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10 Things To Look Forward To After The Summer

It’s official. Summer is nearly over, the students have gotten their Leaving Cert results, the kids will soon be back in school, the barbeque has been left untouched for a few weeks now… and we can juuust about feel that slight nip back in the air.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, a new season always feels like a fresh start. And there’s SO many things to look forward to in Autumn/Winter. So we’ve compiled a little list of ‘Things to look forward to after Summer’.


1) As much as we’re sad to say goodbye to the sunshine and bright evenings,aren’t you just secretly enjoying the smell of fresh warm rain? Autumn has that perfect in between feel, it’s not teeth-chattering freezing quite yet and there’s a stillness in the air in the evening time. Nothing beats Autumn walks through crispy leaves, right?


2) Autumn Fashion!!! Is it just me or is it easier to dress yourself when it’s not sunny? You can play with layers and accessories more, build outfits more. Coats, hats and scarves – all extra goodies for us to invest in and feel more stylish.

3) For all the students out there, it means new beginnings or a return to college for some others. Back to friends you’ve missed all Summer, or indeed making new friends as you embark in a new college adventure or have joined a new course. Also, don’t tell me you ex-students don’t miss the smell of new stationary and notebooks. That trip to Easons to stock up on books. Yea,sure the novelty wears off after a few weeks, but you display that new pencil case proud as punch in those first few weeks.

4) For the Mammies, this also signals the return to school for your kids. It’s been nice spending the Summer with them all day, having fun and creating happy Summer memories, but now Mammy has free mornings to take a walk, catch up on soaps or even sneak back in a cheeky lie-in. Even if its just a few free hours to catch up on housework or a good book, the peace and quiet is a nice pay-off after a hectic Summer.


5) Halloween!!!! Okay, so you either love it or hate it, but we at So Sue Me are BIG fans of Halloween. It’s an excuse to sit in on a weekend and watch scary movies. You can justify having extra treats around the house, plus it’s still perfectly acceptable to don a costume no matter what age you are. (So we tell ourselves)


6) We can start to drink hot chocolate again. Marshmallows. Cream. This speaks for itself.

7) Cosy nights on the couch. Sometimes after a hard day/weeks work its nice to just lie in bed and stick on a Disney movie or a chick flick. As the evenings get darker you’re tempted to wind down and relax earlier because your mind thinks its later. When the sun is out, you want to stay out with it, but deep down we all love a good early night with a blanket and some popcorn while the weather is crap outside.


8) The return of X Factor has become a trademark for this new season. Saturday nights out now begin with drinks in one of the girls to watch X Factor first. Rather than the pubs being full on Summer evenings they remain dormant until the gaggle of women depart their houses once the show finishes.

9) Every year, there’s always that possibility of snow falling. And in most recent years this wish has came true. As cold as this country can get, it turns into a different magical world. Snowmen, snowballs and white skies make us forget all about the countries transport systems shutting down and the constant fear of slipping on icy paths.


10) Last but definitely not least – CHRISTMAS!!! Probably the best thing to look forward to after Summer ends is the silly season. We all have that one friend who already has a countdown on Facebook. We wait excitedly for Xmas FM to come back on the radio, and all the streets to light up. Everyone is so much happier at this time of year. We make more time for loved ones and the gifts aren’t bad either.


So there you have it, surely these reasons are enough to have you looking forward to this new season ahead …




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