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5 People You Encountered This Valentines Weekend

channing-tatum-jenna-dewan-tatum-happy-valentines-day-2012-02Christmas brings out our jolly side, Halloween brings out our dark side … But Valentines Day, well that can bring out a different side to all of us. There are several ways that people behave when the ‘romantic season’ is looming, and we bet you encountered some of them.

1) The Smug Couple


In a world where social media has become a huge part of our daily  lives, its a common occurrence for some of us to post every little detail on Facebook for all to see. There are those who take it too far. The show-offs. The smug couples. Don’t lie, you all know at least one. Valentines Day is their second Christmas. Photos of their hoards of gifts. Soppy messages to each others walls, Smooching selfies … and this is all before breakfast. Wait til they make it to ‘Date night’.

We’re not saying its wrong, if two people love each other that much that they want to share it with the world, then that’s lovely. But really? Isn’t your boyfriend/girlfriend sitting right across from you? Does the world really need to see your entire relationship play by play in our newsfeed? Try keep some of the magic at home guys.

2) The Bitter Betty


On the opposite end of the spectrum are the ‘Bitter Bettys’ and we’re not just talking about girls. Plenty of our single male or female friends are perfectly content in their singleness all year round. Until Valentines Day that is. The love-hearts have barely been hung in the local card shop, when an unexpected tirade of hate and abuse is unleashed on the world and its relationship. Suddenly your awesomely single best friend is ranting about what a farce the occasion is, ‘Vomit’ and  ‘Hallmark Day’ are a regular keywords in their rants. Your scared to even mention your plans for the weekend out of fear of being spewed on. They’re the ones who happily rain on the parades of the smug couples. (Which we have to admit, we kind of enjoy) But deep down you know, that one day someone is going to come along and melt away their icy anti-Valentines exterior and you’ll have to bite your lip not to remind them of that time they beheaded the inflatable Cupid display.

3) The Ones who ‘Make the best of it’

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The most fun person you may have encountered this weekend, is the single ‘who makes the most of it’. They’re the ones most unphased by the whole holiday. Single? Heck, that means more money to spend on themselves. More free time to watch the newest season of ‘Girls’ on Netflix. They’re the ones giving out free hugs to their fellow singletons in the local bar. Okay, so they they may not indulge over every mushy detail of your romantic night, but at least they won’t begrudge you.

4) The ‘Perfect Couples’


Beyonce & Jay Z. Channing & Jenna. Those perfectly loved up couples. They don’t need to declare their undying love for each other all over Twitter, but you still know their love is strong and real. A perfect mix of being in love, but toning down the PDA’s. It might just be a simple photo or a subtle smile on their face when you ask them how they spent their Valentines. You secretly envy their perfect relationship but wish them all the best.

5) The one who ‘Loves Everyone’


No, we don’t mean ‘Loves everyone’ in THAT way. (Naughty!)

Who says Valentines Day has to only be about one person? Why not celebrate your love for all of your nearest and dearest? Well, some of us do. Whether it’s the guy who still buys flowers for his Mam, or the girl who buys a miniature teddy for all of her friends, even those of us who bought our doggy a nice bone just to say – I Love You.

Valentines Day is about celebrating love right? Then we salute all you crazy lovers out there who showed that love and appreciation to everyone they encountered this week. Aspire to be like that throughout the year and every day can be like Valentines Day.


Hope you all had a good one, and experienced love in some form or another, single or not xoxo


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