My Favourite Lipsticks!

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Hi guys!

I’m back with a personal post today.

Lately on social media, I have been asked a lot about the lippies I’ve been wearing lately so I figured I would go through my absolutely faves at the moment.

They ranges from luxury right through to pharmacy brands.

My fave lippy tones would be nude, berry, and red, so if you are a lover of any of those, then you might like my suggestions!

So here they are:

Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink

Penelope Pink

Shade: Penelope Pink

I’m a massive lover of the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick range but the shade, Penelope Pink, is by far my number 1 fave lippy. I honestly wear it every single day.

It has such a nice, creamy texture, and it really lasts. I also find the CT lipsticks really pigmented, which is mainly why I love them so much.

While Penelope Pink is one of my go-to’s, if I want something with more of a nude tone, I use The Kim K is more of a butter nude, the kind of lippy that the Kardashian’s would wear. The Penelope Pink shade is more of a pink toned nude.

Kim K

Shade: Kim K

Penelope Pink – here  // Kim K – here

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MAC Velvet Teddy


Shade: Velvet Teddy

Another fave of mine at the moment is MAC’s Velvet Teddy. I wore this a lot at London Fashion Week! Again, it’s more of a pink-nude shade, but just that little bit darker than your standard nude shade.

Colour-wise, it’s so nice on the lips and its longevity is amazing. It’s matte but it doesn’t feel very dry on the lips at all. Lately, I have actually been using a MAC lip scrub called Lip Scrubtious whenever I plan to wear lipstick. I never thought a lip scrub would make much of a difference but this one has made a noticeable difference!

When I use the lip scrub before applying a matte lipstick, I don’t find the matte effect to be anywhere near as drying. I think it’s because the oil scrub contains hydrating ingredients and oils so it really moisturises the lips.

The scrub I use comes in a number of fragrances but the one I use is Sweet Vanilla. It’s like a sugar scrub that you use to exfoliate the lips. It’s a great way to prep and prime the lips before you wear any kind of lipstick, but in particular, matte.

download (1)MAC Velvet Teddy – here  // Lip Scrubtious – here

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MAC Velvet Teddy – // Lip Scrubtious –

Victoria Beckham Brazilian Nude


My third favourite is Brazilian Nude from Victoria Beckham’s collection for Estee Lauder.

This is more of a brown nude shade but its creamy texture is divine and its lasting ability is incredible! Really can’t fault the quality of this lipstick. Unfortunately I don’t think it’a available any more.

MAC Lady Danger

lady danger

Shade: Lady Danger

A GREAT one for the ladies who love their red lippies!

I wore this fab shade at London Fashion Week. It’s a matte lipstick but it’s so vibrant and literally won’t budge once it’s on! It also has blue undertones which is great for making your teeth look white. When it comes to red lipsticks, I always tend to go for the bluey/reds!

This is one of my all time favourites. It’s such a great lipstick shade and it also suits pretty much all skin tones so it’s a safe bet if you’re looking to pick up a red shade.

mac lady danger

Shade: Lady Danger

MAC Lady Danger – here

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Fuschia Simplicity 

Simplicity lipstick

Shade: Simplicity

Fuschia Simplicity is one I have worn for years!

It’s a super butter nude lipstick and it’s SO nice on. I’m nearly all out of my latest one! There’ll be tears if Fuschia ever discontinue this lippy! Haha!

Primark Bronco

This matte beauty from Penneys costs just €2! The shade I love is called Bronco and it’s a beautiful pinky brown nude, not unlike Velvet Teddy from MAC in my opinion.

There’s not much difference between them.

MAC Lip Intensity Marsella 


I do love warm berry shades so a big favourite of mine is the shade Marsella from MAC’s Lip Intensity collection. It’s a beautiful cranberry berry colour and perfect if you don’t want to wear a red per se but still want a colour with a wine tone.

MAC Lip Intensity Marsala – here

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MAC Lip Intensity Drift Wood 


Another nude I’ve been wearing a lot lately is the shade Drift Wood, also from the MAC Lip Intensity collection.

I was actually wearing it on Snapchat last week and got loads of questions about it afterwards!

MAC Lip Intensity Drift Wood – here

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Lip Glosses

Suzanne (2)

Shade: Creme Brulee

Finally, the glosses, I love Bare Minerals Far Out Gloss. This is my favourite nude gloss! My other fave has definitely got to be NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee.

If I’m wearing a matte lipstick, and I think it looks a little dry, I will often apply a gloss over it to take away the dry look and give it more of a sheen.

download (3)

Bare Mineral Gloss in Far Out – here // NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee – here

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Bare Mineral Far Out Gloss – // NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee –

These are literally the lipsticks and glosses I constantly keep in my SOSUbySJ vanity case! I brought them all to London with me when I was there for fashion week because in that collection, you pretty much have every colour and style you will need, from nude to berry, matte to gloss!

So there you have it guys, all my go-to shades that I have been using over the past few months! 

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