Reader Request: Steal Her Style – Pixie Lott!

This weeks ‘Steal Her Style’ was a readers request, Pixie Lott pictured at the Italia Conti Academy Of Theatre Arts,of which she is a past student of….

What a cute outfit to research, I must say … :)


First up…

Pixie has given her preppy look a bit of an edge by adding those funky animal print tights – which you can pick up at Forver 21 for just €10.00 (they are also in a variety of shades as well)

On top, Pixie wears a basic light v-neck knit – which I spotted in Penneys just this afternoon for only €12.00. Good old Penneys best!!

On to Topshop – I found gorgeous burgundy hot pants, they even have the little button turn-ups at the side like Pixies. Ok, so there are a bit pricier at around €37.00, but I always find with shorts – you can wear them all year around by teaming them with funky tights like Pixie has in the winter!

For the blouse, its up to yourself how much you want to spend, as it is only the collar your popping out for ‘preppy effect. However I found this lovely silk collared blouses in Topshop also. This shirt will give off that ‘sheen’ effect like Pixie … Otherwise, whilst you’re in Penneys, take a gander down their ‘tailoring’ section as you will always find you basic ‘office’ collared shirts which will do just as good a job!

These cute little blouses are also in a variety of colours, I actually think the pink is even a nice match. You can mix and try out a few colours!

For accessories, why not make your own?! Take a silver chain and add a load of little pendants off other silver chains from your own necklace collection. Or a silver ring, which if my eyesight serves me correct is exactly like what Pixie has done here … 😉

This was a great little ‘Fashion-Spot’ by one of our stylish readers and is a look I believe anyone can pull off !


Sam xx


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