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Movie Review – How To Train Your Dragon 2

Four years ago, How to Train Your Dragon came out of nowhere and gave us a gorgeous adventure filled with humour, action, loss and love. How refreshing then that How To Train Your Dragon 2 contains the best elements of its pred...
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Hugh Jackman Raps With LL Cool J, Is Best Human Ever!!

We love Hugh Jackman. How could you not. The actor is famously the nicest guy in Hollywood, is never in the headlines for the wrong reasons, and for a man of 45 he’s in kinda good shape (see carefully researched picture f...

Movie Review – 22 Jump Street

21 Jump street was a surprise box office hit back in 2012, a likeable comedy that made over $200 million, so it was inevitable that all involved would sign up for a sequel. Thankfully, 22 Jump Street manages to outdo its predec...
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Breaking Bad Shocker!!!

We can all agree that Breaking Bad was one of the defining tv shows of this generation. With its perfect blend of humour, drama, action and suspense, it captured the imagination of everyone who took the journey with Walter Whit...

Movie Review – A Million Ways To Die In The West

Seth MacFarlane’s latest attempt to break onto the big screen may prove to be the final nail in his coffin. Though he enjoyed success with Ted, A Million Ways To Die In The West is indicative of the kind of lazy writing and toi...

Movie Review – Edge Of Tomorrow

Edge Of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise’s latest foray into the world of the sci-fi actioner, is that rarest of beasts; a big, loud blockbuster with brains. Combining the best elements of an alien invasion movie, time travel and som...

Movie Review – Maleficent

Disney have a long history of terrorising kids, despite the mouse house’s magic veneer. From the jealous queen in Snow White, to the trippy scenes in Dumbo, or the beast fighting off the villagers in Beauty and the Beast,...

Movie Review – Godzilla

Roaring onto our screens and with a darker, more menacing makeover is director Gareth Edwards take on the most famous of monsters, Japanese icon Godzilla. Equal parts paranoia thriller and summer event movie, Edwards’ cre...

Movie Review – Frank

Hiding Michael Fassbender’s face inside a papier-mâché head for potentially an entire movie might seem like a silly idea and a bit of a gimmick, but don’t let appearances fool you. Frank is one of the most unique an...
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INTERNET SENSATION: Girl’s original song about being abandoned as a child going viral!!!

Someone in my newsfeed shared this story, so I clicked in and listened to the song! By mid-way, I had tears in my eyes and by the end – I was a blubbering mess. Such a powerful song!! Molly Kate Kestner, a high school sen...

Movie Review – Tarzan

Hoping to get a head start on a summer packed full of blockbusters this year, is the latest incarnation of the story of Tarzan, one of Edgar Rice Burroughs most iconic literary characters. It’s not the first time we’...
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Interview: ‘Frank’ European Premiere – Michael Fassbender, Domhnall Gleeson, Lenny Abrahamson

  We sent So Sue Me writer Sam along to last nights European premiere of FRANK – The new film from Director Lenny Abrahamson (of ‘The Garage’ and ‘Adam & Paul’) starring Michael Fassbender...
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WIN!!! A Family Pass To See Kellan Lutz In Dublin!!!

Star of the latest fantastic 3D animated movie Tarzan, Kellan Lutz, is popping over to Dublin next week for a very special premiere screening of the movie, and YOU can head along to see the star. Kellan, best known for his part...
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Sequel To Brilliant Childhood Movie On the Way

If you’re an 80′s child like me, then you grew up on movies like Mrs Doubtfire. It was a great mix of slapstick comedy and touching family drama, and was a worldwide hit on it’s release way back in 1993 (yikes...

Movie Review – The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Andrew Garfield’s second outing as ‘ol web head hits cinemas this week, hot on the heels of fellow superhero icon, Captain America. With a solid cast, proven director and the potential for some pretty stunning 3d ac...
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Red Carpet Report – MTV Movie Awards

The stars donned their best dresses and hit the red carpet for the MTV Movie Awards last night in LA. Aside from those that the golden popcorns, fashion was a big winner last night as the gals and guys looked their very best fo...

Movie Review – Calvary

Brendan Gleeson is a national treasure. This much we already knew, and no one doubted his abilities on screen, but it is with the McDonagh brothers that the cinematic giant has finally found his best form. With In Bruges, The G...

Movie Review – The Raid 2

The follow up to Gareth Evans smash hit martial arts film The Raid blasts it’s way into cinemas this week, and it seems that the director has adopted the credo “bigger is better” for his action packed sequel. ...

Movie Review – Noah

Russell Crowe returns to our screens this week with a role of biblical proportions in Darren Aronofsky’s take on one of the most widely known stories ever written. Lifted from the pages of the book of genesis in the bible...

Movie Review – Rio 2

Bursting onto the screen, full of colour, energy and charm, theres plenty to like about the follow up to 2011′s moderate box office hit Rio. Including all the staples of modern animated hits, Rio 2 has enough of a blend o...