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My Tips For A Flawless Wedding Spray Tan!

wedding day spray tan tips

Hi guys!

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!

I’m back with another wedding blog post, and today I’m talking about all things spray tan!

It’s one of those topics I get emailed about a lot, but because it’s so important to have the right tan (if you wear tan) for a big event such as your wedding day, I figured I would write it as a wedding post.

As most of you will know, I have been wearing Bellamianta Tan all summer and absolutely love it.

I have tried and tested a lot of fake tans throughout my career as a blogger but Bellamianta has been one of my all time favourites. I can actually see myself wearing it for my wedding day next year.

There’s a number of reasons why I love the Bellamianta spray tan – first of all, its longevity is extremely impressive. It also gives the skin a really beautiful natural-looking golden brown colour. I had the spray tan applied for my trip to Marbella earlier this year and lot’s of you loved how natural my tan looked.


I think it’s really important that you find a tan that will make your skin look sun-kissed on your wedding day.

The great thing about Bellamianta is it wears off like a natural tan too. Sometimes fake tans wear off in a very scaley way, and you end up having to scrub it off in the shower but I have never had to do this with my Bellamianta Tan.

What I love most about it is how fast it develops. I had my spray tan applied last Tuesday evening and I was literally just after putting fresh white sheets on my bed that morning so I didnt want to leave it on overnight. I had the spray tan applied at about 4pm last Tuesday and that evening at around 10pm  I showered it off and then moisturised my skin to lock it in. My tan turned out just as brown then as it would have had I slept in it all night – I was thrilled with it! The development time is so fast and I LOVED the colour.

Normally, I’m really pale (Casper The Ghost level of pale!) so to give you an accurate idea of the gorgeous colour Bellamianta produces, Dylan and I headed out to Malahide to shoot a few pictures of my tan – which you can see above and below! The perfect golden glow!

I think for my wedding day I will want the same tone. Not too OTT but golden and glowy. Speaking about tanned brides, Tara O’Farrell from Tara Makeup, whom I’m sure you all know, got married in Carton House over the weekend and for her big day, she wore the Bellamianta spray tan which looked absolutely amazing on her.


As a qualified beautician, I would say Bellamianta would suit most skin types, but as always with fake tan, it’s about finding the one that suits your own individual skin chemistry. What works for one girl may not work for another.

You might also find that a lotion suits you better than a mousse, or vice versa. This is why it’s important to have your tanning trial at least 3-6 months before your big day so you can establish in good time which tan will look the best on you.

As for your actual wedding tan application, I would recommend that you have it applied the day before your wedding, or, max 2 days in advance.

You want your tan to be fresh for your big day, so it is best not have it applied any earlier.

Lots of you have been asking me on Instagram and Facebook how I maintain my tan – so I figured I would answer your Q’s here!

First of all exfoliation is KEY! You want to ensure your skin is healthy and ready for a spray tan. No dry patches, no old tan patches etc… so try to exfoliate daily for at least a week before your wedding spray tan.

For my own wedding day, I will probably start exfoliating two-three weeks before hand and I will stick to instant tan only so my skin is tan free and ready for an even, long lasting spray tan.


After I have had my spray tan and washed it off, I always dry my skin and lock in the tan with a really rich moisturiser. If you don’t regularly moisturise fake tanned skin, it won’t last as long!

There are two rich moisturisers that I personally love and use (regardless of whether or not I’m wearing a fake tan) are Soap & Glory’s Righteous Body Butter and Body Shop’s Shimmer Coconut Butter.

These are the two I would strongly recommend as they are extremely affordable, easy to pick up, and they always keep my skin feeling SO soft and smooth.

Bellamianta is naturally quite long lasting but once you take care of your tan, you should get a week out of the spray without having to reapply.

Tan details:

Bellamianta Tanning Lotion – €17 – here // Bellamianta Rapid Mousse – €22 – here

(Also available from most pharmacies)

Bellamianta Spray Tan in Allure – €25 

Happy Tanning!