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20 Things We Learned From ‘FRIENDS’


The internet is in overdrive this week at the realisation that it has been 20 years since the first episode of Friends aired. Can you believe it? Though it does feel like its a show we’ve been watching forever, it’s comfort tv that still makes us laugh the way it did back in the 90’s. We grew up with these six friends – Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross and we learnt a lot of life lessons along the way too.

So as a special tribute to 20 years of our favourite gang, we’ve compiled 20 things we learned from FRIENDS.

1) It’s perfectly acceptable that six twenty-something year olds often sat around mid-week drinking coffee and living a life of casual luxury. No 50 hour working week for this gang it seemed.


2) Renting a fabulously large apartment in New York City on a waitress and sometimes chefs wages – totally do-able.

3) Being ‘on a break’ does not justify a one night stand, or does it? We were never quite sure whose side we were on for that one.

4) Wax is a good back up food source to have if you happen to get locked in your bedroom overnight.


 5) Everyone needs a blonde-haired coffee barista bit part in their life. (We’ve already creepily attempted to befriend the staff in Starbucks)

6) Fire always trumps rock, paper and scissors.

7) Mannequin heads make good centre pieces for cocktail parties.

8) Want to win back your ex-boyfriend? Shave his current girlfriends head.

9) When moving large pieces of furniture, always shout PIVOT!!

10) Need to escape the country for some reason? A pestering ex? An awful job? – Yemen is the place to go.

11) Remember DON’T count ‘mississipilly’ when getting those spray tans!!

12) Baby won’t stop crying? Lullabies no longer working? You know what you need to do … ‘Baby got back’!!

13) Watch out for evil twin sisters with careers in porn.

14) Always get your partners name correct when standing at the altar on your wedding day.

15) Building forts with your room-mates is still fun and PERFECTLY acceptable, no matter what age you are. In fact, same goes for wrestling with your siblings, fighting over troll dolls, building giant poking devices from chop-sticks, pretending reclining chairs are guns and digging holes on the beach. All fine.


16) Your lobster has probably been right in front of you this whole time.

17) Screeching ‘Oh. My. GAAwwwdddd.’ will always be a decent reaction to shocking or surprising events in life.

18) Never ditch your friends for a guy (or girl)

19) Tell the person you love how you feel before they attempt to move to Paris. Go on. Tell them now!

20) It’s okay if you haven’t figured your life out yet by the time you’re twenty-five. Heck, it’s even okay if you’re 30. Sh*t happens, you’re going to date the wrong people, take the wrong job, wear some awful clothes. Life is a series of lessons, and as long as you’ve got a goof group of friends to be with you all the way, then your life is just as good as our ‘FRIENDS’ gang!



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  1. Guest
    25 September 2014 / 22:47

    I’m sad to say i did do a Ross the 1st time i got a spray tan! I couldn’t hear the instructions!

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