    Violet haven
    Purple pardaise
    Sunrise diamonds
    Coco sparkle
    Midnight harp

  • Amanda Dunne

    Springs to mind
    Clever girl
    Friday night fever

  • Paula

    Purple rain
    Purple passion
    Purple power

  • Seanin

    Perfect Poison
    Electric Purple
    Sexy Lady
    Heavenly Kisses
    Cute but Smart
    Angel Delight

  • Jenny

    She’s a Vamp
    Orchid Bloom

  • Amanda Shaughnessy

    Tropic purple

  • Kate Foley


  • Aileen Campbell

    Princess Dream :)

  • Linda Newman

    Lavender fields

  • Linda Newman

    Purple paradise
    Violet nights
    Purple passion

  • Natashalee Carter

    violet vogue
    purple fantasy

  • Helen

    Magic Hat
    Tooth Fairy
    Lilac Kiss

  • Claire O’Reilly

    Jupiter (colour purple represents the planet)
    Mauveine (first man made dye)

  • Evelyn Corry

    Spring Iris
    Amethyst Sunset
    Rich Violet
    True Opulence

  • Ava

    Majestic Mulberry
    Party Purple
    Toothy Fruity
    Grape Wall of China
    Purple Peony
    Fox Glove
    Goodness Grapecious
    Purple Gem
    Purple Sage
    Poisin Berry
    Violet Bloom
    Wild Indigo
    Lily of the Nile

  • Siobhán Keating

    Lavender dream
    Grape attack
    Stormy plum

  • Sarah

    Purple meadow
    Earned it
    Water lily
    Sleeping beauty
    Goodness Gracious

  • June Montgomery

    Purple Pleaser

  • June Montgomery

    In the Purple Rain

  • sandra newman

    Purple rain
    Lilac fields
    Purple Haze
    Purple shine

  • Michelle Hogan

    “Sue’s Angel’s” since we got to name it! Great comp :)

  • emerb

    Royalty or Regal Reign

  • Irene Stephenson

    Lilac noir

  • Irene Stephenson

    Dust bunny

  • Irene Stephenson

    Where’s my Tutu?

  • Irene Stephenson


  • Irene Stephenson

    Summer haze

  • Jenny

    Violet Vixen
    Purple Rain

  • Karen Coyle

    Lavender cupcake

  • Ciara O Connor

    Blushing Violet

  • Aimee

    The emporess
    Impress me

  • Siobhan Tobin Holland

    Amethyst Amour
    Lucky in Lilac

  • Siobhan Tobin Holland

    Purple Love
    Lavender Love
    Purple Sunset
    Lucky in Love

  • Aisling Kangataran

    Purple Haze

  • Ashleen

    Lavender Love

  • Lesley lee

    Dream big
    Midnight magic
    In pursuit of happiness

  • Laura Mcalinden

    Unicorn purple

  • Siobhan Tobin Holland

    Pretty in Purple
    Crazy Corcra
    Purple Craze
    Purple Haze

  • Fiona Finn

    Glam Bitch

  • Fiona Finn


  • Rachel

    Corcra Amour

  • Rachel

    Corcra Grá

  • Aimée M Holden

    Peace ‘n’ purple
    I am morado (Spanish for purple)
    Last chance
    I don’t give a damson

  • Chloe H.

    Foxglove/foxy glove

  • Shauna Whelan

    ‘Purple Rain’

  • Lauren

    Make A Wish,
    Sweet Dreams
    Loyal and Royal,
    Pic Perfect Purple,
    Purple Goddess,
    Dream Queen,
    Love Me So
    Starry Sunset
    Sunset Glimmer
    Purple Unity

  • vikki conroy

    Violet sorbet
    Purple martini
    Purple haze
    Purple lily / violet lily
    purple orchid
    Cheshire Cat
    Purple people eater

  • Fiona Donnelly

    Purple Temptress

  • Cat nix


  • Aisling

    Purple Punch
    Royal Grapeness
    Reign on me
    Grape Glamour
    Purple Sky
    Purple Persuasion
    Purple Passion
    Bellflower (it’s a really nice purple flower)

  • Rachel Halligan

    SO Noble

  • Lisa Tierney

    Sin / Talk that talk / violet addict

  • Katherine Hampstead

    Plum perfection

  • Colette Hearn

    Up All Night
    Don’t Wait Up
    Do You Wanna Dance? / Do You Want To Dance?
    Thirteen O’Clock
    Walk of Fame
    Hall of Fame
    Just Say Yes!

