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How Beer Can Benefit Your Hair … Yes Really!

Before you start thinking you can drink as much beer as you like … That’s not where we are going. Hair boffins have revealed that bathing your hair in beer has benefits. Scientific benefits, oooh!! Apparently beer c...
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Beauty: Dye Your Hair With A Straightener???!!

This latest beauty news sounds too good to be true! Recent scientific reports are suggesting that a hair straightener that can permanently dye our hair may soon be a reality! Scientists at the  University of New Mexico and Los ...
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Hair Love: The Instyler!

As you all know, I am an avid fan of the Instyler. It’s the one trusted tool I turn to whenever I want to create volume, curls, shine, and lots of body. I honestly don’t think I could be without it, and, as some of you may reme...
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Top 5 Summer Braids

Let’s face it – When the weather gets warm, long loose hair styles just don’t cut it. How many of us go out in the morning with freshly blow-dried hair loose and billowing? Then by the time we’ve walked ...

5 Simple ‘At Home’ Hair Tricks

We all love to try new things with our hair, but can’t always afford a drastic colour change or luxurious extensions. Sometimes we just get in a hair rut. The solution can be something simple. We’ve sourced some eas...

Get The Look: The Messy Side Braid!

The messy side braid is the LBD of hair, i.e. a total classic. It’s so bohemian, feminine, simple to style, … no wonder it’s a firm favourite amongst many top models and celebs. Best of all, this look is so ve...

Beauty: 5 Hair Tricks to Make Life Easier

Here at SoSueMe.ie we love a simple hair trick that saves us time and maybe even money. Here are the 5 best tips we have found. If you have super straight hair, you’ll know the pain of trying to get your hair to hold a cu...
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Get The Look: Kendall’s Sleek Hair

I have always been a HUGE fan of Kendall Jenner, and I thought she looked so amazing at the Billboard Awards this week. Seriously, this girl can do no wrong (except for when it comes to reading autocue!) I know that lots of you...

Festival Fashion: Laura Whitmores DIY Festival Hair

Irish beauty Laura Whitmore was in attendance among the stylish celebs at Coachella last week. The stylish MTV presenter revealed on her Instagram that she had to resort a little home solution to funk up her Festival style. To ...

Beauty: Top 5 Winter Hair Trends

With the Christmas party season on the way, we’ve been taking a look at the biggest hair trends that appeared on the autumn/winter 2013 catwalks. There are so many to choose from, with every look imaginable, taking inspir...

‘How To’ – The Hair Donut

The ‘Hair Donut‘ – That funny little spongy ring you can pick up in almost any store selling accessories these days….?  And still so many girls are afraid of it!!! Fear not, this hair style is super easy...
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INSTA WEEK – Press Days, BloggingTips & Style!

Insta Week – my week in pictures! You can follow me on instagram at SoSueMe_ie To follow me on Instagram – click here

Hair Trend: The Faux-Bob

When it comes to hair, Girls always want what they don’t have! We grow our hair long then dream of cutting it all off, or we keep it short, then envy long haired ladies around us and stick extensions in! Its a vicious cyc...

Festival Trend: Hair Chalk

Last year we showed you how Lauren Conrad had been chalking her own hair instead of dying it (Read here). It was an unusual trend at the time and it raised a few eyebrows. However, since then, chalk made especially for hair has...

Star Style: Going to the ‘Dark side’

There’s a common trend in ‘celeb land’ these days and its got nothing to do with the clothes on their backs. Stars are turning ‘to the dark side’ by dying their hair. An unusual move for Spring whe...
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Great Lengths Ireland Are looking For A New Intern!

As you all know- I LOVE my Great Lengths extensions and wouldn’t ever have any other brand/type in my hair! Great Lengths are the elite of the elite and an exciting internship opportunity for hardworking and ambitious per...
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Beyonce Thanksgiving message

Beyonce’s pictures of Blue Ivy!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, I’m a bit of a Beyonce lover. She’s gorgeous, one of the most talented people I’ve ever seen perform (Oxegen 2011) and she keeps herself to herself. I even had...
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‘Oh No She DIDNT’ … Eva Longoria Tricks Her Fans

Eva Longoria sent some of her fans into a panic today on Twitter as she posted a snap of some freshly cut locks of hair on the ground …. Tweeting ‘Uh Oh’ , tagged with hairstylist to the stars – Ken Pave...
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Steal Her Hair-Style: Kristen Stewart’s Hair-Do!

Kristen Stewart is slowly but surely creeping back into fans hearts, well the fashionista fans at least. Gradually building up her public appearances since her month-long absence from the public eye, its like her stylist (does ...
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MTV VMAs 2012 – Who won what?

  The  MTV Video Music Awards is a night that is always highly anticipated. As long as I can remember, I always looked forward to watching it, waiting to see what everyone was wearing, what everyone was performing, and most imp...