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REVIEW: The Crownbrush Blusher Palette!

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I am a HUGE blusher lover – I just dont think any makeup look is complete without it! Blusher instantly lifts your face and give you a gorgeous radiant boost with a sweep of a brush!

Blush really is a “must have” in our everyday makeup routine, but depending on how we apply it –  it can be our friend or… enemy! The only thing about blusher is, you need to find a balance between too little and too much, so application is everything!!!

My rule of thumb is only apply blusher to the apples of the cheeks. I always start applying my blush about two finger widths away from my nose, this helps to create natural fresh and more of an “effortless” look, without going overboard. Another important thing to remember is… be light handed while applying your blush and instead of a sweeping motion – pat the blusher onto your outer cheeks lightly with your blusher brush.

I have been using my CrownBrush blusher palette non stop since after Christmas and I  actually just used it in my Naked 3 makeup tutorial and it really has become a staple product for me in my makeup routine! The Crownbrush 10 matte and shimmer blush palette can be used as contour, bronze and blush in colours from light pink to deep dark pink as well as a couple of peachy shades perfect for adding depth and giving a polished finish to any make-up look.


In the picture above, I used the last two blushers on the right of the last line.

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The palette is super affordable ringing in at just €18.74 for 10 colours – bargain or what!! The main thing I love about the blusher palette is the shimmer blushes really give your face a fab highlight as well as a dab of colour! If you are after a pinky tone or a peachy tone – this palette has it and every tone in between.

The palette is presented in a thin matte black case which makes it ideal for travelling becuase it is so lightweight. 🙂

The Crownbrush blusher palette is available from CrownBrush.ie and cost €18.74 

Happy Shopping!

Sue xx


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