Natural Make-Up Ideas For Summer


Summer makeup is all about that dewy highlighted skin.

Today we decided to search the internet for some flawless, fresh makeup looks that would be so perfect for the summer days and evenings.

I think most would agree that a paired-back look can be every bit as beautiful as a full face of makeup.

With a good highlighting primer, highlighting pallet, a setting spray, some mascara and false lashes, you can feel like you are about to slay the day.

Below are some looks that we loved and we have listed the various products you can use to create them for yourself!

Highlighter & Eye Makeup
download (23)The highlighter plays such a big part in this look, because after all, what’s a summer look without a dewy glow?

You can use whatever highlighter takes your fancy but the big upside to the SOSUbySJ highlighter palette is that you have a multitude of choice. The different shades also allow you to change your highlighter to suit your skin whether it’s tanned or un-tanned.


Highlighter palette – here

You can also mix shades for a super glowy look, which Sue herself often loves to do when applying highlighter to her cheekbones and collarbones.

And best of all, the highlighters double up as GORGEOUS eyeshadows.

‘Candy Crush’ and ‘Melted Gold’ are so perfect as bronzed eyeshadows, while ‘Unicorn Dust’ is amazing for the inner corner of the eyes, as well as under the brow bone and on the Cupids Bow (to help give the illusion of fuller lips). ‘Moon Sparkle’ is also very beautiful when applied to the centre of the lids. Ideal for that summer-bronzed-Goddess look.

Just don’t forget to apply some highlighter to your legs, arms, and shoulders as well for a head-to-toe summer glow!

To finish your summer eye makeup, apply a slick of mascara and some lashes. The Gigi’s, Erica’s or Ella’s are very natural looking and would be a perfect fit for this look.

Foundation & Contour 

download (25)

Rather than using a standard foundation, a natural look is best achieved through the use of a super light serum foundation, or indeed a BB cream or CC cream. A tinted moisturiser is also a great option.

Whatever option you choose, make sure you use a little concealer or brightener underneath the eyes. And don’t forget a dewy primer also!

Here are some summery primers and brighteners worth checking out (click on the arrows to view more):

As you can see from the shots we have chosen, a nice light contour is a key part of the summer look

And FYI shade 6 in the SOSUbySJ Contour Palette can also be used as a matte bronze eyeshadow! Combine it with Peach Smoothie and Melted Gold from the highlighter kit if you want to recreate the eye makeup look of the model in the above-right picture!

Don’t go heavy on the contour. This look is all about keeping everything simple and natural.

If you’re on the hunt for a really good tinted moisturiser, make sure you have a look at these (click on the arrows to view more) : 


download (24)

When it comes to the summer look, blush is optional. You will often find that a contour is enough.

If however you want to add a touch of colour to your cheeks, then we would recommend using a creamy blush to keep the look as dewy as possible.

Here are some creamy blushes worth checking out (click on the arrows to view more) :

Now all you have to do is lightly shade in your brows, apply some lip colour, and then lock in your look with a good setting spray!

And there you have it guys!

With just a few key products, you can be a bronzed goddess in no time!

main picture


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