Portugal: Days 4-7

2016-06-15_1139Hi guys!

Today is our last day in Portugal. We’re flying out tonight so I’m just catching the final few rays of sun before we leave.

I will genuinely be sad to leave here because it’s SUCH a great place, but in saying that, I can’t wait to head home to see my doggies, Coco and Harper.

I have my bags packed and ready so I thought I would check in with a quick blog post.

Theres a lot to be said for jumping on a short flight to a sunny location where theres lots of great food, wine, weather, and of course the best company. This has without doubt been one of the most enjoyable trips I have been on this year.

Being a fashion blogger, I am blessed that I can work from anywhere in the world. I never take it for granted because it really is a privilege to be able to work from wherever I am.

In that same context, it’s great to be able to photograph my outfits against beautuiful backdrops, like the landscapes of Portugal, Caribbean, and Thailand. It just makes the images so much easier to shoot, and of course it’s always nice to share some travel content too.


I’m still getting lots of questions about the area where we’re staying. First of all, if you’re into activity-packed trips, Quinto Do Lago may not be to your taste.

This area is very much about unwinding, relaxing and enjoying good food. It’s one of those places where you really de-stress. Of course it’s a huge golfing area, but in terms of full on activity…it’s really more of a place to unwind. I can see why so many Irish have holiday houses and apartments out here. It’s beautiful.

If you want to know about some AMAZING places to eat, then check out this post I wrote about day’s 2/3.

We have been here for just over 6 days now and, I can’t believe how refreshed I feel! I’m coming back really relaxed and movtivated, as I have lots of meetings and exciting projects going on, and I’m looking forward to be getting stuck into some new ones too from next week onwards.

Anyway, without further ramblings I’m going to do a quick recap on our last few days here.

Day 4


What I Wore:

Top – here / Shorts – here

Trilby – here // Bellmianta Tanning Lotion – here

We headed back down to Julia’s Beach. If you go to Quinto Do Lago, I would highly recommend that you check out Julia’s Beach. It’s such a great place.

That night we headed down to the marina to a place called Villa Morra, as we were keen to check out the livilier part of the area.

This was one of the many great places you guys recommended that we try so thank you all for your amazing suggestions!

Night 4


Afterwards, we went to Mai Thai for dinner which is a really nice Thai restaurant. To start, I had the chicken skewers with peanut sauce and then for mains I had the chicken stir fry which was delicious.

Afterwards we headed to a bar along the marina which was so lively and so much fun.

It has such a great atmosphere about it, so if you travel to Quinto Do Lago and you find it a bit quiet, I would definitely recommend that you check out the marina!

Day 5 


What I Wore:

Swimsuit – here // Trilby – here

Quite a lot of you who are planning to come here wanted to know about the apartments were we were staying as you thought they looked really nice. We’re staying in the area of San Lorenzo and our apartment block is just off the San Lorenzo golf course.

As I said in my Day 1 post, you do need a car if you are coming here as it’s a little secluded in some ways. The apartment itself is every bit as nice in person and there’s also a fab pool for residents.


When we were hanging by the pool, we found a dolphin lilo that a kid had left behind and so like a bunch of kids, we were hopping onto it for some relaxation and a few snaps of course. I honestly think if you are with the right people, you can have the best of fun wherever you are, as a group we had so much fun.

For those asking on my Instagram, I finished my Melissa Hill book that day and it was brilliant! Was hooked the whole way through! If you’re going away and you love a good love story.. Buy it! It’s soooo good.

Night 5 


What I Wore:

Culotte playsuit – here // Sequinned Bomber – sold out but similar here

That night, Dylan and I went for an amazing dinner together.

Our friends Hannah and Jack also headed off and did their own thing. We had heard about an amazing restaurant called Alambique.

Like I said in this previous post earlier in the week, there are some seriously amazing restuarants here.


Alambique was absolutely top class. It does mainly fish and meat, so if you’re a fan of either of those, then you will love this place!

Dylan is a huge steak-lover and after our meal, he said it was actually one of the best steaks he had ever had, so if you’re a foodie, then I think this would be right up your street!


The setting is also very modern but also so romantic.

The outdoors section is all lit-up heaters that look like little candles and this lighting gives it such a beautiful atmosphere. Definitely comes highly recommend for me!

Tip: it’s quite nippy at night, so pack cardigans, light Blazers, shawls etc. For those guys, maybe a few jumpers, as there is a nip in the air after sunset.

Day 6


Hat (similar) – here // Bikini – here

Shorts – here 

The weather yesterday was quite cloudy, so we decided to head down to the Shack, which is a cute little bar just off the lake in Quinto Do Lago.

There’s even a little man-made beach area around it and it’s such a beautiful setting.


This was such a great find and if any of you guys go to Quinto Do Lago, make sure you give it a try! Inside the bar was very casual – we went there in shorts and bikini tops and chilled out for the day with cocktails!

If I’m being honest, I think we tried every cocktail on the menu! Well when on holiday!

Day 7


What I Wore:

Maxi – here // Trilby – here

Our last day!

I am really going to miss this place. It’s amazing here!

I hear the weather is not too nice in Dublin at the moment so I’m trying to catch the last of the sunshine here before we leave for the airport!


Bikini – here

I wore a cute red bikini from Missguided.

It originally had little sleeves, which were actually really nice, but I found them a little head-wrecking so in the end I cut them off!


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There you have it guys, the last update on my trip to Portugal! 

Any questions, just pop them in the comment box below.



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