10 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself On A Bad Day


The issue of mental health is a topic very close to the hearts of the SoSueMe team.

Regardless of how perfect someone’s Instagram may seem, regardless of how happy they may appear to the outside world, no one is immune to experiencing down days.

Absolutely everyone has days when they feel as though everyone is on their back and everything is working against them.

If you’re feeling low, the best thing you can do is to talk to someone, whether it’s your GP, a counsellor, or a friend. Don’t keep things pent up. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to someone you know, there are a number of helplines that you can call in confidence.

In honour of World Mental Health Day, we here at SoSueMe thought we would share a few tips on how to take care of yourself when you’re having a bad day.

Watch Something!


Whether it’s a comedy, a creepy horror, or an enthralling documentary, there is nothing like becoming engrossed in a new series or a thrilling film to really take your mind off things.

There are so many documentary websites online that you are bound to find ones that you will love.



If you feel lost and maybe like you need a new goal or a project, then have a brainstorm about what you like to do.

Look up clubs that are taking place in your nearest town. The library or a local college/university is a good place to start as they tend to have all the necessary information on the different clubs and activities taking place in the area. It would also be worth having a look at de-stressing activities such as yoga or zumba.

If you want something more goal-orientated, then maybe consider night classes or maybe even take a look at the websites that offer both free and paid-for online college courses in a large variety of different topics. Coursera is one such site. With a free course, at least you can try out the subject and see if you like it before committing to anything official.

A new goal can often be just the thing to lift the spirits.



If you are having a bad day, don’t opt for a takeaway. You won’t feel any better after it. Instead make some good hearty healthy food.

Rosanna posted lots of delicious and nutritious recipes and treats here on SoSueMe that would be well worth checking out. We especially loved her caramel shortbread and spiced pumpkin swirl latte recipes.

Fresh Air 


It’s the most simple but the most effective. A brisk walk in the fresh air will do your mental health the world of good.

If it helps, listen to some uplifting music. If you can though, try to go without the phone. Even the break from technology has its benefits.

Bath & Bed

v11A hot bath, (with a bath bomb of course) coupled with a face mask and a hair mask is just the kind of self pampering that can help recharge the batteries should you be feeling a little run down. Taking some time to look after yourself is not going to get rid of every worry and stress, but it will certainly help.

Following your bath, hop into bed and have a good rest. If you are not getting a quality sleep, this will undoubtedly affect how you feel.

If you’re having difficulty sleeping, try a good quality sleep mist that you can apply to the blankets or pillow.

Set Out a Plan


Sometimes we feel stuck in a rut and this can lend itself to a series of ‘bad days’.

A good way to help fight this ‘rut feeling’ is to take control of your day. Get up an hour earlier and go for a refreshing walk or a swim. Prepare a delicious healthy breakfast. Use the extra time in the morning to get a quiet head-start your day.

Plan a delicious lunch, one that you can look forward to enjoying. Plan what you are going to do that evening. Maybe go see a film in the cinema or enjoy a catch-up with friends. Take that aforementioned course or evening activity. Get stuck into a new book. EVERYONE is raving about the Girl on the Train book. Try that!

Whatever you decide to do with your free time, always keep planning forward. Getting excited about things will keep you from feeling as though you’re stuck in a rut.



By far the BEST cure for a bad day is exercise. No one ever left the gym feeling awful and certainly no one has ever felt worse following a workout!

If anything, a workout makes you feel great. You don’t need to do anything too strenuous. Even the brisk walk we mentioned earlier would do the trick.

Adopt a Pet 

unnamed (3)

There is nothing like a pet to put a smile on your face.

The ISPCA are always looking for good homes for their animals so if you have the space and the resources to care for an animal, then you should consider adopting or fostering one. Not only will you be giving a much needed home to a beautiful animal, you will also be gaining a lifelong furry friend.

If you are not in a position to adopt, you can always sign up with an animal charity to help walk the dogs, etc.

Meditation / Hypnosis 


People often find it hard to meditate mainly as they feel as though they have to clear their mind of all thoughts. Don’t stress about this! It’s incredibly difficult to completely empty your mind.

All you have to do when meditating is concentrate solely on your breathing. You can do this in silence, or, if you prefer, stick on a track in the background such as ‘rainfall sounds’, etc. Spotify has thousands of such tracks including ones specifically for meditation purposes.

Another option is hypnosis. Listening to a good quality hypnosis track through headphones (Glenn Harold is well known for his soothing tracks) is another great way to give yourself a boost.


Even though we’ve all heard thephrase “it’s ok not to be ok”, sometimes we need to bear this in mind when we’re having a bad day.

Keep a folder of your favourite quotes and inspirational stories all of which can help give you a boost when you’re feeling down.

Some people find this to be a big help. Others don’t find it beneficial at all. Do what works for you.




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