Showbiz Interviews Some Irish Talent, Meet: Aimée Fitzpatrick!

This week we at are treating you to a new home-grown Irish talent Aimée Fitzpatrick. Some of you may have heard a lot about her in local and national papers, this 17 year old performer is set for big things; we caught up with her to chat about her singing, dancing and Jedward.


 For people who aren’t familiar with you tell us a little about yourself and your music?

Hi guys my name is Aimée I’m 17 years old and from Dublin. Music is my absolute passion! I love every style of music! I wouldn’t put my style into a category; I am constantly trying new styles all the time and constantly being inspired by new artists.

 Just recently you were signed to a major record producing label that must have been amazing, how do you feel about that?

It has been amazing, the guys at E.N.D MUSIC have been so nice, a lot of hard work and long hours in the studios but it’s so worth it. Really excited to get back in and start working on some new tracks. When I’m in the studio…I’m in my element. I just let loose.

 For being so young you have achieved so much already, but what is key moment in your career so far that stands out to you?

hmm, my favourite moment so far was when I was performing live in the Academy theatre, I performed my own version of ”We found love” by Rihanna, and when the crowd sang along with me, WOW it just gave me goosebumps. I can’t even describe the feeling, it’s just amazing.

Things are moving pretty fast for you at the minute and you work so hard, your schedule must be crazy, do you get much free time?

Yes things are a lil crazy at the moment, but I always make time for my friends! Whether it’s just a DVD night in, or shopping, we always make time for each other!

What is a typical day for you at the minute? 

Well at the moment I have some big gigs coming up, May 27th I’m supporting THE VOICE contestant Liam Gettes live at the Academy Theatre, So at the moment its Rehearsal, Rehearsal after rehearsal.. Gym, Dance training and in the studios.

You worked with JEDWARD too that must have been great, are they really that crazy in real life?

Yes! They are just so funny, just two regular guys, but yes they are as CRAZY as they are on TV!! But they are really nice guys to work with. 

 Not only are you on the music scene your also a dancer and choreographer, how did you get into dancing?

I’ve been dancing since I was 3 years old. I started off doing ballet then progressed to jazz, modern which leaded me to my LOVE..HIPHOP!

 What made you take the transition from dancing into singing or do you find ways to balance the two?

I always kept my singing to myself because everyone knew me as a dancer, I was only ever in love with dancing, but when I eventually got the guts to sing in front of people that was when I realised that I had an even BIGGER love for singing.

 You supported Irish boy band On the Edge that must have been amazing especially knowing that it was a sold out gig?

Yes! It was soo much fun, I’m really close friends with the guys and they did amazing!  I went home with sore ears from all the girls screaming.

 So what are the big plans for you in 2012?

2012 is going to be a big year. A lot in the pipeline at the moment, working on 2 new tracks at the moment & some big gigs coming our way so I have to keep focused



What three things are always in your handbag?

 Chewing gum, phone, iPod.

What do you feel are the 3 key ingredients to making great music?

Inspiration, emotion and passion

 Which artist in the music industry would you dream to work with and why?

 Drake… why? ehh hello!…. its DRAKE!!

Name one song that you wish you wrote?

Adele – someone like you, this song never gets old!!

 If you had to choose never to dance again or never to sing again which would you choose?

Oh god it’s impossible to choose! 


Want to know more about  Aimée just log onto:!/Aimeesmusic




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