  • Josephine B

    Reign on my parade

  • SheB Beauty

    Grape soda, worthy, lovely lavender, plum pie, or royalty x

  • Lynne Ward

    Viola Vixen

  • Elaine Stack

    “Her Royal Purpleness “!! Or “Velvet underground” !!

  • Rachel Kehoe

    Don’t wait up
    Wild Side
    Bright Nights
    Be You, Be Brave

  • Danielle Gibbs

    purple dream
    purple haze
    mysterious purple

  • Sarah Melaugh

    Colour me corcra (Irish)
    Coco corcra
    Polish me purple
    Luxurious lilac

  • ZoeMc

    Hide & go chic
    Mauve (French)

  • Aimee

    Indulge in me

  • Lisa

    ‘Ungu’… its the malay word for purple. Short and sweet! <3

  • Aimee

    Evil queen

  • Aimee

    Pinch me I’m dreaming

  • Ashlee Coburn

    Oh So Femme
    Steal the spotlight
    Own the Runway
    Live Life in Lilac
    Reign on
    Heather in bloom
    Magic at night

    Did it on Pur-pose

  • Lydia Cooper

    Violet Dream
    Lavender Silk
    Luxury violet
    Violet silk

  • Máire NíGhradaigh

    Royal Energy (the colour is made up of blue and red so royal and energy come together) very excited to see this colour, its like the Bridesmaids dresses I’ve just picked, love it.

  • Niamh

    Amethyst Rain!

  • Aimee

    Forbidden fruit
    Forbid me
    Soul sista
    Beautiful soul

  • Aoife Kelly


  • Aoife Kelly

    Dixie Chick

  • Aimee

    Persuit me

  • Aimee

    Reign on me
    Reign over me

  • Aimee

    Get a grape
    Colour the world

  • Louise R

    “Drunk in love” The colour is very close to Amethyst which when you look it up is believed to mean it protects you from getting drunk or from intoxication and because Amethyst is the birth stone of february which is a month very much associated with love <3

  • Denise

    Bluebell :)

  • Suzanne lynch

    Olivia’s shoes

  • Suzanne lynch

    Purple haze or purple betta after a tropical fish that is the exact colour soooo cool

  • Jess Collins

    Plum cheeks

  • Leeanne

    Sugar Plum
    Fox Glove
    Dawn until Dusk
    Wild orchird
    Garden of Eden

  • Nicole

    Candy crush or purple passion

  • Ellen Barry

    Lilac love
    Purple passion
    Amazing amethyst

  • Fiona B

    Starry night
    Rainy nights

  • Ellen Barry

    Purple moon
    Amethyst crown/ queen
    Violet love
    Violet crush
    Amethyst heaven
    Purple heaven

  • Aimee

    On fleek
    Purple slay
    New beginnings

  • Alison Doyle

    Violet Revolution as a fab shade in honour of the 100 year anniversary of the 1916 Rising

  • Ashlee coburn

    So crown me
    The duchess
    Her royal highness
    Malificent ( she is purple in sleeping beauty)
    She said yes
    The proposal
    So love me

  • Lily Brennan

    “Purple Aura”, “Fusion” or “Trendsetter”

  • Nicola Monaghan

    Rocking Royalty

  • Sinéad

    It’s a stunning Shade-purple Haze or Heavenly Heather!!

