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For this evening’s post, I decided to do a #FlashbackFriday and blog about my time in Coogan Bergin. I regularly get asked questions about the training, sometimes on a daily basis. I know there’s a lot of girls out there who are really interested in becoming beauty therapists, so, when Sheila, the principal director of Coogan Bergin College of Beauty Therapy, got in touch with me recently and asked me to let you guys know about their new college courses coming up, I thought it would be fun to look back over my time there!

I always think it’s funny how the most seemingly random twists and turns in my life was actually leading me to where I am today.Coogan Bergin

Back in 2004, I had just dropped out of college, and I genuinely didn’t have a clue as to what I wanted to do in life. I knew I needed to start earning though so I took a job working as a full-time sales assistant in Topshop. Anyway, one day, about a year or so into the job, I spotted a girl in the store dressed in what looked like a type of nurses uniform.

I don’t know why, but I was so curious to know where she was working, so, as I was on duty in the changing rooms that day, I decided to strike up a conversation with her.

We got talking and I asked her where she was working. She explained she was studying beauty therapy in the Coogan Bergin College of Beauty Therapy. She went on to tell me about the course and how much she loved it. It all sounded so amazing, and I can still remember how, as she was talking, I was just standing there thinking about how much I would love to take the course.

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My first day at Coogan Bergin!

I actually don’t know why I had never given beauty therapy more serious consideration during my Leaving Cert year when I was trying to decide what to do after school. The whole area of beauty therapy was ideal for me.

All throughout my years in school, I was always the classmates the girls turned to if they ever needed a slick of lipgloss or mascara!

That evening when I got home from work, I told my parents about the conversation I’d had with the customer, and how much I would love to do the course she was in. We discussed my options, sat down and looked at all the different beauty therapy courses available, but in the end, the reviews about Coogan Bergin were what impressed us most, so I opted to go there.


From the moment I began the course, I was so driven to do well and prove myself. The course was tough, and very science-based, but I loved it SO much. During my year in Coogan Bergin, I learned all about anatomy, the physiology of the body, and I enthusiastically absorbed every single ounce of information I could. I was never into science much in school, but in Coogan Bergin, it seemed much easier to understand, most likely because it was being applied to real life procedures and situations.

It all paid off, and when exam time rolled around, I received all honours.

Following my exams, I ended up working in The Haven, a local salon that was by far the busiest in the town. I started on a trial basis and ended up being made permanent. Even though I was a junior, I had become the busiest therapist within the space of a year. Thanks to my intensive training from Coogan Bergin, I was good at what I did, and as a result, I always ended up with the most bookings.


I have always said that the role of a beautician is multi-layered. Your main role is to carry out procedures, but you are also a sales person. You are selling treatments, products, and, if you don’t hit your weekly sales target, then you don’t make a commission on top of your basic weekly wage.

I was also quite good at reading a person’s skin, and determining which products would suit them best. I never bluffed, I was always honest and upfront with them, and I think this is why I got so many repeat clients.

They always found my recommendations produced results, and so, they trusted me. I think this is also why the product recommendations have always been such a hugely popular feature here on

Again I knew what ingredients worked best for different skin types thanks to my training in Coogan Bergin.

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Looking back on that time, I can honestly say that training and working as a beautician was so much fun and so rewarding!

Often on Snapchat, you guys ask me to recommend beauty therapy courses. Because I studied in Coogan Bergin, I know how good it is and how thorough they are in their training, so I would definitely recommend it.

If you are thinking about becoming a beauty therapist, Coogan Bergin have courses starting this month.

The course I took was the Beauty Therapy Diploma, leading to CIDESCO & CIBTAC Diplomas (Face, Body Therapy & Electrolysis) and it served me so well when I started working as a Beauty Therapist.


For those who aren’t familiar with the terminology, CIBTAC is a UK diploma with international recognition and it forms the foundation for the CIDESCO course which is the world’s most prestigious diploma in the field of Beauty Therapy.

A full-time CIDESCO course in Coogan Bergin will start on the 21st March 2017 and there is a Saturday CIBTAC Beautician course starting on the 25th march 2017.

The college has two intakes a year for both full and part-time students – Spring and Autumn – and the course takes 9 months to complete. Part-time students can choose between a one day a week course or two evenings per week so you can choose the plan that would suit you personally.

If you begin one of Coogan Bergin’s courses in March, the good news is, you will be a fully qualified therapist by December! How exciting is that?! To think that you would be kicking off a new career before the year is even over!

If you take the Autumn course, you will be finished by June/July of the following year!

If you want more information about the college, you can check it out here.

Best of luck!


* This post was written in collaboration with the Coogan Bergin College of Beauty Therapy