10 Simple Holiday Hacks!

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We are big fans of hacks, especially when they are simple and can potentially make things a little easier.

While we have covered hacks on SoSueMe in the past, we decided – with summer around the corner – that it would be the perfect time to cover holiday and travel hacks!

So if you’re heading away on a trip this summer, then check out these!

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1 – Renting a car when on holiday? Download the app, ‘Along The Way’, insert your destination, and the app will list the most interesting places to check out during your journey. Field Trip is another app that will send you notifications when you are within a certain distance of an interesting landmark or attraction.

2 – If plug sockets are in short supply in your hotel room, and your travelling partner has used up the available ones to charge their phone, camera, etc, just plug your charger into the USB port in the television.

3 – If you’re on a sun holiday and wearing flip flops or sandals on the beach, place them upside down on the sand before hitting the water. That way, they won’t be exposed to the sun and therefore won’t burn your feet when you put them back on. Another great idea would be to freeze your water bottles the night before. That way, when you’re on the beach, they will stay ice cold for longer.
Sue 24 – If you’re worried about your bottle of shampoo/conditioner/cleanser, etc, leaking in your luggage, just wrap some clingfilm around the top of the bottle. That should help prevent any leaks.

5 – If you want to get the best deal possible when looking for flights, clear your cookies after each search or use the incognito browser when searching. When you search for flights on an airline website, the stored cookies mean the prices will automatically increase each time you return to that site to check the ticket prices. To prevent this from happening, clear the cookies before you return or use the incognito browser each time you look up flights.

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6 – If you want to be ultra prepared in case the worst happens and you misplace your passport, ID, etc, scan them in and email them to yourself before you leave. That way, they will always be accessible.

7 – If you get bitten by a mosquito and you don’t have access to creams, etc, just press a hot spoon against the bite. This tip is said to hinder the reaction and stop the itch!

8 – An empty Tic Tac box is ideal for storing bobby pins and keeping them safe in your luggage, beach bag, etc.


9 – If you’re on the beach and want to refresh your skin or keeping it from drying out, just fill a spray bottle with chamomile or green tea. Chamomile is great for keeping skin hydrated. Want to repel mosquitos as well as keep skin hydrated? Then spritz the skin with green tea. Whichever you opt for, just don’t forget to top up the SPF afterwards!

10 – When on the beach, use an old sunglasses case to keep small things, like your earphones safe.




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  1. lisa
    13 October 2017 / 13:08

    This is a very interesting blog loads of information on various stuff. well done sue x

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