  • Éadaoin de Búrca

    Morning glory, cause there’s a purple plant that grows in the maldives called that :)

  • Aisling

    Magic dreams

  • Lily Brennan

    “Rebel Without A Cause”

  • Shell Gore

    Royal Amethyst

  • Shell Gore

    Amethyst Dream

  • Trish Twomey

    Purple fusion or
    Summer violet

  • Shell Gore


  • Shell Gore

    Spring Nights
    Late Night Lavender
    Purple Possie

  • Alison Doody

    Sultry Seduction

  • Laura Keegan

    Kinky miss

  • Leah Ennis McLoughlin

    MAUVEllous (shade of purple and marvellous combined :)

  • Zara Nevin


  • Kathy_Savage_2014

    Lavacious Lavender can’t wait to get this one!

  • Niamh Cassidy

    Timeless Elegance

  • Lily Brennan

    “Magic Show” or “Magic Tricks”

  • Jessie Davis


  • Eimear Gallagher

    Wild Orchid

  • NiamhR

    ‘Lick of Lilac’ or ‘Parma Violet’ after the sweets x

  • Kelly Robinson

    Queen of the bellflower

  • The Joker

    The Joker

    • Janan Alani

      I think you should name it : the joker

  • Stephanie Donohoe

    Devotion …. One of the many things represented by the colour purple!!

  • Lily Brennan


  • Caroline Magill

    Hollywood Nights. Because it’s pure glamour.

  • Mary o Connor

    Royal orchid!

  • Lily Brennan

    “Wisteria” – like the plant!

  • Ruth Meehan

    Key West sunset.

  • Melanie Foley

    Violet Star

  • Aoife Kelly


  • Ava

    Purple Peony

  • Melanie Foley

    Purple Reign ??

  • Lily Brennan

    “Retail Therapy”

  • Ava


  • Rachel Guilfoyle

    Dear Boy

  • Katie Monahan

    “The Life Of Riley” because it is a popular Irish phrase ( in my house anyways, my mother uses it a lot ). Purple symbolises luxury and royalty!

  • Elena

    One night in Paris.
    Elena lynch

  • Ava

    Fox Glove

  • Ava

    Fruity Tooty

  • Ava

    Party Purple

  • Ashlee coburn

    I also like tangled ( as it’s the colour repunzel wears in tangled) think it’s Kina cute!

  • Leonie

    Purple rain

  • Evelyn Ann B

    Midnight run

  • Ashlee coburn

    Queen me or Queen B ( as in beyonce) or Bee

  • Mary


  • Aoife Kelly

    Beverly Hills

  • Aimee

    Coronation day ( I don’t know if you are allowed more than 1 suggestion)

  • Emma Doherty

    Gorgeous Grape or deVine Violet :)

  • amy omelia


  • Aimee

    Crown me :)

  • Tameka

    Popping purple

  • Aoife Kelly

    Afternoon Delight

  • Tameka

    Berry burst.

  • Aoife Kelly

    Dirty Little Secret :)

  • Evelyn Ann B

    Velvet kiss

  • Karyn hanlon

    Dreaming of iris ❤

  • Ide Lynch

    Cadbury delight.

  • Amanda Butler Smyth

    I think you should call it Queenie or Therese in memory of your nanny it’s Beautiful and classy just like I’m sure she was .

  • Meghan Brennan


  • Rebecca McDonald

    Violet delight! :)

  • Meghan Brennan

    Full Bloom

  • Orla Birmingham


  • Shauna O Dwyer

    Royalty :)

  • Sam Robinson


  • Chel Doonan

    Royal Orchid

  • Sam Robinson

    Passion purple or purple passion

  • Claire Devlin

    Purple Comet ☄☄☄☄

  • Fran Fitzgerald

    I don’t know if we can submit more than one idea but I also love “Purple Pop Gumdrop”.. It’s cute when they rhyme.

  • Louise O’ Shea

    Purple Intrigue :)

  • Fran Fitzgerald

    “You’re turning violet, Violet”.. Not your usual style, but it just reminded me so much of Willy Wonka.