Fashion: Scarf Styling!


Winter Fashion  – Let’s face it, it is certainly still Winter out there in Ireland…it’s cold, we’re still wearing out Winter gear, layers and warmth. Victoria Beckham recently introduced ‘The Slape’ see here, where your coat is literally sitting on your shoulders, still keeping you warm… but looking like you’ve just casually thrown it over you with little effort.

Now the newest addition to this casual trend is how to style your scarf.

Kim-Kardashian (1)

Again, its the idea that you’ve just ‘thrown’ it over yourself. We’re breezy, we’re casual, we don’t have time to tie our scarves, right? 😉

The scarf is a pretty essential accessory anytime of year – its versatile in its function and aesthetic qualities. In Winter it keeps you warm of course, but in Spring/Summer, some lightweight versions can be an added cute layer to a fresh Springy look.

Instead of tying or twisting it around your neck, simply draping it over your coat is the new chic look. It adds another funky layer to your outfit and can break up a plain colour combo, by going with a printed option. Even our Sue loves glamming up an outfit with a scarf – here she is with her skull scarf from Manilla Boutique in Malahide.

sue scarf


palermo olivia 2009 nov black3

The scarf also covers any lumps or bumps in a fashionable way. I know plenty of Mommys-To-Be who have donned this look in an attempt to conceal their bump in the early days of their pregnancy, before they were sharing the good news. Any chicas who are unhappy with their mid-section, an area you don’t like to highlight, then this is the perfect scarf-styling for you. Its loose and effortless and trendy.

There is always plenty of funky scarf options all over the high-street, and the bigger and longer the better it seems!!!