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Hey guys,

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas!

I’m a big Christmas person! And this year, I was feeling more festive than ever! As most of you know, my dad is a paramedic and is always working on Christmas. This year however, we had him to ourselves for the whole period and it couldn’t have been more perfect!

Truth be told, it’s Christmas Eve that I love the most. We always try to get together the night before for dinner in a local restaurant and then we head back to mam and dads for a few glasses of wine and some nibbles. These are the special moments that I love and I think everyone treasures these little family traditions.



As you know, I am an ambassador for CLUSE Watches and one of their values is appreciating the beauty that’s hiding in those simple moments so I thought for my December post, it would be fitting to tie it in with the CLUSE Christmas campaign #TimeIsToBeShared. 

For me, Christmas is its most special when you are surrounded by the right people. You could spend Christmas Day sitting around doing nothing except watching Home Alone for the millionth time and working your way through yet another selection box, but when you’re in the company of people you treasure, it’s the most enjoyable time imaginable. For me, those people are my family, Dylan and our two doggies Coco and Harper.

I’m was a bit nervous about this Christmas day it was the first time I was cooking, but in saying that, I was also looking forward to the challenge and it turned out brilliantly! With a little bit of help, thanks to Kerrigan Meats and their pre-cooked ham – but shhhhh :)

Surprisingly all of the family adored the ham and couldn’t get over the flavours – so I have Kerrigans to thank for that! They give you the ham pre-cooked and then you heat it for an hour before the dinner and omg  – the smell from the sauce was divine!

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For me, I know this Christmas is going to be the kind that I will still remember in years to come as it’s my last Christmas as a single lady before myself and Dylan get married next year.

I am so excited to get into the thick of our wedding planning and after January I know it is going to snow boat. Before we know it, it will be August and I will be walking down the aisle :)

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So to end my #TimeIsToBeShared blog postI am going to share my super-beautiful velvet watch from the CLUSE limited edition Velvet Capsule Collection.

Velvet is so stylish but this red velvet CLUSE watch manages to blend it with a touch of classic elegance too which I love.

The one thing I like about this type of watch is that you can wear it anywhere.

The rose gold face is also STUNNING so it’s an extremely eye catching accessory too!

Hope you all have a lovely evening guys, I’ll catch up with you all before the year is out

Sponsored by CLUSE 

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