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Finding My Dream Bridesmaid Dresses!

Photo 14-05-2017, 3 58 51 a.m.

Hi guys!

I know the wedding blog has been a little MIA lately, but I promise to get posting more now as the big day gets closer.

I can’t believe we’re only 9 weeks away, where did the time go! I really feel like all the exciting things are starting to happen now and I think because of that, it’s beginning to feel very real.

On the flip side, I’m starting to get a little anxious too because with the wedding being so close now, there are still some errands I need to tick off the list. I’m getting through the task list though and I have to say, it does feel really good to get an errand completed and know that it’s all sorted and that I have one less thing to worry about.


Two weeks ago myself and my bridesmaids collected their dresses for the big day, and I’m absolutely thrilled with how they look on all the girls.

Of course, as any bride will know, shopping for your bridesmaids – in my case, 5 of them – can be challenging in its own way because generally speaking, each girl will be of a different height and shape and have their own individual style and taste regarding what they would like to wear. Fortunately, the whole thing was a breeze!

For those who follow me on social media, you’ll know that myself and the girls first set about our bridesmaid shopping venture last January, and we literally found our dream dresses in the first boutique we went to called Frock N’Fabulous!

 TIP: I think the main reason why we nailed it so fast is that we all knew what we wanted/liked and we had discussed it in advance.

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Shopping for bridesmaids dresses! Left-right – Katie, Sara, yours truly, Kara (owner of Frock n’ Fabulous), Jess, and Carla.

I was over-the-moon, not to mention relieved, at how quickly the girls and myself decided on the bridesmaid’s dresses, and I definitely feel that this was down to the sheer selection and choices FrockNFabulous had on offer.

Since I started, I always had a great relationship with Kara in Frock n’ Fabulous. Long term readers will probably even remember me wearing her dresses in the past.

The great thing about Kara is that she always has an amazing range of designer dresses that suit all budgets, all types of events, and all tastes, so when myself and the girls were chatting about potential boutiques to visit for the dresses, the first one that popped into my mind was Frock n’ Fabulous. I also knew from experience that Kara is so friendly and down to earth that no sale would be pushed on me or the girls.

Another thing I love about Kara is how honest she is, which is key when choosing a dress for a special occasion. If something doesn’t suit a girl, she will be completely upfront about it, and I really like that in a sales person.

With Kara!

With Kara!

Before myself and the girls went in to have a look, Kara and I had a chat over the phone about the colour scheme we were going with, the kind of style we wanted, and the type of dress I had in mind.

From there, Kara set about accumulating a load of styles for us to try when we came in for our appointment … and these were styles that hadn’t been on display or sold in her shop yet, which was very important for me.

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A little tip for anyone looking for a special dress, or like me, a bridesmaid dress, if you want something that no one else has, Kara has a service whereby you can purchase dresses that haven’t even gone on sale in her shop yet. She also has a great relationship with brands/designers so if there’s something you want that she doesn’t have in store, she can source it for you.

I’m so happy with the style we chose, and all the girls are completely over the moon with their dresses. Now that’s all left is a little tailoring on the dresses and of course, the shoes!

Once that’s done, it’s another task I can tick off the list! Yay!

I’ll be back soon with lots more bridal-related posts over the coming weeks!

Have a great evening, guys