Day 1 In The Caribbean!



Hi everyone!

I am coming to you from the tropical Caribbean! The sea is see through, the sand is white and the skies are blue… it’s no wonder they call this place paradise!

We flew here yesterday and we were a whole 24 hours travelling.. yes 24 – I kid you not. We flew from Dublin to London, and then London to Barbados. We had three hours to kill in Barbados before we had to board the plane to the island of St Vincent, but unfortunately those three hours turned into six as our flight was delayed!

When we arrived at the airport, there was a chauffeur waiting to bring us to our resort in a beautiful town car. Honest to God, after having been travelling by air for so long, I was never as happy to sit into a car and just relax – airport hopping is not fun and super tiring…. in saying that, you might have noticed my travel socks on my snapchat…. well they were simply amazing and my feet defo arent as swollen. When I flew to Dallas three weeks ago, they ballooned, as did my tummy, face, boobs – everything! Not a pretty sight, so for this flight I was prepared with the water retention tablets and flight socks ready to go 🙂 #LikeABoss. haha.

Anyway… When we got to the resort, there was a lovely lady waiting for us with two mojitos! She then brought us to our room where there was some gorgeous food laid out. They knew our flight had been delayed and that we would be starving by the time we reached the resort, so they ensured everything was ready by the time we got there. It was such a lovely thought! I think they upgraded us too. We definitely hadn’t booked such a luxurious suite, but that’s what they gave us when we arrived so I can only assume we got an upgrade!


After what has been a crazy busy month, this holiday could not have come sooner. I know we were jet-setting two weeks ago when we flew to Dallas, but that was very much a working trip. The schedule there was very strict, and believe me, there was absolutely no time for relaxation (well we had a sneaky pool dip here and there)! When I wasn’t at the conference, I was at meetings with brands. The Caribbean however was our official summer holiday.

We decided to holiday at Buccament Bay after seeing the amazing photos that Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright posted during their stay here a few weeks back. We had been looking to book somewhere tropical, somewhere a bit different, so when we saw the photos, we knew that was the place for us! We looked up the resort and got a really great deal because they were having an offer of 50% off. I think that offer might still be available if any of you are looking for a good deal.

We got the trip for a seriously good price, and best of all, it included accommodation, drinks, food, and water sports… and all 5 star too – result.



On our way to the resort, our driver told us all about the history of St. Vincent. I wouldn’t be a big history buff, but it was so interesting to hear him talk about the island, its origins, and how it was discovered by Christopher Columbus. I’m looking forward to having a proper tour of the island and learning more about it later in the week.

For our first day, we wanted to relax and just soak up our gorgeous surroundings. It’s so beautiful here! Exactly like what you would expect from an island in the Caribbean. After we had breakfast at a beach bar, we took some snaps on the beach for the new travel section of SoSueMe. It’s a little cloudy at the moment, but still very warm. Even though the sun was peeking in and out from behind the clouds all day, Dylan’s back was red raw from the sunburn! He was wearing SPF too, and still managed to get burned, so you get the jist of what a cloudy Caribbean day is like!

Today we were finding our feet. The resort is huge! There’s a beauty salon, boutiques, a spa, and around here four or five different types of restaurants – so we’re going to be spoiled for choice!


After the beach, we went for some lunch and cocktails. Because that was all included in the original price, we didn’t have carry any cash around which was nice. The resort is huge!

Once lunch was finished, we went kayaking. When we were out on the water, I spotted a massive cave nearby. (The area we’re in is quite mountainous. There’s even a volcano nearby!) I asked our instructor if we could go in, but as we approached it, I realised it was actually quite small inside. It was also pitch black in there, and full of bats squealing! I’m a little claustrophobic at times so baulked at the last minute, but the instructor said he would bring us back out to the cave again tomorrow. I think it would be so cool to kayak through the cave so I know I will do it. I just need to gather my nerves first!


When we got back, we decided to go snorkling which was a lot of fun. The water is so tropical, not to mention crystal clear.

We’re around six hours behind you guys, so as I’m writing this I’m about to get ready for dinner. Can’t wait to enjoy some nice local food and wine. There’s also some live music tonight so I think we’ll just chill out in the bar and soak up the atmosphere.


As you can see, I got my hair extensions back in! I loved the short look, but I really started to miss my long hair. As we were going away, I wanted a beachy look, and I always envision long hair being part of that look. As you know, I had been wearing short extensions to give my hair more volume and weight, and as I was due a new set, I asked Valerie from Cowboys & Angels to apply some long hair extensions instead. They’re not as long as before though. The ones I’m wearing now are 45cms, whereas I used to always go for 50cms. That’s the great thing about hair extensions. You can change your look so dramatically so quickly.

I have heard from hairdresser friends & followers that some of you asked for the Sue cut, so I really hope you’re not disappointed that I returned to long hair for my holidays. I actually might go for the short look again when it’s time for the extensions to come out.

I hope you guys like my outfit choices for Day 1. I know how hard it can be to decide what looks to bring with you on holiday, so if you’re heading off somewhere this summer and need some style inspiration, hopefully my outfit posts will help!

Anyone who wants to ask me anything about the trip, just comment below and I will reply as soon as I’m back.

Day Outfit


Hat here // Shorts: Penneys // Kafatan: here // Sandals: here




Top: here // Bottoms: here // Glasses: here


And that’s it for now guys….

Have a great day!

Sue xxx


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  1. Noreen Barry
    15 May 2015 / 21:09

    How do you keep your tan for the week especially as you are in and out of the water/pool?

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