5 Cool Ways To Wear Cons


Converse – You all probably own at LEAST one pair by now. Whether you’re the sporty type or not, I’m sure there’s not many of us, no matter what age, shape or size, who have not picked up a pair of converse runners over the years. They’re like Uggs, everyone has tried them at least once.

Trendy fashionista‘s use them as their ‘Go to’ casual footwear, Busy mama’s use them to run after their kids, College students live in them for comfort. They’re pretty much a winning style for everyone.

When you invest in a popular style, that are by no means the cheapest footwear on the market, You want to get the most value from them. Wearing them with sweat-pants all the time just won’t cut it.

So let’s show you 5 Cool Ways To Wear Converse so you can make the most of your favourite runners.


1) One of the most popular and practical ways to wear your cons, is with skinny jeans. After all, they are deemed a ‘casual’ shoe. Its always a stylish way to wear ‘trainers’ if you want to feel comfy but don’t want to look like you’re off for a jog. Anyone can pull off this look.

A way to funk it up, however, could be trying a pair of leather look or coated bottoms. It adds a little edge, gives it more of a ‘Rock Chick’ feel.


2) This option might be a little out there, but when done right is SO trendy. Try styling your converse with a two piece suit. Okay so the ladies off to their ‘9-5 Office’ job probably cant try this look, but if you’re lucky enough to be in a fashionable line of work, this look can totally work for you. The androgynous look is in right now as we’ve shown you previously (Read more here) and we have to admit this pairing is pretty damn cool. Especially as a colour block – A way to work your coloured cons in.


3) Teaming your converse with a maxi dress or maxi skirt can be done in Summer or Autumn, as its a great transitional look. When the weather is between seasons its sometimes hard to choose a style of clothing. Wearing your cons with a long dress can be the perfect combo. The dress isn’t too hot or cold, plus your legs are covered either way. Using cons also tows the line between dressy and casual. So whether you’re off to a Summer BBQ or on your way to a new semester of college, you’ve got the right look. Top off with a funky hat and crossover bag to complete the look.


4) Converse with shorts is also a popular choice, but unless you are lucky enough to be living in a hot country right now, then its best to leave the bare legs to the Summer Festival looks. Otherwise – Pop on a pair of opaque tights under ’em. You cant beat this combo.

Denim Cut-Offs + A printed tee, Chunky Knit, or feminine blouse. There’s not an option that wont work with shorts. You can go Rock-Chick, Sporty, Boho or Girly with this look.


5) Earlier this year we showed you how to wear ‘Sneakers with skirts’ (Read here)

This is a great look if, like Kristen Stewart, you simply could not be bothered with heels. And hey, If K Stew can get away with it on a red carpet, there’s no reason we can’t. Perfect for a night at a concert, or a casual bar. Go all out with your dress but pop on your converse to really add some edge to your look.

This can also be done with skater skirts, pencil skirts and any mini dress. Again if the weather is that bit too cold, add a pair of tights to give it that Autumn/Winter touch.

Check out some other inspirational ways to wear your cons …







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