Day 2 In The Caribbean!


Hi again from the sunny Caribbean…

So today was a day of pure lounging around. We got up at 7.30am – our body clocks are still fecked, as we are x6 hours behind. Dylan headed on for breakfast and I caught up on some emails (yes, I’m a workaholic!). I later joined him and we had some fresh fruit, an omelette – they’re YUM, and a nice cup of tea (or two) – you can take the girl out of Dublin, but you can’t…. you catch my drift. #TeaForLife 🙂

Read day 1 here

After breakfast, we got a few outfit shots for this post and then we headed back to the pool and literally chilled out all day, drinking and eating. That is the best thing about these all inclusive resorts – you can eat and drink as much as you like and there is no bill at the end… 🙂 It’s bliss…


I noticed today that I am getting eaten alive over here by Mosquitos which is strange because I never get bitten. I don’t know what’s so different this time, but my legs are ruined and I have a bite on my foot and tummy too… like where do they come from?! One bite on my leg is so big, it’s actually like a golf ball and stuff is oozing out of it… ewwwwh I know… but I’m freaked! I’m actually heading to the shop in the resort here after I write this post to stock up on some repellent spray coz there is no way I am getting bitten any more. They’re so itchy and sore. Any tips?

Today I wore a colourful dress from OPSH and lots of you complimented it, especially because it has so much colour in it, and hey – we all know SoSueMe loves a black & white combo 🙂 I actually shopped the entire look on a site called OPSH.com.

A friend of mine was recently shopping on it and complimented how easy it was to use, how quick delivery was and so I decided to shop there for my holiday bits and support an Irish business. I stumbled upon the site a little before Christmas and loved it, and so when my friend was using it, I decided to use it again. It has brilliant high street brands including New Look & Urban Outfitters all under the one roof and the delivery is super fast.

So here are my looks from today…. hope you enjoy x

Full outfit:



Dress: here / Hat: here // Glasses: here // Sandals: similar here



10012734_10153853588834447_7928090875811988428_o (1)





 Full bikini: here // Glasses: here // Hat: here

And that’s it for me now guys, we just booked a sunset cruise for Friday, so I can’t wait for that…. very excited!

Chat tomorrow!

Sue xx






  1. Zara Dwane
    15 May 2015 / 11:49

    Love the outfits!!! So fab. And also the long hair xx

    In India a few years ago I was bitten alive by Mosquitos! So sore and the itch is the worst. Supposedly cutting them from itching as I was told makes them come back for more as they thrive on the blood and also more risk of infection. so i put plasters over the bites and it worked! Itch was crazy still for a day or so and I looked like a goon with my legs covered in plasters but i didn’t get bit again as I covered up at night and dusk and the plasters limits infection as you can’t scratch. Not to freak you but one of the girls had to have a bite on her leg checked out when she returned and there was a bug in the wound her bite was so nasty…

  2. Catriona Gilligan
    15 May 2015 / 10:50

    Just take a antihistamine that helps with the itching . Aviod wearing dark colours in the eve like black or navy . I got distroyes with mozzy bites it was like I had chickenpox . Hope you don’t suffer to bad with them


  3. Catriona Gilligan
    15 May 2015 / 10:44

    Just take a

  4. Lyndsey O'Brien
    15 May 2015 / 09:21

    Take an antihistamine morning and evening. It stops the itching and then the bites clear much faster! Don’t turn on the lights when you go into the room to keep the mosies out and check around the lights in the room before you go to sleep to see if there are any culprits flying around! Spent 4 months in the Caribbean a few years ago and honeymooned in Thailand last year and the mosquitos adore me!!

  5. The Red Dutchess
    15 May 2015 / 08:47

    Truly a paradise! Your outfits are beautiful and it practical

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