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Beauty: 5 Hair Tricks to Make Life Easier

Here at SoSueMe.ie we love a simple hair trick that saves us time and maybe even money. Here are the 5 best tips we have found. If you have super straight hair, you’ll know the pain of trying to get your hair to hold a cu...

Fake Tanning – What’s YOUR Shade? ‘Lauren’s Way’ have the answer …

It’s that time of the year where we all seek a bit of a tan. It’s basically a must-have every Summer. Even if you’re a girl who normally avoids tanning you’ll often find yourself searching the fake tan a...
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Beauty: Summer Lip Shades

Pink Nothing says summer like a pop of bright pink! From balms, glosses and lipstick to berries and fushia tones, there’s a little bit of everything out there. Lancome Baume in Love in Berry Crush Dior Addict in Wonderlan...

Reader Request: How to Get the Ombre Nail Effect

When we posted some photos of the ombre nail trend, you guys told us you loved it and wanted to know how you could get the look by doing some DIY manis at home. To create your DIY ombre nails, you’ll need: 3 nail polishes...
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REVIEW: Glò Minerals Luxe Foundation!

A question I am asked all of the time is  - what foundation do I use? If you missed my YouTube video last month detailing my full foundation routine, you might not have heard about this brilliant product I am about to tell you ...
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Get The Look: Kendall’s Sleek Hair

I have always been a HUGE fan of Kendall Jenner, and I thought she looked so amazing at the Billboard Awards this week. Seriously, this girl can do no wrong (except for when it comes to reading autocue!) I know that lots of you...

Trend Watch: Tiered Pony-Tails

We’re always trying to find new ways to style our hair. Is it just us or sometimes the longer the hair you have the harder it is to style? Anyway, we’ve came across a funky trend on a classic ponytail. The ‘Ti...
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My Top 5 Summer Perfumes!

They say a lady is never fully dressed without her perfume, and I for one couldn’t agree more! As most of you guys already know, I’m addicted to fragrances, and my signature style has always been those super beautiful woody/mus...

Beauty: 5 Things to Avoid for Healthy Skin

It’s almost guaranteed that we are all guilty of a few skin sins that mean we’re having more break outs than we would like or maybe our skin is drying out recently. Below we explain 5 things we should all avoid to e...

My Go To Eyebrow Kit That Costs €3.99!!

Defined brow’s have become a beauty craze amongst Irish women in the last two years and it’s really great to see. Gone are the days were over plucked, half drawn on brows were in fashion…. and now hello full, ...

Beauty: The Nude Lip According to Kim K

Kim Kardashian is quite a fan of the nude lip and has been giving her take on the wearable trend. Kim has been revealing her top tips for lips in a range of lipstick tutorials. Speaking about the nude lip trend the Keeping up w...

How To Fake It: My Holiday Tanning Secrets!!

Helllllloooo my lovely readers, I’m finally back from a very relaxing holiday/break. How have you all been? Before I get straight into it, can I just thank Dave, Sam & Michelle – my amazing writers for keeping S...

Beauty: MAC’s Maleficent Collection

MAC has gone gothic! They have teamed up with Disney’s Maleficent to create a collection inspired by Angelina Jolie’s portrayal of the villain. Think blood red lips, black nails, creamy coloured powders and highligh...

The Secret To Beyonce’s Flawless Skin

There’s pretty much no disputing the fact that Beyoncé manages to look flawless most of the time, yet even though Queen Bey is the picture of perfection without wearing any makeup whatsoever, there are a few key products ...

Beauty: 4 Tricks for Brighter Eyes

We all want big, bright, beautiful eyes, don’t we? Not so easy on those days when you’ve had 2 hours sleep and a gigantic workload. Here’s 4, from the most obvious to those you might never have thought of! On ...
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REVIEW: The Best ‘Leave In’ Hair Conditioner Ever!

I don’t do enough hair reviews/ hair care talk here on SoSueMe – but that is mainly because I rarely come across products I can scream about and recommend for you guys. However, a few months ago I started using a le...
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REVIEW: Two Of My Beauty Favs!

IF there is one thing you know about me from reading my blog regularly, it’s that I adore having a highlighter under my foundation to give off that glowy skin look. Yesterday I reviewed an amazing No7 Instant Radiance Bea...

REVIEW: No7 Instant Radiance Beauty Balm!

  If you are looking for the perfect radiance balm – a lotion you put on your face right before your foundation that offers that radiant looking skin –  then I have the answer for you!! The no7 Instant Radiance Balm...

Beauty: 5 Steps to the False Lash Effect

We’re always looking for the next beauty quirk and this one is very unexpected! Apparently all you need for long false lash effect lashes is talcum powder! Who knew? Follow these five DIY steps to long lashes without the ...

REVIEW: Fuschia Mineral Foundation!

You might have noticed if you follow me on Facebook and Instagram that a lot of people recently have been admiring my foundation and today I am here to tell you about my new found love!! A couple of months ago I told you guys a...