Posted April 10, 2012 by Suzanne Jackson in Fashion

What I Wore: Chloe Hat and Flapper Inspired Dress!

On Saturday night, myself, my sis Carla and my pal Sara headed out for some weekend banter. I was after shooting all day with the amazing photographer Kieran O’Donohoe (click here for the ODP Photgraphy facebook page) for new website and I was dying for a few sups!

The shoot went fantastic on Saturday, I am so happy with the pictures. We had a great team, the very talented Tara O’Farrell did my make-up (pics below, click here for her Facebook page), Susan did my hair and the super stylish Emma-Louise styled the shoot. I can’t show you any of the pictures just yet, as the papers won’t use them if they go public,  but soon I promise to show them to you. :)


Now to the What I Wore Part:

  • Dress: Forever 21
  • Hat: Chloe
  • Bangle: Crystals & Co
  • Bag: River Island
  • Leather Jacket: Lipsy
  • Boots: Louboutins
  • Tan: Lauran’s Way and Spray Stocking on my legs

SoSueMeie is now selling the Spray Stocking tan because it is so good- (CLICK HERE TO BUY)